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Countering Adverse Effect of Codeine
Codeine Phosphate
Citation:   Batman. "Countering Adverse Effect of Codeine: An Experience with Codeine Phosphate (exp2511)". Sep 8, 2000.

  oral Codeine
First and foremost I would like to convey my sincere heartfelt thanks to you for providing the valuable information on how to extract codeine from OTC tablets such as tylenol.

I was on a_codeine_containing tablet for a few years but as you mentioned in your codeine faq page most such product contain some other drug to prevent the abuse of codeine, and in my case the tablet I am taking is called Paralgin Forte (pink colored,inscribe with 'SL' on one side and a breakline on the other side) which contains 30 mg of Codeine Phosphate Sesquihydrate and 400 mg of Paracetamol (acetaminophen). The manufacturer is ScanLab.

The codeine extraction technique you provided is very much of value to me as I have been told that taking large quantity of Acetaminophen for a long period can cause kidney problem ( I am taking more than 3 tabs of Paralgin Forte per day ).

My only alternative (to avoid the Acetaminophen) is by drinking cough mixture (Phensedyl) which is available in 60 ml & 120 ml bottle but in Malaysia this product is tightly controlled by the authorities as acute drug users are also taking it as a Heroin substitute since Heroin is *very* difficult to obtain even in the street.

For your information a 120 ml bottle of Phensedyl cough linctus contains 216mg ( 9mg per 5ml )of Codeine Phosphate BP, 18mg of Promethazine Hydrocloride BP.
It also contains sugars 68% w/v Sodium Sulphite 0.1% w/v, Sodium Benzoate 0.1% w/v and Sodium Metabisulphite 0.1% w/v.

I usually can experience quite_an_intense_high by downing just 60ml of the cough linctus; without all the unwanted adverse effect i.e nausea and vomiting. From the literature c/w the cough linctus I learned that Prometazine not only suppresses vomiting but also enhances the action of sedative, hypnotic, cns depressant. I do not know whether Promethazine has any long term side effect on general health. But I do know that Promethazine may mask the warning signs caused by ototoxic drugs e.g. salicylates.

I have tried the Codeine extraction method recommended by you with minor differences that is by dissolving 5 tabs of Paralgin Forte ( 5x30mg = 150mg Codeine) in ~40ml of warm water and then cooled the solution by placing it in my freezer till it was 'cold' (not frozen, of course) and filtered it by placing two layers of tissue paper ( toilet roll ) on top of a wire mesh filter (common coffee filter in M'sia). After some 45 mins there were lot of pink colored solid left over on the filter and a very light pink colored filtered solution in a cup. I tasted the filtered solution and found it to be very bitter so I mix it with half a can of Coke and downed at one go (empty stomach). After that I took a 25mg Promethazine tabs and a 10mg Valium. But I found it strange as I could not get as 'high' as drinking 60ml of cough linctus together with 10mg of Valium tab even though the codeine dosage (in the filtered solution) is higher than the cough linctus (142.5mg vs 108mg).

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2511
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 8, 2000Views: 79,796
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