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The Senior 'Trip'
Citation:   Matt Himself. "The Senior 'Trip': An Experience with 2C-I (exp26005)". Aug 11, 2003.

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18 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
Substance: 2C-I
Experience: experienced
Setting: Seaside Heights, NJ

July 10th, 2003

Having just graduated high school my friends and I planned to take a senior trip. We had decided on Seaside Heights, New Jersey. None of us had been there except my girlfriend “R” who said it was a fun place that we would enjoy. Several friends would be coming with us. One of which was “M” whom I have taken DPT with before.

I decided that I would like to have a psychedelic experience while on my senior trip surrounded by my friends. 9 people, including myself would be there. Of those 9, only myself, R, and M were interested in tripping. Two others occasionally drink and smoke marijuana, but did not want to move onto “harder” things. Three of the people do not use any drugs or drink, but they respect my right to do so. The final one is not only against drug use, but feels that only weak people use them. I feel this is just ignorance on his part, and while he has made obnoxious comments to me in the past regarding drugs, I don’t care enough to not use them in front of him.

M has always been interested in psychedelics. I think he sees them more as just a “good time” then anything really beneficial. I respect his feelings, as he respects mine. Despite our different points of view, we have been good friends for years, and I enjoy having him there with me in altered states. R has been interested in tripping as well, but had been prescribed an SSRI from her doctor. We had tried to use DPT together, but she felt nothing. In late June her doctor took her off the SSRI, which seemed it would be possible for her to join.

We had arrived in Seaside Heights on a Monday, but decided to wait for a day when it seemed more appropriate. On the Thursday the weather was not too spectacular. There was sporatic rain and wind. Since neither of them wanted to spend a day on the beach tripping, we decided this would be the best day.

I weighed out doses for all three of us. They trusted my judgment on doses. I gave myself 18mg. For myself, 2C-I’s sweet spot is 20mg, but I wanted to stay close to the others doses. For M and R I gave each 16mg. M is familiar in altered states, and I felt he would be able to handle this dose fine. R has never used any psychedelic (besides marijuana), however I felt that since SSRI’s don’t leave your body as soon as you stop taking them, she may need a little more to feel the effects.

We poured the powder into a small amount of soda, and tipped glasses. It was approximately 3 PM when we drank. It tastes rather gross, which I expected. R and M commented poorly on the flavor, which made me laugh.

We had not fasted before, as our decision to trip today was somewhat sudden. We each had a stomach full of White Castle (which is probably not the best food to have in there). The first signs of nausea came to R about 30 minutes after taking it. She commented that she did not feel well. The obnoxious anti-drug person then made the comment “You deserve it for taking a sketchy drug.” We ignored his comments as we found them ignorant. Then came M, and finally myself. We were all feeling a bit queasy, and not wanting to move much. I assured them it would pass, and shortly after the one hour mark it did. The effects slowly came as the nausea faded. My first sign was the boost of energy 2C-I always gives me. After some time I also felt the heightened sense of touch, with R resting her head in my lap. I decided to go outside for a cigarette, which I only smoke while tripping. The fresh air felt magnificent. I could smell the salt in the air from the churning seas. It felt good to be alive.

Around 4:30 PM one of our friends arrived. He had driven three states just to spend one night with us. What a treat this was. He saw me and laughed at my massive pupils. Every one of us flocked to him, like family to an infant. We all decided to go to the boardwalk and play some games.

I cannot begin to explain the wonders of an arcade on psychedelics. I had already been there many times both drunk and stoned, yet it was a whole new place now. I noticed visuals starting to set in as well. There was nothing too spectacular, just pleasant movement to many things. My mind was overwhelmed with the flashing lights and loud noises. I was taking it all in at once, and had I not been as experienced as I am, probably would have frightened me. I then remember that R is very inexperienced with psychedelics. I want to make sure she is not overwhelmed by all the chaos in the air. She is actually with M, and they are both laughing, not seeming to be too frightened.

