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Flying Behind Closed Eyes
Datura & Morning Glory
by Kane
Citation:   Kane. "Flying Behind Closed Eyes: An Experience with Datura & Morning Glory (exp26154)". Aug 17, 2003.

0.75 tsp oral Datura (seeds)
  300 seeds oral Morning Glory (tea)
Before deciding to venture into the realm of datura, I had read several reports of negative experiences, which were of course disconcerting. A common aspect of most of those train wrecks, however, was a lack of appropriate preparation concerning dosage, (many took too much) and of those who had bad trips on lower doses, the problem usually seemed to be inappropriate set/setting. Too often, datura had tricked those who would ingest the substance into redosing, only to feel the onset in the emergency room. Bearing this in mind, I spoke to two others (C and N) who I would want to accompany me, both of whom agreed.

I ordered amounts of datura and morning glory seeds from a reputable source. When they arrived, I first tested myself for sensitivity to the datura by consuming ten seeds. I felt no noticeable effects, and decided this was evidence enough for me concerning safety. With C present, I prepared the datura and morning glory. I placed 2.5 teaspoons of datura into a coffee grinder for upwards of a minute, then removed the product and placed it into a plastic bag. I counted 900 morning glory seeds, after having confirmed that they were not treated with toxic chemicals, and boiled them in water for about 15 minutes. The smell of bread pervaded C's kitchen. The tea that was produced was very crude, and intentionally so. The purpose of the morning glory was to counteract the negative possibilities of datura as well as produce minor changes in perception, not to dominate the trip. The experience was intended to focus upon datura, but since LSA is such an effective depressant, I assumed it should serve this purpose well.

The night before the planned experience, C told me he had decided to back out, afraid to change his outlook on life. About an hour later, he asked me for directions to orally ingest morning glory seeds. I told him to chew one hundred seeds to a paste and swallow, and he did so, at about midnight. His night was rather uneventful physically, but he did stare at his computer screen for four hours straight after taking a shower with handles that had swelled and melted. N and I were upset that C would not be joining us, but at least he had his own step away from reality.

At about 12:25 on the day of ingestion, N and I went with L (our voluntary sitter) to N's house. I was of mediocre mindset, not terribly downtrodden from C's decision to remain absent. As 12:40 (T) came around, we ate 3/4 tsp each of datura, and washed it down with approximately 225 mL of the morning glory tea, cold. I had estimated roughly that 225 mL would be one third of the crude extract of LSA that had formed in the tea, and just potent enough to serve our purpose. The datura tasted rather like some sort of nut, bitter to a point beyond my personal liking. The tea was somewhat bland, so we mixed in a bit of Tang, which helped tremendously. Ingestion was complete in five minutes.

After ingestion, L was reading, patiently awaiting our onset. I had warned her about the possibilities, and the extreme end of the scale, especially concerning the point at which to take us to the hospital (only when failing to do so would risk death). After putting Joe Satriani - Crystal Planet in the stereo system, I made a last minute check on datura to definitively answer some questions N had - nothing terribly important. After resolving these last minute issues, N and I sat down on couches in L's plain view and close to the music. At T+25, N suggested that we brew some Lipton tea. I personally dislike Lipton, but agreed. The water took quite some time to boil, and we had begun to feel the effects before it was done.

T+30: N reports a brief pang in his stomach. I feel no nausea, but my eyes seem to hurt as though from pupil dilation.

T+50: Our conversation has turned from normal to slow and lazy. My eyes definitely hurt now. Both of us have noticed that when we stop drinking the iced tea that was already in the refrigerator, our throats dry up quite quickly and become bothersome.

T+65: Delirium begins to set in. Having turned up the burner temperature several times already, L declares that the tea is done, and pours us two glasses. Around this time, Crystal Planet finishes, so I put in Eric Johnson's Ah Via Musicom. N points out that his hands feel rather odd, and suggests that I rub mine together. Sure enough, it's actually quite a pleasant feeling. I realized that this was because all the moisture had been drained from our extremities. I had L test this theory by feeling my hand, and she confirmed that it was bone dry.

