No Distinctive Feel
Nutmeg & Clopiramine
by JMR
Citation:   JMR. "No Distinctive Feel: An Experience with Nutmeg & Clopiramine (exp26447)". May 30, 2007.

  repeated oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
    oral Clomipramine  

At the time of this writing, I have eaten (or attempted to eat) nutmeg six times. In the following paragraphs, is a description of each experience, followed by my closing thoughts on my nutmeg experiences so far.

Experience 1:

After doing some research, I decided to try nutmeg for the first time. At this time I was not on any other drugs. It was around 9:00 PM. I found a McCormick shaker nearly full of nutmeg in the cupboard. I do not recall precisely what dose I decided to take, but I believe it was somewhere between ½ and 2/3 of the contents of the shaker, which was approximately 1 oz. (approximately .1 oz. had been previously used from the 1.1 oz. shaker) I weigh approximately 145 lbs.

I proceeded to remove the shaker top, and poured the aforementioned dose into a cup. I then took a 'swig' of nutmeg powder, followed by a chaser of orange soda. I repeated this until I had consumed the dose. Nothing notable occured until around 11:00 PM, when I decided to consume the rest of the nutmeg from the shaker, using the same method. There were no noticeable effects untill around 6:00 AM, when I began to feel marginally stoned. This may have been nothing more than the placebo effect, combined with having stayed up all night. At 6:30 AM, I went to sleep. I woke up at some time in the afternoon the next day. From the time I woke up, untill I went to sleep at night, I felt heavily sedated. I think I stayed in bed most of the day, not feeling like moving around too much, and I was in a groggy, just-woke-up sort of state, which I could not snap out of, for the whole day. I found this to be quite annoying. The next day, I was pretty much back to normal, and the day after that I was fully back to baseline.

Experience 2:

The second time I decided to do nutmeg, I was living with a friend, and one night, not having anything to do, we went to the supermarket and purchased some nutmeg. This was a long time after my first nutmeg experience. At this time, and on each successive experience, I will note that I was taking a presription drug called clomipramine, a tricyclic antidepressant. Aside from that, I was not taking any other drugs at the time of this and all subsequent nutmeg experiences. We attempted to consume the nutmeg by stirring it into a glass of water. It tasted awful, and we were not successful in consuming enough to have an effect. I also tried to see if I could eat the powder by itself and this was also a failure. Later, when telling some friends of this attempt, one dude told us we should mix the nutmeg with orange juice.

Experience 3:

One day, not long after the previous attempt, I again decided to do some ‘meg. Remembering the orange juice suggestion, I purchased a shaker full of nutmeg from the supermarket, and this time I mixed it into OJ. It was about 9:30 PM. I managed to consume the full contents of the shaker (1.1 oz.) by mixing it into 4 successive glasses of OJ. (I should have been more careful when mixing clomipramine with a CNS depressant (nutmeg), and taken a smaller dose, but fortunately I experienced no ill effects from this.) The orange juice method proved far easier than the methods we had tried last time. At 11:00 PM or so, I felt tired, and went to sleep. At some time in the night, during one of those semi-sleep states, I experienced some remarkable hypnagogic imagery. I was on a beautiful island beach, with tall tropical (nutmeg?) trees spreading their leaves overhead. The sun was setting, and the sky was a magnificent dark red. I felt the heat of the tropical air (or the heat in my bedroom). I imagined this island was probably in Indonesia. I’m sure that thinking of the nutmeg, and the islands where the trees grow, before going to bed, left these images floating around in my subconcious. I can’t say for sure that the nutmeg was responsible for this impressive hypnagogic imagery, but I would bet it had some effect. One other thing happened in one of these semi-sleep states. I began to have recurring short waves of nausea. I would keep pictureing two objects, one exponentially larger than the other, and the scale of the difference between these two made me nauseas. Either that or the two objects and the difference between their sizes was a visual representation of the naseau that was actually triggered by something else. I can’t say for sure, either way. The next day was a blur. I was heavily sedated, and slept most of the day, and then I slept straight through the night. The following day, I was still experiencing some hangover effects. The day after that I was just about back to baseline.

