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Second Try
Nalbuphine (Nubain)
Citation:   Stonehenge. "Second Try: An Experience with Nalbuphine (Nubain) (exp26108)". Feb 11, 2004.

10 mg IV Pharms - Nalbuphine (liquid)
A friend of mine recently got his hands on some Nubain, which is an opiate agonist mixed with an opiate antagonist with a dosage equivalent to that of morphine, or so I have read in various sources.

I tried it once and was quite impressed, so I decided to try the last 10 mg ampule he had.

~5:40 p.m. I arrived at his appartment and we stood around and talked about the day, listened to some NPR on the radio (NPR is best when getting stoned, especially All Things Considered). We began to talk about how we were going to administer the drug. He said he enjoyed both IM and IV, and I elected IV administration. He suggested doing my it in my arm. (Background info: once upon a time, during the cold months of the year, I did a very small amount of oxycontin IV in my arm and it left a very dark and noticeable bruise. I wore long sleeves until the bruise cleared up, and still living at home, that would be BAD if my parents found out.) I told him I was gonna be a 'pussy' (as he calls me for selecting this route) and do it in my foot. He got out one of his unused syringes (he used to take prescription Testosterone IV and he had to get new syringes every now and then, the kinds you could change the actual needles on.) Then he opened the small ampule of Nubain and attached the needle to the syringe. He drew the liquid into the syringe and did the necessary procedures for getting the bubbles out.

I removed my shoes and socks and we began hunting for a vein on my foot. He told me once before and reinterated that the veins on my foot 'suck.' I wrapped his belt around my leg right above my knee and tightened it as much as I could. It wasn't helping much. We hunted and hunted and then he squeezed my ankle. 'Aha!' he said, 'we have a small one right here!' So I took the belt and wrapped it around my ankle to allow that vein to pop out. We wiped the area with isopropyl alcohol. The first try it didn't work and we just poked some tissue and it stung a little. He then suggested once more that we do it in my arm and that if we keep doing the 'hunt and poke' method on my foot it would just dull the needle and make it worse off. I told him to keep trying and pointed out the vein we used last time. I realize you're supposed to 'cycle' your injection locations, but we made best of the current situation. We wiped that area as well and I made sure my vein stayed in place by placing a finger lightly beside it so it wouldn't move. He pulled back the syringe and it was a success. Blood was slowly being drawn in as he pulled back. He then depressed the syringe.

~5:45 It was about this time that he actually did the injection. I was trying to hold as still as possible and loosened the belt a little. As he was depressing the plunger, it was almost an immediate rushing sensation. I felt a warmth go all over my body. He looked up and saw my eyes immediately contracting and sweat began to absolutely drip down my forehead. I sat back and then felt some pain in my foot. Near the end of the injection he must have ended up pulling out a little and doing a little subcutaneous as well, because it left kind of a lump there that was noticeable. I got worried because I'm a bit of a hypochondriac when it comes to that stuff. He said just to take some aspirin and it would be OK, I wasn't going to die from it. I wiped my foot off with some alcohol and applied a bandaid to the side of it. In the five minutes in which this all took place, I was very relaxed. My worries of the day were removed from my mind and put away some place else to sit where they couldn't bother me. I just felt all around nice.

~6:00 After hanging around for a while at his place just chillin' and talking with him I needed to meet some friends to go eat at a Mexican restaurant. It's strange the way the nubain works. The initial rush didn't last very long at all, but I felt like I had taken several lortabs after that. It then decreased to where I was just comfortable. Comfortably numb, as Pink Floyd says. The drive over to the restaurant was fine. I listened to some Dark Side of the Moon on the way there and it was beautiful.

The effects of the drug seem to last a while, but euphoric rush 'fucked up' effect as some people would call it lasts relatively short, I would say 30 minutes? The rest of the evening I was rather sedated. I went home and went to sleep. I slept like a baby. I could barely get up for work this morning! It took some effort, but I made it. I noticed the sort of bulge in my foot went down. I think it was actually just some of the drug beneath the skin slowly being absorbed.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26108
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 11, 2004Views: 17,477
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Pharms - Nalbuphine (306) : General (1), Various (28)

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