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Confusing & Strangely Enjoyable
by Kurt
Citation:   Kurt. "Confusing & Strangely Enjoyable: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp26395)". Oct 14, 2007.

1300 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


It was late on a Monday night when I had decided that me and my buddy 'M' would go down into my basement and try our shoes in DMH. I had earlier picked up thirty-eight 50-mg pills, which we would end up finishing all of. Me and my friend had done a lot of reading about the effects of the DMH. We set ourselves up in the basement at precisely midnight with a little movie, the stereo as an audio substitute (Prodigy's 'Fat Of The Land') and downed our pills on the spot. Myself having taken 26 pills, didn't have to wait long before my side of the party kicked in. 'M' only downed 12 pills, so he was just silently chilling on another plateau.

After about twenty mintues, my vision started to become altered, over everything I saw was a sort of whitish coating, like very faint jellyfish caressing up and down over the scenery. At that point, when I fully realized the trip had started, what I recognized as the real trip came into full swing. Maybe 30 minutes in, I was having trouble speaking, it was a slurred impediment at first. This quickly became a little more drastic. I was having very delayed responses as if I had forgotten some of my basic motor skills and I could barely communicate with words. I was muttering 'Wha...' and 'huh' in short responses to things 'M' was saying. After a while, the music had carried me far enough (for about 45 minutes now, if I remember correctly), and time had just been passing by, as I felt oblivious to life around me.

I told 'M' to come upstairs to my bedroom, and we'd hang out there or chill out for a bit. The moment I got up it hit me, the multiplying of gravity, making it fairly fun to move around, but still a considerable chore. I also started hearing things. Odd things, like someone was talking to me, they were standing right behind me or something. I kept turning around and spitting out things like 'What?' and 'Whaddaya wan...?' to 'M', even though he claimed he wasn't saying anything. He eventually lead me up to my bedroom, and he said that he was tired so he was going to try and get some sleep, which wasn't hard for him. He crawled into his sleeping bag at the foot of my bed, and passed out quickly. This is also about when some really heavy halllucinations hit me.

I was suspecting that 1300 mg would let me have a little fun, but I wasn't expecting the insanity I was given. I was constantly talking to people I clearly saw, but then disappeared. I ventured my way downstairs at one point, and was having a great conversation with my brother when I kind of got a jolt, and he disappeared. In my room later I was siting in a desk chair talking to 'M', who was fully clothed and sitting on my bed, then he started laughing and pointed to the sleeping bag, in which my mom was sleeping in. I went over and grabbed her head, which when I lifted up to my chest was my friend 'M's cat! Suddenly I got slapped! And jolted back to somewhat reality when I realized I was gripping 'M's head, had woken him up and he was pissed. I left him be, and turned the light on and off to no avail.

After a 3 or maybe even 4 hours, I still couldn't sleep. This is when the fun trip got really ugly. I'm crawling into bed when suddenly I see a few spiders, big spiders, almost even fist size, crawling over everything. I try sweep them away quickly, but they just die, and lay still there (?). Then I looked down at my body, and I have spiders crawling all over me. I got panicked and wiped me clean, and I could've sworn every one was real. This happened over and over again for about forty minutes. I had to shaken down every few minutes and watched spiders tumble from my body. I still saw people come in and out occasionally. That weren't real but I couldn't tell. Finally I ended up downstairs with every light in the living room on, perched on a chair back trying to stay off the floor, where the spiders could get me. I finally fell asleep after a few more hours, when the spiders ceased to bother me. I had come down quite a bit now.

The general let down is true to what a lot of people say, it takes days. For a few days, I felt myself becoming very tired after short whiles, and I still got a few vivid hallucinations, mostly hearing people talking, from time to time, but the comedown wasn't much of anything. It was just a sense of draining that I got. Except for the immediate spider encounter after the peak, this trip I actually enjoyed. I have experimented with many other pharmaceuticals before, but none ever actually seemed to displace me from reality like this one did. I wouldn't highly recommend it, and wouldn't recommend it as a recreational drug at all.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26395
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 14, 2007Views: 7,506
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Hangover / Days After (46), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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