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Onset Was Relatively Hard
by pedro from paris
Citation:   pedro from paris. "Onset Was Relatively Hard: An Experience with AMT (exp26581)". Sep 4, 2003.

40 mg oral AMT


last week I ordered 100mg of AMT on the net and received it 2 days after. I was impatient to gave it a try and I did it. It was on a saturday night in a club... not the good location!

So I managed, but the onset was a fight. 1 hour after ingestion, excessive salivation and nausea began and became very uncomfortable, especially in that club. People were all under cacaļne, well dressed, and very 'hip'. I was not on the same way, but the AMT speed allowed me to dance with them.

At t+2h, nausea and salivation decreased, and I started to get slight O.E. visuals, lights were very beautiful, walls were moving like water. Nearly the same visuals I have with LSD, or shrooms. the mental was clear as with mescaline, but the difference between AMT and these others substances is that I didn't laugh a lot. My mind seemed too clear to be 'euphorized' Perhaps it just due to the setting....?

At t+4 I was tripping well, and all the symptoms were increased, visuals, speed, and clear mind, and it was clear that the setting was not the best under AMT and I decided to move to an other club more underground, with good music and good people. C.E. visuals began but I was too speed to close my eyes, music was largely enhanced, and contact with people was easy even if they were not my favorite style.

At t+6 I was in the same mood and feeling, just more impatient to leave this club, and I urged my friends to get away. Just one of them was under AMT, and she wasn't impatient like me, so I waited.

At t+ 7 My friend and I arrived to THE CLUB!!!! At this time everything were perfect, the AMT was giving full effect, I wasn't feeling any come down, and I reached a deep state of trance on the floor. I didn't notice a empathic effect like mdma, my mind was to clear. O.E.V & C.E.V were strong, and concentration very easy.

At t+ 8 I began to feel my muscles... a sign of come down. I don't like to push my body too far and I prefer to listen to it. At the first alert of fatigue I use to give it the rest it needs. So I decided to sit down for a moment before going back home. I enjoyed at this moment the exeptional quality of the visuals. Colors were wonderful, distortions were amazing.... That was GREAT.

At t+9 it was 10h am, We leave the club, my friend was very tired because of her job and the night. She decided to go to sleep, big kiss and see you tomorow. I decided to reached my home walking. and enjoying my visuals. (I have to say that my friend didn't have any visauls at a 20mg dose : we're all different!) On my way, I crossed the LOUVRE MUSEUM, the CONCORDE PLACE, others touristic sites of PARIS... I enjoy them like never before, the sun was successively yellow, orange,red, violet... amazing.

At t+11 I am at home and take a breakfast with good appetite. I take
a big shower.

At t+ 14 I leave my home to meet friends in musical pub with a big 'terrasse' open to the sun... good come down. Not sleeping until t+22

Retrospectively, I have to admit that it was a good experience but the onset was relatively hard, even in the right place, 2 hours fighting againts nausea, like mescaline. But mescaline make me laughing a lot and I like laughing.

So ok it's a wonderful substance but mescaline stays my favorite even if cactus are harder to ingest.

Respect yourself

'Science sans conscience n'est que ruine de l'āme'

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26581
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 4, 2003Views: 10,577
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