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Facing Normality
by Hassan
Citation:   Hassan. "Facing Normality: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp26622)". Oct 20, 2006.

20 tablets oral Dimenhydrinate


This was last week. I couldn't find anything to do here. Being a regular cannabis user back in my country, here in the Middle East, there was none to be found. The only thing I had read about was Dimenhydrinate, motion sickness pills, which in this country came with the name Dizinil, and was the only thing that could get me high.

I got one whole pack with 24 pills. I was a bit nervous but from the stuff I had read, it wasn't anything harsh from my point of view. I felt just a mild anxiousness as I feel before giving a presentation. I know I'll get through and it might be good or bad, but not that it will be a disaster. Just a slight hesitation.

I started taking them in a group of 3. After around every five seconds I took 3 more; finally got to 19 then 20 with the last one.

There was no one at home awake. Everyone was asleep. I turned on the tv and started watching the Shining. Nothing had happened until 15 or 20 minutes later I started to feel the onset. It was like a mild heaviness and slowness in the body. Something like a load put onto me, but nothing too much. I felt normal but there was no sign of any hallucinations.

Another five or ten minutes passed and I decided to turn off the tv. I was laying down at first while watching the movie, so I got up quickly, and I felt dizzy. Not in faint like dizzy, but in heavy sleepy dizzy. But as I was on my feet the feeling went right away. Everything seemed very quiet. I could feel a stillness in the atmosphere. A sleepy and slow atmosphere. I went to the washroom to look at my eyes, they seemed messed up. My left eye seemed a bit to the left. Similar shift effect to the one my eyes get while doing cannabis. But no redness and the other effects of cannabis. I now was sure that the drug had kicked in. But all in all there was no difference of sensations in the body that could have told me that I was feeling high. It was as if I was in a dreamy state with silence. This was in the washroom, but as I got out of all the noise of the tap after washing my face, I went into my room. Totally silent there.

Astonishingly my first hallucination or sound hallucination began. I heard people talking and it was like the sound wasn't coming from any particular source. It was just there in the room as If there were people talking there in the room right beside me but in another dimension. I looked around the house getting a bit paranoid if there was anyone else in the other rooms, but everyone was asleep. So I got back in the room and decided to play some music. While turning on the deck, in my silent room, I could hear some music. It was very low and distant, as if the neighbours had played it, but this was late and I was sure it couldn’t have been them.

Well then I decided not to play on any music or watch tv. I just sat lay on my bed. With the weirdest high I've experienced. I could feel normal, cause there was no extreme magnification of any sort or any alteration of reality. But there was some of it, as if it was in the background and you were just listening to it or feeling the vibe of it. I felt sleepy and tired. This was a different type of sleepiness. I felt heavy and wanted to dose away cause this thing was making me feel different. Very non-fluid. Can't explain that in any other way except that I felt time had slowed down a bit, and I had slowed down more than time. This could have been because of the total silence, but I'm not sure.

I walked down to the kitchen to get something to drink while I wasn’t feeling thirsty but just a bit dry in my mouth.

While going towards the kitchen from my room, without the lights on, almost all the things that I went by were either moving distinctly or were being turned into other things. The light was very dim coming from the outside. But one thing was for sure. The plants inside, their leaves seemed to swivel with a shadowy crisp, one or two inch here and there. The threads on the left and right of the carpet were moving. Nothing other than those pointy shapes seemed to make me hallucinate. I looked at the plant from real close. No hallucination then. One thing I realized by then was that from a certain distance to a object, hallucinations were more likely, than being very close. The same plant if I looked from ten feet away, would rather than move its leaf in that shadowy way would rather turn into an image of a person. But very close by, nothing.

I went back to my room with a coke from the kitchen. With seeing some shadows of people, which crept me out because this was dark and I just felt some weird presence. Well back in my room, I sat on my bed, and started to look at my sister's picture on the wall. Now the funny thing is that whenever I've done any drug, if nothing would give me a hallucination, then looking at any picture from a distance of ten feet away would definitely create other images or certain alterations to the image depending on the drug.

And even now when I sat there and looked at the picture as I would do with any picture with stillness of the eyes to one certain point of the picture, with the whole picture in sight.

I definitely got even more this time. The most I think that moves during a hallucination through a picture is the eyes. They may roll become squinted, or just stare at me. It's as if during a powerful drug, if I focus on an object of picture from a distance, that area in my vision, somehow gets effected by the mind. Looking at that picture I got in touch with not only the picture of my sister, but with that focus and my usual technique I saw almost four people changing and transforming and changing back in a very weird way. Because as soon as the focus is gone and one shakes his head and goes close by, there's nothing. Unless you're high on LSD, I guess.

Well other than this, after being engrossed in the picture for five minutes or more, I experienced the set down. It was a slight sleepiness and I got up from the bed and went to lie down. This was one hour after I had taken the pills. I still felt heavy and slow but not in the way I felt ten or fifteen minutes ago. Now it was a sleepiness and I lie down on my bed. It was hard for me to sleep and I felt slight irritations and pinches on my body. Slight itches on my thighs. After around 40 minutes of staying in my bed, listening to slow music, I fell asleep.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26622
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 20, 2006Views: 24,873
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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