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Shakes, Sweat, Cold, and Anxiety
by KC
Citation:   KC. "Shakes, Sweat, Cold, and Anxiety: An Experience with Caffeine (exp2531)". Erowid.org. Sep 8, 2000. erowid.org/exp/2531

1600 mg oral Caffeine (pill / tablet)
I was going out one night with my friends to a club in New York City. This dance club is one of those places that plays great techno music and has a lot of people doing Extasy and other drugs. However, because I had a long trip ocming up the next day, I had to make sure not too get too messed up. I was not drinking that night or using any other drugs, nor have I done anything in the week beforehand that could otherwise explain my experience. So I went out and brought with me a package of Vivarin. Each pill contains about 200mg of caffeine, equivalent fo two cups of coffee.

We got to the club around 1AM. So I started my night by taking 2 pills and dancing, and then taking a pill or two every time I started getting tired.
By 5AM the whole set of 8 Vivarins was gone and I ate them all. I was a bit tired cause I have not slept the whole day before and danced all night. But my mind was going 200 miles per hour.

When I left the club around 6:30AM I had the regular ringing in my ears from loud music and slight disorientation that I feel every other time as well when leaving a club early in the morning. I also have to mention that I was drenched in sweat and probably dehydrated.

So I got home at about 7:15AM. I had to get some sleep because I had to drive for 6 hours at around noon to go back to school. I did not have too much trouble falling asleep, but as soon as I did I woke up. At 7:30 I was lying in bed, my hands shaking. I would get random jerks in my extremities. My bed was drenched with sweat and I was cold. I was having one of the worst anxiety attacks I ever had (I do get them very rarely so i know what they feel like).

My mind was racing. My body shivering/shaking. I was under a blanket and I knew it was hot in the house, but I was cold anyway. I could not fall asleep, I was worried about dumb shit. I was having thoughts of horrible things going through my head totally not rooted in anything real. Everything I would think about would produce very negative and worrying thoughts. I felt my heart beating strongly through my chest. I though someone might have slipped me some LSD and I was having a bad trip. I could not clear my head. I did think I might die. However, just like during a trip, I was able to convince myself that all will be good soon. So I got up, went to the bathroom, drank a bunch of water to replace all the one I lost during dancing and sweating in bed.

I managed to lull myself to sleep by thinking concentrating on something that could not possibly turn negative in my head, which usually works when having an anxiety attack. I woke up an hour later with a similar, but not so serious, anxiety attack, once again sweating. I finally woke up at 11AM, feeling all good. My body was tired and aching from dancing and my ears were still a little numb from the loud music, but all else was fine.

I drove back to school and nothing else happened. Now I do realize that caffeine might have something to do with this, but I also had a similar experience about a year later, but with NO caffeine or other drugs. It might have been an effect of not sleeping for a really long time and/or being dehydrated.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 2531
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 8, 2000Views: 27,163
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Caffeine (11) : Club / Bar (25), Health Problems (27), General (1)

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