I made my way outside and looked at the ocean. The storm had strong winds, and the waves moved along. Life guards patrolled the beaches in order to keep them clear from the 10+ foot waves crashing down. It was beautiful to see the power of nature before my eyes. After what seems like a lifetime of staring, I decide to go back inside, as I am in a very public place, and do not want to cause suspicion.

Back inside the arcade, R challenges me to a game of air hockey. I normally am not very good at air hockey. However today, from the moment I dropped the puck, I knew I would win. As she went to hit the puck, I could both see and feel where it was going. Every shot she made I blocked. I could also see the perfect angle to hit the puck to get it in the goal. Some of my friends who were sober found it funny how well I played when I’m “messed up”. I just laughed about it.

After awhile everyone decided to go back to the room. When we got back I decided that I should live out one of my psychedelic dreams. Swimming! I found a sober person who was willing to watch me (even with a sober sitter this can be a dangerous idea). A few others decided to go swimming despite the rain, as it was a heated pool. R came with us, but M decided to stay up in the room. When we got down to the pool, I slowly waded in. The water was warm, and my body tingled with delight. I then closed my eyes, and just allowed myself to fall forward into the water. What an amazing sensation it was. All my wishes for being able to fly were answered. Not only could I close my eyes and visualize a landscape far below me, but I now had the physical sensation of soaring through the skies. Piercing through the clouds. I flew down towards the ground the see the rolling hills before me, but my fantasy was interrupted by my need for oxygen. I stick my head up and took a good deep breath. I threw my dreadlocks back behind me, splashing water on those not in the pool. I turned back towards everyone just in time to see the developing plot to throw R in the pool. Before I could say anything, she was floating through the air. She splashed down beside me, and all I could was laugh. I understand that it may have been traumatic for her to be caught off guard like that, but I could not help but laugh at her. After looking angry for a moment, she joined in the laughter.

After some time we all went back to the room and changed. We decided to head out to dinner. At this point, somewhere around 7 PM, my visuals were becoming much more powerful. Nice flowing visuals seemed to cover much of the boardwalk. When I sat down to eat pizza with my friends, I was having a difficult time looking at them without laughing, as there faces would bend ever so slightly. One of my friends, who has never touched a drug in his life, was fascinated by the effects, and often would ask me what I was experiencing. Some times questions like these annoy me, as one cannot truly put into words their emotions while on a psychedelic, but for some reason it was different with him. He seemed really interested, so I was happy to explain it all to him.

We all went back to the room at this time, where I decided to put in my new contact lenses. A few days before I had purchased black out lenses which make my eyes look quite large and cartoonish. I looked in the mirror and laughed hysterically at my appearance with big black eyes. When I showed them to M and R though, they didn’t find the humor, and were actually both frightened to look at me. They asked me to take them out, which I quickly did. I apologized for causing them a bit of panic.

The next few hours were spent walking around, playing arcade games, and just talking. Around 8 PM R was feeling comfortable enough where she could go off with her friends without me around. I made sure that she would call me if anything were to happen, but she assured me she would be fine. M stayed with me and played games for the remainder of the trip.

Around 12 PM I was down. R had returned as well. Both her and M agreed that they were down as well. I asked how they enjoyed the day, and they thanked me for exposing them to this compound, and showing them a lovely day. Although my trip was over, I still was boosted into a state of bliss, knowing how happy I had made others.

When 2 AM rolled around, I finally fell asleep, where I had vivid dreams (which I now cannot recall)


So what exactly was the goal of this trip? Recreation I suppose. It was a chance to share something I consider such an important part of my life with people whom are important to me. 2C-I yet again proved to be not pushy and gentle on all of us. R enjoyed her first psychedelic experience, and M enjoyed yet another substance. I think I picked good doses for all of us. I had a great experience, and R and M were not overwhelmed at any point, which was good. I did not want to scare R away from psychedelics so quickly.

Once again, 2C-I was a great ally to me. It gave the three of us a great day, and I am very thankful for it.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26005
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 11, 2003Views: 16,024
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2C-I (172) : Various (28), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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