Tracers into Fire
by unseelie
Citation:   unseelie. "Tracers into Fire: An Experience with AMT (exp25137)". Jul 10, 2003.

10 mg oral AMT (liquid)


On July 5th this year I decided to try out AMT for the first time. It was ingested orally at 7:pm by way of being diluted in a drop of water and then put on my tongue...this was definitely some of the worst tasting stuff I've ever done. While on this trip I tried to document as best I could what was going on and when.

At around 7:15 my pupils were about half dilated (I think this might have been due to the fact that whenever I due any substance my body reacts very quickly to it...classical conditioning...see Pavlov). There was a slight buzz feeling, but nothing substantial...probably placebo.

7:37pm: Pupils are now fully dilated. Body buzz definately setting in along with a feeling of restlessness. I was constantly getting up and looking around for something (but not really anything)...I just felt like I needed something.

8:pm: Trip definitely setting in. I started to become overheated in my un-airconditioned apartment, so I decided to take a shower. While in the shower water droplets seemed more seperated than usual. There seem to be more of them, and they were flying out farther than they ever had. Also, the chipped paint in the shower seemed to be moving around and getting larger and smaller. A constant motion that I was used to with previous LSD trips. I finally cooled down and returned to my living room to watch tv and try and listen to some music.

8:23pm: My eyes started jumping all over the place. For some wierd reason I couldn't focus on anything for too long. The only way I can really explain it would be to say that it was like watching a movie except that four out of every five frames were completely blurred. It was impossible to try and follow tv (yet I tried anyway because I could still understand what everyone was saying, and that helped with following movies and shows). Also around this time my stomach became seriously agitated and nausea set in.

8:55pm: At this point writing anything became almost useless. My eyes were jumping so much that I could only write a letter at a time...after being frustrated with that method I realized that I was just going to have to write by feel and not look at the paper...this did work, but my writing became hardly legible.

My body buzz at this point had almost entirely gone away, which I attribute to the overwhelming visuals that I was getting. At this point in time I was laying on my floor looking up at my ceiling which has a plastery rugged finish. The bumps of the ceiling looked as if they were spinning around in very small circles (about 1/4 inch or so). The traces that were being created from the spinning started to overlap and started creating a rainbow of colors on my also created a rolling feeling or movement feeling in the ceiling (as if it were the ocean or some other mass of water).

9:15pm: the nausea became overwhelming and I threw up in my sink. After that I felt nausea whatsoever. The puke, though, became stuck in my sink though because it was much to chunky, so after try to plunge it for a short period of time I finally looked at myself in the mirror right infront of the sink, stuck my hand into the pukie watery substance and pulled the whole plug out...which drained the sink quite nicely.

After that I felt like I should take another shower (because I had puke on my hand and all). When I got into the shower I started to look at my shower curtain. My shower curtain has sea shells that join each other on their sides, and on these shells are little lines and such. Now, while I was staring at these lines they started to glow. They looked as if they were on fire or something...the only thing I can think of to try and explain how bright they became was would how bright a lantern becomes once you light the lantern bag on fire.

10:30pm: I tried watching a few tv shows but they became way to hard to follow because I couldn't distinguish between show and commercial, so I decided to watch movies instead. I watched about three movies (which was pretty damn cool because everything was so distorted looking), but there developed a very large problem...I could no longer understand my tv. It was as if it was speaking spanish, french, and german all rolled into one...and at this point everything became very confusing. My fiancee' showed up and I tried talking to her, but only jumbled up sentences would come out of my mouth. My cats at this point, I believed, were terrorizing me on purpose also...constantly jumping on me and trying to make me pet them and stuff.

12:30am: I started feeling overheated and nauseated again so I went into the bathroom and splashed me face with some water. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two eyes looking at me from about shin height. When I looked at these eyes all color faded to white with black shadows. After continuing to look at these eyes my mind made these eyes wear a cloak looking garment and develope a small boy looking face. I was amazed and I live with any kids...I don't believe I do. Right after I thought this the eyes turned and started walking into my living room...while turning, the eyes turned back into my cat oliver. It looked kinda like the end of that black or white video by michael jackson when all those faces keep on morphing into other faces and all.

2:am: I started to become very undone at this point. I could no longer make full sentences and instead decided to sputter off one word mind babble. I became very hungry at this point also, and so my fiancee' brought me some icecream. For some reason this icecream was the BEST icecream I had ever had. How it tasted, how it melted in my mouth amazed me. Visuals became very colorful and crazy at this point also. Everything seemed to be shaking, and tracers were getting outta control in my head.

2:30am: I became very tired all of a sudden, so I decided to lay in bed while watching tv. I kept saying, 'cold, cold, cold...' to my fiancee', but I didn't mean cold. It was the only way I could understand to express 'comfort' I wanted to feel comforted in some way or another...anyway, I fell asleep soon after this time...

7:am: I awoke and was still tripping, but not nearly as bad...or rather as good. I only had visuals, and it seemed to be more like a mild LSD trip. I turned on the tv and started watching some show called 'The Worlds Craziest Street Fights'. That was pretty intense shit...and I think because of it I started tripping harder again. I then decide to watch the free Queen concert on direct tv. This concert/documentary amazed me. It was like I was there...or at least at some party. The crowd and all the distance shots really fucked with my vision (since they were all movin' back and forth to the music)...and then this one song came on where they sing something like, 'radio ga-ga' and then clap...which looked almost like stop motion camera magic or something.

Anyway, after that concert I watched the free radiohead concert and proceded to wake up my fiancee and bother her with my tripping antics (acting sorta crazy).

Visuals didn't stop until July 6th (the next day) at around 4:30pm or 5pm, and my pupils didn't go down to normal until 9pm or 10pm of that day.

Throughout this experience I drank gatorade and plenty of water (a must when overheating). All in all I rate this trip an 8.5 outta 10. Not perfect because of the irritating nausea and overheating, but amazing visuals definately gives it a boost on the scoring chart. I would definately try this again, but I would need something to calm my stomach first...hopefully it won't have any adverse effects on the AMT.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25137
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 10, 2003Views: 14,037
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AMT (7) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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