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Back Beyond Rotation
by Twirl
Citation:   Twirl. "Back Beyond Rotation: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp25206)". Erowid.org. Jul 14, 2003. erowid.org/exp/25206

5.0 mg smoked 5-MeO-DMT


I've smoked the substance five times, with doses probably ranging from 4 to 8 milligrams - by comparison to the qualitative effects caused by an accurately measured dose of 5 mg:s. The relation between dose and effect isn't that simple, though, because when 5-meo-dmt is vapourized and inhaled by someone, it's not always certain that he or she gets a good enough hit to get it all absorbed, and the material may not be completely reduced inside the smoking device.

I've found that the best way to smoke 5-meo-dmt is to vapourize it in a small glass container(resulting in heavy hits), such as a Clear and emptied lightbulb with a cork with two holes or straws sealing up the vapourization chamber. The good thing about smoking 5-meo-dmt is that it's very potent, and the active dose can be spread evenly on a very small surface. At the time of lighting up,
it's important that the hit is taken after - not before - the bulb is completely grayed out by the vapour. This ensures that lung volume isn't wasted with too much air, and that the possibly frightened smoker doesn't need to take any more before blasting off, as described by McKenna when talking about n,n-dmt; 'after you feel completely peculiar, you have to do one more Enourmous hit'.

People often exhale very quickly, but that's probably not because the smoke would be unpleasant, but because the effects come at a rate close to immediate, which results in an almost autonomous release of air as a defence against the intense change of the range of thought. I usually do that to some extent, too, because my way of doing psychoactives includes doing whatever they 'want'. As an example, if i get really nauseous i'll gladly vomit instead of having to struggle against it. It seems that this outlook affects the experiences only in a positive way.

My best experience with this subtance didn't include any of the highest of doses taken by me, only a better vapourizer than usual: a lightbulb desing by a local MacGyver. With him, a round of eyeball was played, resulting in a tie of 5-5. I was chosen to be the first to take the hit. While writing this, i'm playing the same piece of music i chose to be played while i hit to remind me of the feelings the sound brought to me at the time. Needless to say, i lost normal consciousness of the music in a few seconds, so i can't isolate it's seperate effect anymore.

Getting a really good 5mg hit of the substance was more intense than i had thought, and when the sitter said something - he probably asked me if it was working or something like that - i looked at him, but i couldn't have said anything even if i had wanted to. It felt like the molecules had found their way to the place where I was. There seemed to be an instant shift inside me, outside me and everywhere else. At first, it seemed like the number of iterations between existence now and existence before had really gone apeshit. After that i think i was internally wiped out. Out of where? I couldn't even remember it was that was subject to desolation. Something came to the conclusion that there either were no differences or that if there were, they didn't matter.

Note: the way the effects are described may make them seem very dramatic, frightening and generally massive to someone. That's because when these thing are read about without the correct perspective (preferably one caused by eihter extensive knowledge or a bunch of psychedelics) they tend to take a spacey and non-human form. I just happened to read a trip report from Erowid which described a 6-dimensional space with patterns, colours that weren't colours and stuff like that. At the time i also happened to be quite stoned, and i told myself to somehow use the 'dmt mode' to interpret the story. It was like a flashback of something that had never taken place.

The earlier trips with 5-meo-dmt showed be that like tinnitus, the effects never seem to disappear completely as the material wears off, it's more like the amplitude was decreased until there's no sign of it - meaning that the source of the signal would always be there. This time the onset was like an on/off straight angle, the peak was very long and consisted mostly of vibrating in space.

When the the trip was about to be over, it seemed that the 'pulsation of space' had turned inwards and was now being emitted from my body as ripples in something very definite that has to do with my perception. It seemed like layers of ideas being poured over the surroundings, which was a sign of becoming normal again. As i started communicating, i noticed the same effect that is caused by DMT - my linguistic part seemed very detached from the rest of me. My limbs felt floaty, like if i'd somehow let go of myself, i'd start ascending. We wanted to get out and get some air, so we went up from the basement-esque room we were in. Because i was still levitating, i jumped quite a few stair steps at a time. It wasn't hard or anything, but doing that is certainly not recommended by me - although it may not be a good idea to just lie still until it's all gone.

All that took place seemed somehow innate to me, which may have something to with the whole subject of endogenous tryptamines.
I learned that smoked 5-meo-dmt can really be used as a convenient psychedelic, and that there are basically two ways to approach it: one can either try to keep it under some kind of control and systematically think about the origins of both the normal and the enhanced experience, or attempt to steer clear of any such methods and sink as deep as possible, thinking of it as an externally generated thing in which it's possible to travel without breaking it's consistency. Combination of these methods within seperate experiences is what, for me, has worked best, because it enables observation of both form and origin.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25206
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 14, 2003Views: 9,722
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