Experience 4:

It was probably a week or two later, when I decided to once again partake of the nutmeg. I was hoping to get some cool hallucinations that I could use as inspiration for a PC game that I am currently developing independantly with a partner, or at least that I might have some good ideas that I might not think of in a non-nutmegged state. I have since realized, that while nutmeg doesnt make me more creative, per se, it does make me more insightful and able to see cause-and-effect chains, which could be usefull in the process. Once again I went to the supermarket and purchased a shaker full of nutmeg. This time, I had decided to take the dose in the early afternoon (exactly 12:00 PM), instead of at night, so that I wouldn’t sleep through the effects. I consumed the ‘meg using the same method as last time (the OJ method). The dose was the full contents of the 1.1 oz. container. By 3:15 PM, I had experienced no noticeable effects so far, and I was feeling very tired. I hadn’t wanted to sleep untill later, so that I wouldn’t sleep through the effects, but I was very tired so I went to sleep. I awoke around 5:10 PM, and went to the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, I saw that my eyes were totally red, more red than I’ve ever seen them. I was also experiencing some sort of inebriation, sort of like alcohol, but not quite. I forget what happened after this, but there was nothing else particularly remarkable except for the cottonmouth which I have also felt each previous time I have done nutmeg. The next day, hangover effects were minimal, if they were present at all.

Experience 5:

It was not long after Experience 4, when I again decided to do some nutmeg. The last two times, I had fallen asleep before any effects had been observed, and this time I wanted to make sure I didn’t sleep through any effects, so once again I took my dose in the early afternoon. This time I purchased ground nutmeg from a store. Long before the effects would kick in, I called a friend, and met him at his apartment. From there we went to this other guy’s place, and he was selling mushrooms, incased in chocolate. I decided to purchase a couple chocolates, to try later. Around this time, I went back home, to make sure I was back before any effects kicked in. I put the chocolates in the refrigerater and decided I would try them tomorrow, but my impatience soon got the best of me, and I went ahead and ate them. I noticed no effects from the mushrooms (I assume this has something to do with the presription drug I am taking), but later that night, the nutmeg took effect. I began to feel a broadening of consciousness, and I began percieving things as more remarkable than I would normally think them. Both of these things could compare to marijuana, but one difference was, that this state had virtually no 'distinctive feel' to it, like the 'high' of other drugs have. And I felt almost no discernable inebriation. What was also different, was that the nutmeg did not magnify various things that I am not necissarily comfortable with, like marijuana usually does to me. The next day, I felt that my consciousness was still somewhat broader than usual, but I experienced virtually no hangover effects. I imagine the latter is due to a developed tolerance.

Experience 6:

My most recent experience with nutmeg took place about a week after the last one. I went to The market again, to buy the nutmeg. This time I increased my dose to 1.6 ounces, the entire contents of the bag. I took it sometime in the afternoon. When it started to kick in, later that night, the first thing I noticed was a dry mouth. Soon after that, I noticed a marked broadening of consciousness. And again, as last time, things would seem more remarkable than usual, and I got a little carried away in assigning great importance to some concepts. The broadening of consciousness, however was real and substantial. I had a greatly heightened ability to see cause-and-effect chains. I remember thinking to myself 'yeah, I can really relate to the person who titled their report ‘Rocket Fuel For the IQ’'. Again, as last time, this 'high' did not have a particularly distinctive 'feel' to it. The next day I had zero hangover effects.


Through these experiences, I have developed a certain fondness for this plant/drug/spice called nutmeg. I greatly enjoy the broadening of consciousness, and it seems that I have acquired a tolerance which prevents the hangover effects from taking effect on me. I prefer nutmeg to cannabis, because weed tends to make me feel self-conscious, while nutmeg does not seem to affect me much in that manner. I wish I had some solid information on the frequency of use or the total amount one can consume before it has a significantly detrimental effect on the liver. I have taken nutmeg four times in a span of about a month, but I am going to do it far less frequently now, to avoid possible health risks, and also because I believe its best to take what you see on the nutmeg (i.e. the expanding of consciousness), and see if you can carry some of that over to your sober existance, instead of using the drug too frequently.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26447
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 30, 2007Views: 19,702
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