Freebasing Tryptamines 2...DPT 'oil'...
Citation:   DINGO. "Freebasing Tryptamines 2...DPT 'oil'...: An Experience with DPT (exp25884)". Aug 6, 2003.

  smoked DPT (freebase)
Following previous methods posted last year for DIPT and 5meo-DIPT, amount (.5 to 1 g) were dropped directly into (~100ml) household ammonia (10% NH4OH). Solution went cloudy then clear while a pink amorphous blob dropped rapidly to the bottom, some remaining on the surface as a thin oil slick. Liquid was carefully poured off into another glass in attempt to avoid pouring out any oil. All liquid ammonia was skimmed of visible oil and all oil was gathered up into a single mass. Attempts to vaporize oil at this point gave off a strong ammonia odor and it was assume that gaseous ammonia was still present in the sample.

All 'crude' oil was placed into a glass and 200 ml boiling water poured into it. A deep dark red oil collected rapidly on the surface. Liquid was allowed to cool to ~40 F and the dark red oil was skimmed off the water. The oil sticks to metal and glass when cool and allows one to pour off the water while the oil remains.

Extreme care and patience led to almost no detectable loss over starting mass...actually should be less due to removal of the HCL moleclule but, also gained due to some water retention(?).

Freebase DPT is a dark red oil at room temp...above results appear to be suprisingly pure.

A metal pipe with a stack of ~10 stainless steel screens was used to smoke the amounts as follows...

5mg...Threshhold...felt by all, a slight brightening of color perception.

10mg...Felt within 15 seconds rapid onset of visuals with a geometric pattern. Effect was very euphoric peaking in about 1-2 A. Shulgin +2 or so diminushing to +1 at 10 minutes back to baseline in 20 minutes but, an slight energized feeling persists for 2 hours.

20mg...Required a full lung hit to take down...similar to above but, to a +3 max 1-2 minutes, down to +2 at 10 minutes, +1 at 20 minutes to 1 hour...effect persist for another 1-2 hours.

30mg...Starting to take two hits to get it now...similar to above with peak approaching the +4.

40 mg ...2 full hits off the pipe for this a +4 within 1 minute...down to +3 at 10 minutes...+2 at 20 minutes...+1 until 1 hour...the energy persist for next 8 hours.

Conclusion...An overlooked form (again)...this way seems so much safer and pleasant than oral and nasal (potentially disasterous) use of this research chemical.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25884
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 6, 2003Views: 23,381
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