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Fits of Epilepsy in an Upright Position
by Kilo
Citation:   Kilo. "Fits of Epilepsy in an Upright Position: An Experience with LSD (exp26457)". Mar 3, 2008.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


It was early one evening-- about 7:00pm and I had 2 friends: A and Blake at my house having a drink and smoke before heading off to a party. Earlier that week my friend suggested that we get some LSD and try it before we went to the party, so we purchased a batch of 9 blotters (we had no idea of the strength at the time) from a classmate. About 30 minutes after my friends arrived at my place we were ready for the trip, we each took one blotter and necked 3 glasses of orange juice (we heard that it prolongs and heightens the effects). We continued smoking weed and drinking lightly for approximately 40mins before deciding to leave early for the party which started at 9.

It took us about 20mins to walk from my house and by the time we reached the party the effects of the drug still hadnít kicked in. My friend A was complaining that I had bought some wack produce but I re-assured him that it was good quality and the effects would kick in soon. My other friend Blake suggested that we should take the rest of the batch, I was a bit uneasy with the suggestion but with a bit of coaxing I gave in. We each took two more blotters approximately 1 hour after our first hit. It was a pretty good party and the effects of alcohol and weed made it that little bit better.

I was working my magic on a few local girls when I noticed my two friends sitting on a couch staring intently at something. I wondered over to them and asked how they were feeling, but I didn't get the slightest reaction from them so glanced over my shoulder expecting to see a topless girl. All I saw was a huge oil painting of a man with his dog. As I stared harder, to my amazement, the man started to kick his dog and then as if a great gust of wind had swept through the painting it transformed into an abstract pool of color seemingly swimming across the canvas. The colors leaked into the surrounding walls and proceeded to absorb anything and everything that it touched, until the whole room was a vibrant oil painting. I turned back to my friends after what seemed like hours of color watching and we all smiled in unison. This is gunna be awesome!

All three of us walked back to the room with the local girls and to my delight I could actually see the music hanging in the air, every beat of the drum sent a ripple throughout the room. Each ripple elegantly swam through the crowd of dancing people until it erupted into a golden shower of dust. Every time the colored lights collided with the divine disco ball, hanging precariously above the dancing people, tiny rainbows danced across the air. I turned to A who was obviously witnessing similar events, I was momentarily worried when I didnít see Blake next to him but A assured me that he was in the kitchen getting a drink from the keg.

After some maniac like dancing we slid into the kitchen for a drink, it never struck me at the time but Blake was nowhere to be seen. I felt a bit dehydrated so I went searching the kitchen for a drink. I necked a couple of cups of some sugary red, which made me hurl my guts out all over the kitchen floor and down my jacket front. I took my jacket off and my skivvy which had also been covered in goo and asked the host if I could put them in the washing machine. I returned to the kitchen to find A gnawing on the counter, which I must say disturbed me a little so I decided to take him for a walk.

I had a vision of Blake imprinted in my mind, he was leeching lichen off the side of a paddle steamer in the motion of a gold fish at feeding time, then it vanished and I came to. I opened my eyes and saw Aís face just inches from my own, he stepped back and I got up (at the time I wasnít concerned about this). A then explained that we had been walking for a long time, and that when crossing a main road I stopped in front of oncoming traffic and announced that I could stop a truck. He swiftly pulled me off the road and I collapsed in a nearby park. The strangest thing is I remember nothing since leaving the house. A had some nine volt batteries and was trying to eat them saying over and over that it was time for his medicine. I snatched the batteries from his hands and told him that there wasnít time for nonsense, we had a quest to get back to the house. I threw the batteries into the air and noticed that the trees were reaching at me with their huge arms. A told me that he needed a glass of milk to calm the wolves howling in his head. Everything turned dark and cold which freaked me out so I told A that we should run back to the party.

We arrived at the party, puffing and sweating so we took a breather on the stoop, my head was throbbing and I realised that the effects were at their peak. I looked up at the windows and noticed a stream of red light spewing from them. I walked into the music room and was horrified to find that the dancing people had transformed into demons who were having fits in an upright position. This wasnít the half of it, each time their bodies pulsated a bald, legless kitten poured out of their mouths, fell to the ground and slid across the floor into the colored room. The kittens bewildered me so I followed them into the colored room, as I did so I noticed that A was being cornered by the demons, the look on his face at that moment will haunt me forever.

I ran over and tried to leave the house via the colored room. As I ran in there I could sense that the room was happy to see me but as I grabbed the door handle my blood ran cold. The once vibrant colors of the room changed into an oozing, thick, dark red. The room wanted me to stay, the walls of the room started to compress and I felt that if I didnít get out immediately, I would die. Just then I felt an overwhelming urgency to leave, in fury I began kicking and screaming at the door but to my surprise it flung open inwards to reveal A standing there. We stared at each other for a split second and then ran of into the night.

The next morning the police found me in a park sitting on the grass just staring up at the sky, when they asked me about Aís whereabouts I simply without looking pointed to a nearby stormwater drain witch I had seen A take refuge in earlier that mourning. I was taken to hospital but realised later that day, A had to stay longer he had a mild case of pneumonia from sitting in the water of that drain all night. The police also asked me about the whereabouts of Blake so I told them everything that had happened. This all happened one year ago and Blake still has not been found. I close by recommending people to stay away from LSD and try other drugs like weed because LSD is one bad mother fucker.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 26457
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 3, 2008Views: 1,657
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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