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Naturally Occuring Euphoria
Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Salvia divinorum & Cannabis
Citation:   TheEpic. "Naturally Occuring Euphoria: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Salvia divinorum & Cannabis (exp25373)". Apr 27, 2006.

T+ 0:00
2 cups oral Mushrooms (tea)
  T+ 1:00 1 cig. smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
  T+ 3:30 1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
  T+ 3:30 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 5:00 2 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
As any experienced cannabis smoker, I had been getting somewhat agitated with the 'coming down' effects of high potency THC, and decided to pursue other types of natural products. A friend of mine, 'T', had recently moved back to my hometown in Florida from California, and i wanted to catch up on some serious missed smoking time. T came to Florida with 1 ounce of hydroponically grown cannabis which looked like it had been shook in a bag with salt it was so crystallized. Needless to say, one hit was more than enough to enjoy a long day at work.

In any case, T had been staying with me at my place and we made the descision to dedicate the day experimenting with various psychedelics and ethenogens. The day prior we had come accross the deal of the century: 2 lbs of psilocybe mushrooms for $25. We bought the mushrooms, 1lb dry and 1lb wet, and proceeded to make tea with the dried mushrooms.

We chopped up 10 grams of dried caps and stems, and placed them in a large glass cooking bowl, and boiled 2 cups of tap water. When the water reached boiling point, it was poured in the bowl with the mushrooms. While they were soaking, we boiled another 2 cups of water. After about 8-10 minutes, the soaked mushrooms were ready to be strained and drank, this method was used twice, yeilding 4 cups of tea, giving T and I two cups each. I reccomend using an herbal tea bag along with the mix in case the taste of mushrooms is too intense. Previous attempts to trip using mushrooms had been nothing more than a dissapointment, and I wasn't expecting to feel a damn thing. We drank the tea, which suprisingly went down quite well, and waited for the effects. At about T+:30 colors seemed to be much more intense than normal, and a slight 'stoned' feeling was creeping. We decided to take a trip down to the beach and enjoy the peak in the beautiful atmosphere of Lido Key. On the way, we took a detour into the local head shop to look around.

T+:45 Mushrooms
While looking a certain item caught my eye: Salvia Dinivorum Extract. I had read about experiences on Erowid before and it struck my curiosity. I wondered how a legal drug could create such intense feelings. We were eventually pursuaded to purchase 1 gram of 10x cut Salvia leaves. We cruised back to my house and rolled a decent sized Salviarette(!) and smoked it. Within seconds of the first inhale, my vision was blurred, and an uncontrollable urge to laugh overcame me. My insight had been cleared of all the stresses and responsibilities of the day, and I let out a sigh of releif. By the end of the Salviarette T and I were in tears with laughter. For once in a very long time I felt liberated and clear minded and it was at this time, about T+1, when the psylocybin became clear. The grass was a brilliant green and was waving in the wind like waves of the ocean, and everything was incredibly facinating to me. We decided it was about time to finally make our mecca to the beach. The drive up was incredible, windows down listening to Pink Floyd's Echoes album.

Time seemed to stand still around me and cars resembled cardboard cutouts on sticks, like the feeling of being in a driving simulation or something like that. The best way to describe it would be to say that everything around me felt like it was a cartoon, or as if I were playing a video game. By the time we arived at the beach, my mind was utterly at ease and the effects of the Salvia were gone. We exited the car and found a nice quiet, shady little cove of pine trees and sand with a picnic bench hidden from clear view of the outside world, it was just us and nature.

T+1hr30min Mushrooms + Salvia
Incredible closed eyed visuals of vines filled me, and T and I were exploring this cave of trees as if it were our new home. The trees seemed alive and breathing, while the ground pulsed beneath my feet. I observed ants crawling in and out of a fallen pine, and it became clear to me their path, almost as if the wood was transparent. I called T over to watch with me, but he was nowhere to be found. I had no concept of passing time, or how we had found such a surreal environment, and I had no reccolection of ingesting any type of drug, as to say, this WAS my reality, and nothing else outside of this state of mind existed. I was shocked to see my cell phone sitting on the picnic table, it seemed ridiculous to me to carry a cell phone with noone to contact...this was my existence, what I had been searching for, there was no need for anything else, for the first time in years I felt sustained. I found T back at the picnic table packing his bubbler with a Salvia/Cannabis mix.

T+2hrs(??) Mushrooms + Salvia + Cannabis
We sat, content on smoking more Salvia, but it was impossible to focus on anything but the trees, they seemed to be breathing. Expanding and contracting with the wind. The ground beneath me became very close and I started to feel very light headed. A vine on the ground began to grow around my ankle, not permitting me to leave this place, and I relaxed, comming to the conclusion that I never wanted to leave in the first place. T and I smoked a bowl of Salvia and Cannabis and by the time it was finished we were shot off to an alternate realtiy. The cove immediately became our CAVE, and we were once again overcome with euphoria and laughter. The Salvia and Cannabis mix GREATLY intensified the mushroom experience. Colors once again became brilliant and flashing, and my peripheral vision had pale blue and green tints, alternating with each breath. Talking was incredible, and listening to T with my closed, I could literally visualze him, and everything around me, my CEV's were bearing an incredible likeness to what was actually happening. OEV's were almost too intense, with bright colors, and the cartoonish feeling. If you've ever see What Dreams May Come, you know what im referring to. After the Salvia ran its incredible course through our systems, we decided to walk down to the water and swim.

T+3hrs(??) Mushrooms + Cannabis
The water was incredible, bearing a likeness to that of mercury(the element, not the planet). The waves crashing ashore were taking on colors I had never seen in water, brilliant greens and teals which faded into deep blues and purples with each rise of the tide. This part of my trip is literally too intense to describe to its fullest, butthe best way to explain it is that the clouds seemed to move in fast forward, while the water stayed calm and the sensation of being propelled accross the shore was overwhelming, and decided to make it to land before something unpleasent happened. Once again my perception of time had faded and my location was unknown. Looking back, about 1 hour had passed since we had left the cave, and it was time to leave the beach and enjoy the rest of the trip at my house, in the air conditioning. A simple thought, yes, but the beach felt like it had taken on a personality of its own, burying our feet in the sand with every step. I again felt incredibly light-headed and dizzy, and T reported the same, almost like we had taken a few shots.

T+5hrs(??) Mushrooms + Cannabis
On the way home we smoke another bowl of cannabis and enjoyed the ride off the key. I was ridiculously disoriented and got lost going home. By the time we got home we were exhausted. We ate and then slept for what seemed like hours but only lasted 30 minutes. No irratibility or fatigue had prevailed, as in previous times with smoking Cannabis, and a feeling of contentment and rightness with my life was evident. I HIGHLY reccomend using Salvia/Cannabis mix while using psilocybe mushrooms. It definetly intensified our trip, and will be a regular additive from now on. This was by far the most in depth experience of my life and has changed the way I look at legal Cannabis alternatives.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25373
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 27, 2006Views: 27,712
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66), Salvia divinorum (44), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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