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Restart of the Heart Shakra
by Paen
Citation:   Paen. "Restart of the Heart Shakra: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp26597)". Sep 4, 2003.

  repeated smoked 5-MeO-DMT


I am very unsure as whether I should share this experience - Let me start out by saying that if you are not ready to face reality then this substance is not for you. I will say this again and again. There is nothing more frightening than facing ones own existence if one is not ready for it. This is NOT a recreational substance - it is only for very serious internal work.

I read extensively about this substance and I found appealing the short action of this tryptimine. I do not favour the long drawn out experiences of being fucked up. Reality change or reality perception change is not the cure for what ails us. Connection to the oneness of existence is a gift and getting into that mind set is very hard.

Prior to taking this substance I meditated for over six months on my internal state - I recognized that there were disbalances and in the end I decided to partake in order to explore my inner state / anxieties and mind sets with focused energy and perception.

Day 1:
The first dose was about 10 mg. Smoked through a small tube cigarette - hit provided +2 experience with intense onset and inner perception - During the experience I never lost touch with my faculties or my ability to think cognitively - I was able to perceive that there were deeply embedded flows emanating out of my inner self that were dissonant. In the process I asked the higher being to come and illuminate - If I did not invite he would not have come - I would have been left with just the knowledge of how flawed I was - In the process I was inundated with light and given the ability to focus on the inner being in such a way as to define my shakra flows (mind you I never believed in shakras prior to this) - shakras are the life essence emenating out of my core 'I ness' - there are at least seven of these things in our existence. After getting there and asking for assistance I was out. Reality came back quickly and without long stress - 120 minutes to be back to baseline - evening sleep was fine - no resonant problems.

Day 2 -
Decided that more inner work was needed - I loaded 15 gms onto cigarette and had +2 again. I could see that my shakra was flowing poorly - I recognized that six of my shakras were flowing fine but my heart shakra was dead / not flowing. I asked the higher power to help to restart my heart shakra - I knew intuitively that I could never restart my heart on my own. It is the sacred shrine of God. Came down to near baseline and loaded another 20 mg.

This time I was +3 - I noticed that the heart shakra was ailing due to fear of existence. I let go and God came - My heart shakra was ignited into existence - The world trembled at the flow of the spirit energy. The fundemental truth was in seeing that my foundation of life was mislead and that I was in fear of existence rather than accepting the love and Godness of our existence. My inner being was awakened once more with life as I allowed God to take my fear and rebuild my inner heart.

Came down to baseline and took another 25-30mg. I eased into the fundamental truth of existence +4. I realized that all of this and my awareness was God - I needed no more to be than to accept that infinity exists - I died a couple of times but I was resurrected through the fundamental power of God in his promise to love us and never to give me up. Note: while dying it was a life conscience struggle to believe that I would be alive through God's power - this did not happen naturally. If I had not had these fundamental faiths in my heart I don't know if my psyche could have weathered being in death without life. After this resurrection experience - the truth and the flow of existence were fundamental in my heart. I had revelations of the essence of God and the universe. I made statements such as I believe in infinity. I know that God is with me -0 through me and in my life.
Baseline after 90 minutes.

No other medications.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26597
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 4, 2003Views: 12,442
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