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A Day of Blueness
Morning Glory
by Ender
Citation:   Ender. "A Day of Blueness: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp26550)". May 18, 2018.

150 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)
  50 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


I bought some seeds, and went over to my friend's house. At about 10:30 AM I ate 150 seeds, chewing them well about 50 at a time. My three other friends each had about 200 seeds too, although they did not chew them, they simply swallowed them whole. We waited around with nothing happening for a while, except that I had a very upset stomach and felt nauseated. I then had another 50 seeds, and shortly afterwards I saw the room start to sink down on the other side. I wasn't quite sure if this was just the placebo affect, or if I really was tripping but I took it to be a good sign.

I lay on the couch for another few minutes and then went downstairs and, feeling a marijana-like pressure in my head climbed my friend's tree and sat in his “trip chair” about 10 feet off the ground. I spent the next hour or so looking around with my eyes closed because the sun was doing some funky things, and the general reddness that I get when my eyes are closed in bright light seemed different somehow.

Then I started to truly hallucinate, seeing the paint on the wall move, and also seeing shapes in the wall. The shapes were very much like the “magic eye” books – they were hard to notice until I got the hang of the way to look at the wall, and then they were there all the time. I also spent a fair amount of time looking at the ground, because the shadow from the tree limbs shifting on the ground made it seem as if the ground was shifting up and down, like in an earthquake.

After I had been in the tree 3 hours or so, my friend's dad, who was home but clueless as to what we were doing saw me in the tree, and my friend (none of them saw or felt anything) below me, and said “Guys, sitting in trees is weird.”, which significantly altered my mood. I got out of the tree after that and went back into my friend's froom. It was here that the blue started. I saw an excess of blue, and all the blue was very intense, almost as if it had more energy than it usually does. I also started to see rainbows from almost every light source at this point. I also recall looking up at the rafters and seeing them moving, which gave me the impression that the whole room was moving along at the top of a warehouse at high speed. After another few hours I was ready for the whole experience to end, and so my friend and I went for a walk down to get icecream about a ¾ mile away.

The icecream was by far the best I ever had. The best way to describe it was that the taste and temerature of the icecream could be tasted by my whole mouth. All throughout this I still was seeing rainbows. When we got back to his house I was still slightly tripping so we watched Supertroopers, afterwhich I was good, so I went home. It was an awsome blue-filled day, but I would have enjoyed it immensely more if my friend's dad had not seen me.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26550
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 18, 2018Views: 472
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