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Reconciling with AMT
by Gnostikoi
Citation:   Gnostikoi. "Reconciling with AMT: An Experience with AMT (exp26502)". Aug 31, 2003.

25 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)


All week long I'd been wanting to have some kind of experience, so last night I weighed out 25mg of AMT into a capsule and put it aside. I took it immediately when I woke up this morning, at 9:00am. I had planned on also taking 500mg of DXM two hours into the AMT, but I ended up not doing that. Here are the notes that I took during the trip:

9:00am - Took 25mg of AMT, oral. I last ate about midnight, so it's on a relatively empty stomach. Hesitated for just a moment before swallowing the capsule - my last experience with AMT was not much fun. I since decided, though, that I had overreacted to my last experience and that I would try AMT again, at a lower dose (my last dose was 80mg). I plan to take 500mg of DXM at 11:00am.

9:45am - When I get up and walk around, my movements have a vague 'floaty' quality, like I'm weightless. I'm definitely feeling the AMT start to come on, but primarily in a physical rather than a mental way. No nausea yet, thankfully.

10:05am - I'm getting strong physical 'rushes', a lot like those from MDMA and LSD. The effects are still body-centered rather than mental, but it's beginning to affect me mentally as well - it's getting hard to focus on anything, and about twice a minute I'm experiencing short hypnotic pauses, where my mind just goes blank for a few seconds and I stare off into space. Nausea is beginning to be noticeable, but it's still manageable.

10:20am - I'm now in the characteristic AMT mindset; it's something of a paradox because I'm feeling strong stimulant effects, but there is a pervasive calm overlaying it all. Since I'm capable of writing this, my thought processes are obviously still clear, but it is certainly affecting me emotionally - it's sort of like having a warm, soft blanket over me, but in my head. Perhaps in connection with my last experience, where looking out my windows at the forest outside helped calm me during a difficult experience, I'm finding my thoughts drawn repeatedly towards trees. I've moved since then, and I now live in a major city, but luckily there are still big, beautiful trees right outside my window - it was one of the reasons I chose this apartment. I'm very grateful for them, and right now I feel an emotional connection to them. This is not actually unusual, because I used to go for long walks in the forest and talk to my favorite trees; this wasn't drug-related, by the way, I was sober when I did that.

10:40am - The physical rushes are very strong now, almost like electric shocks. When one hits me I shudder violently, and it's intensely pleasurable. I force myself to drink some water, which I don't want at all.

11:00am - This is the point where I had planned on taking the DXM, but I review my state of mind and decide that I'm happy with where I am right now. The AMT is presumably at its peak, because the effects are neither increasing nor decreasing in intensity. At this dosage they remain relatively subtle; I know that I could handle myself just fine in a public place, and that I could interact with others without them knowing that I'm intoxicated. The effects are not anywhere near overwhelming, but I'm enjoying them and as much as I like disassociatives (and I do) I just don't feel like that type of experience right now. I decide to revisit the idea of DXM in another hour.

12:00pm - I'm no longer feeling the emotional aspects of the AMT, and the stimulant properties have come more to forefront. The calm that I felt earlier has been replaced by a speedy sort of restlessness. I feel a generalized and constant 'hum' throughout my body, which reminds me of a car that's idling. I'm feeling strong urges towards compulsive behavior like tapping my fingers, biting my lip, pulling on my beard, etc., which I try not to engage in but sometimes catch myself doing anyway. The drug shifted gears on me abruptly - just a few minutes I was content to lay in a darkened room and mull things over my head, but now I feel like I have to be doing something. I'm still not interested in taking the DXM. This has been a good experience for me, it sounds a little corny but it's helped me re-establish a positive relationship with AMT. The combination of AMT and DXM is something that I will probably try in the future, because I think it has the potential to be pretty interesting, but since I have large quantities of both substances I don't mind taking my time to explore them.

2:00pm - Not much change, still feeling strong stimulant effects. One physical complaint, though: I've had a lot of back pain throughout the experience, and it's continuing to bother me. I'm 6'8', so it's not unusual for me to have back problems, but I haven't had any in about a year and it's strange that I'm having them now. It may be related to the general muscle stiffness that I've experienced every time I've taken AMT.

3:00pm - The comedown is relatively gentle, but not exactly fun. I have that ubiquitous metallic tryptamine taste in my mouth and I feel worn out and spent, but I can't sleep yet.

That was the last note I made. It's 8:00pm now and I feel a little lightheaded and extremely tired, but mostly normal. I'm glad that I decided to give AMT another try.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26502
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 31, 2003Views: 13,749
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AMT (7) : Alone (16), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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