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What to Expect - A Brief Overview
by Dirk
Citation:   Dirk. "What to Expect - A Brief Overview: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT (exp25841)". Aug 5, 2003.

5.0 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (powder / crystals)
The following 'overview' of a low-level (2.5-5mg dose, taken orally) 5-MeO-AMT experience follows. This generalization of 'what to expect' is taken from 3 experiences, 1 with ~2.5mg taken by a 180 lb. individual (myself), another at ~5mg taken by my friend (almost 300 lbs.), and a third dose taken by myself 4 days after the first, this time at 5mg but with almost identical results to the first trial (likely due to a high/quick body tolerance build-up to the drug). Each of the 3 experiences were almost identical, and as the varied experiences my friend and I read on Erowid before taking the substance were quite varied, I thought it might be comforting and helpful to someone wishing to try out this compound if they could read an experience account giving them an idea of what to expect, in a more 'scientific' format.

(time is in hours:minutes format)

+0:15 - First signs of nausea, leading directly into the following:

+0:30-1:30 - Extreme nausea and body high, best described as a 'toxic reaction feeling' of sickness; flu-like. During this period, don't expect to do anything other than feel like you're dying. Expect to either vomit or fight the urge to vomit for this time-period, although vomiting seems to shorten the overall 'toxic' period of the trip. Feelings may include bowel pressure.

+1:30-1:45 - The body high and nausea suddenly and quickly dissipate, and the psychedelic effects begin. The body high is somewhere between mushrooms and LSD (although lighter and 'easier to work with'), as are the visuals. Mentally, the ability to focus on a single subject is much better than sober, while multi-tasking is nearly impossible even at a low/threshold dose.

+1:45-3:30 - Slowly come up to plateau. During this time, expect a 'rolling' feeling, similar to MDMA, as the visuals, body high, and mental effects go up and down constantly. A feeling of 'pressure on the bowels' continues throughout the trip, and bowel movements are loose. However, bowel movements came neither more frequently or urgently than they would while sober.

+3:30-4:00 - Plateau is reached.

4:00-??? - The substance just keeps going, and going, for hours and hours. The three trials performed by myself and my friend all started early in the morning (7 or 8-ish), yet the effects of the substance (most notably the body high) were still felt the following morning. Sleep is (mentally) difficult on the substance, although not impossible.

And, here's a nice little summary of how you're likely going to feel on the substance (*at low doses only!* - likely will not apply to higher dose trips):

Body-High: 'Energized' feeling under the skin, light muscle tension throughout the body, higher tension in the neck and back of the jaw. Possible feeling of pressure in your ears, which may continue for days following the experience (possibly due to an interaction between the substance and chemicals that react badly with MAOIs - I take Chlorpheniramine regularly, and it's data sheet warns against taking it with MAOIs). A constant feeling of 'bowel pressure' is there, although it is possible to ignore for the most part.

Visuals: Colors are all 'skewed' to the red and green spectrums, with a slight 'wobbling' effect. Textures (such as stucco, carpeting, bumpy ceilings) flow and wave in a unique way, somewhere between LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. Visual effects are, overall, mild.

Mental: Multi-tasking is almost impossible, but focusing on a single subject (TV, a computer game, talking to a single person, etc.) comes easily, and is extremely absorbing. The passing of time seems to slow dramatically. The 'all-encompassing' feeling of activities you focus on seems to increase their entertainment value when compared to performing the activity while sober.

Overall: The entire experience feels much more 'natural' than LSD or mushrooms, in that you are 'still you' (no ego-loss or modification), albeit under the effects of a chemical. As long as you stay within the limitations of drug (lack of multi-tasking), functioning in day-to-day activities is quite possible at a low dose.

In both my and my friend's opinion, although the trip itself is quite enjoyable at a low dose, it is not worth the initial sickness. In a few weeks (to hopefully get rid of the tolerance aspect of this substance) I will perform some more tests at a higher dose, to see if it is worth the initial nausea.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25841
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 5, 2003Views: 23,800
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