T+75: Conversation has stopped. Both of us have decided to close our eyes to experience this. I personally feel VERY tired, assumedly from the morning glory. I had anticipated this, but did not expect such a strong sense of lethargy from such a crude extract. I remember thinking, however, that the onset was rather gentle and pleasurable. My stream of consciousness had changed from racing (as it normally is) to flowing.

T+90: Heavy delirium has begun. Until around T+7, time becomes much less relevant and my memory more of an amalgamation of events. N Turns off the main lighting, as our eyes have grown rather sensitive to it.

Eventually, Ah Via Musicom ends, and as I realize this, I begin to worry. The silence and darkness are rather overpowering. I've started slipping in and out of sleep a la diphenhydramine, and a physical strangeness has overcome my body. The sensation is indescribable, but closer to the effects of nitrous oxide than anything I can recall. L reported later that I in particular was mumbling quite a bit. I remember the feeling that I was floating - not actually seeing myself in midair, but rather sensing being detached from the couch.

At some point, L goes to the store to buy a few things, and brings us sugar cookies with a pink sticky frosting. Neither of us is particularly hungry, but to show gratitude we both pick one up the first time we're both awake. N bites first and immediately realizes something is wrong. I bite on mine to see what is wrong. Panic floods over me as I find myself unable to swallow, frosting stuck to the roof of my mouth. We both wash our mouths as well as possible with iced tea, barely escaping death by sugar cookie. I eat the rest of mine, consuming four ounces of iced tea in the process, but N doesn't even bother touching his.

While im still lucid, I load Dream Theater's Awake into the cd player, and realize that incoordination is more present now than ever. I don't actually fall down, but move as quickly as possible back to the safety of the couch. I recall a certain very pleasurable experience occurring for awhile even as the flying sensation persisted. I closed my eyes once, and noticed that what I was seeing on my eyelids was an exact image of what I was seeing with open eyes. I tested it by moving my eyes around while closed, and realized that it was still functioning. With no transition that I noticed (or felt necessary) I was suddenly projected into a sort of moving environment behind closed eyes. Everything was abstract, mostly landscape colours and thoughts floating around, but I was constantly moving - flying really.

Around this time, L asks if it is alright to leave. Hearing no objections (obviously) she parts. After waking up again, I realized that we were once again left in silence and darkness, but this time without a guide. I knew that L had left, and was unconcerned in that respect, but I was under the strange delusion that N was dead. Death, it seemed, really was in that room right then. I could just feel it, that the dread force had stolen N's life. The atmosphere, I now believe, brought this on. Silence may not be beneficial to datura experiences. It could only have been the morning glory and my own chemically-induced lethargy that kept me from dialing 9-11 - or perhaps I kept from doing so out of fear as well.

At about 8 PM, L returned. We were both still only partly cognizant, but awake to some extent, and we felt that the trip had climaxed and we would shortly be safe to function in society once again. We left N's house and returned to my own. N and I went to a LAN arena with the afterglow of the evening. There was little social interaction, and we left at about 10 PM. Later, N told me that he heard that night rather realistic voices while lying in bed. Neither of us had terribly persistent dilated pupils, nor did our dry throats last through the morning.

Overall, I would recommend datura in low dosages to any brave psychonauts once, but personally would not experience it again for quite awhile. One very important thing to remember for the combination experience remains; I don't know which substance caused this but N and I both had severe trouble urinating during the course of the trip. Make sure you relieve yourself before ingestion.

My final suggestion to any who are considering datura is to be certain of your dosage - do your research and you won't have to worry 'Did I take too much?' or 'I don't feel anything.' It might be tempting, but never take too much datura or you could spend the night in the hospital or morgue.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26154
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 17, 2003Views: 33,487
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Datura (15), Morning Glory (38) : Combinations (3), Personal Preparation (45), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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