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Calamus and Butt Sex....Oh My!
by ChaosSlave
Citation:   ChaosSlave. "Calamus and Butt Sex....Oh My!: An Experience with Calamus (exp25883)". Erowid.org. Aug 6, 2003. erowid.org/exp/25883

  rectal Calamus (ground / crushed)


After reading online about calamus, I read about its pain removing properties. After having a toothache one day, I decided to chew a small piece of root. This stuff is fowl tasting, and after chewing on it for a while it has a strong pepper taste that makes my mouth feel really hot. To my suprise, the pain was competely gone, but I could still feel the spot that it once hurt, so its nothing like Novacain.

After attempting Anal Sex with my g/f one night, and hearing her scream loudly, a lightbulb flickered above my head. I told her of my idea to apply some Calamus next time before trying, and she said it was worth a try. So a few days later, I powder some root and mix it up with a little lubrication, and stick it in her butt. She complains about it burning a minute later (not suprised considering it tastes like pepper) and goes to rinse it out. Afterwards we attempt Anal Sex and to her suprise it barely hurt at all, and still felt just as good. We've used it for the same puprose plenty of times since. She also gets the good effects of stimulation/relaxation just like chewing the root.

So the moral of the story, Calamus removes pain at the area you apply it, and is good for anal sex if you have a big penis, but you could find many more uses such as cuts and burns (has anti-bacterial properties as well!). Have fun!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25883
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 6, 2003Views: 42,230
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