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The Acid Faerie
by siznack
Citation:   siznack. "The Acid Faerie: An Experience with LSD (exp25019)". Jul 12, 2003.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)


about 3 days ago my younger brother ken, dad, and i traveled to a concert where the dead were playing with willy nelson. when my dad told me about it, the one thing i was thinking about was if we could find any lsd... we were walking through the parking lot to the concert (which was just a giant grass field) it was about 85 degrees out and everybody was walking through rows of cars looking for anybody with the drug of their choice. at about noon, i was walking with my brother between rows of cars and many, many tiedye shirts and i saw a very pretty girl with colorful tatoos on her mesh fabric and fairy wings comming out of her back walk by dotting the tip of her toungue with her index finger. 'ken, look its the acid faerie!' i whispered to my brother and turned around to follow her.

we bought about five doses of lsd off of the girl and took it at about 2:00 in the parking lot. the concert started at an old field near our parking field at 3:30 and my brother and i had just started feeling the one hit each of lsd in the form of a subtle visual clarity and warm buzzing feeling in the emotional column of our body and spreading throughout. we walked through the crowd of tiedye, dreadlocks, and smileing flowing people right up to about 15 feet of the stage. the ancient smile of willie nelson filled my whole existence as i watched him play and sing along side of phil lesh of the dead and i smiled with the most emense understanding and colorful love i had ever expirenced. the towers of speakers on the sides of the stage were spilling out a music that felt like it had been poured over my brother and i in a thick atmospheric wave of color, sound and emotion. i looked away from the stage after having totally suberged myself in something that clearly seemed to me to be deeper than any one persons life. as i looked through the crowd around me, it didnt seem tightly was more as if all of the space had been taken up, yet there was no tension. noone pushed into anyone else, they just seemed to flow around each other in a way that was closer to a liquid than i had ever seen a group of about 100,000 humans act. in my mind, these people were beginning to encompass a visualization such as the spiecies of tree that connect their roots underground...but at ground level, just seem to be completely different organisms. there was almost no need for anyone to speak. there was a communication on a unanymous level that even someone at a complete outside perspective could sense strongly. at about 6:00 i averted my attention down to the ground. where the grass had been trampled by thousands of people the straw laying over the dirt began to move and mosaic into a beautiful pattern that seemed symetrical yet creative on every level of my being as i absorbed myself in its magnificence. my conciousness moved like an observer come to life, and when something interesting caught my attention, the observer followed it as if it was being tangibly pulled in that direction. and so a buzzing distraction in my mind demanded attention. i quickly realized that it was just part of me that wanted to see the sky. so i looked up out of my developing ground world through the layer of liquid people and straight out into the heavens. it was about 8:00 by now and the sun was setting in an intensly vibrant shapeshifting view that seemed to open my soul until i could feel one with the universe. i could if tangibly...that my senses were diffusing into one another and that my whole inner universe and body was diffusing into the whole of the outer universe. i began thinking about what my old line of pereseptions felt like. i had almost forgot id lived my whole life in a systmatic, 'normal' world and felt sad. 'i cannot beleive i couldnt grasp that this world even existed before now.' (at this point, the concept of 'now' felt actually quite alien to the truth) as i began to fold back to earth i asked my brother with a grin on my face, if he could stop smiling. we both stood still and twisted our lips superficially to try and frown then burst out in laughter not 3 seconds later. a little while later, my soul diffused into the music again.

by about 1:00 in the morning, as willy nelson and the dead bowed to the giant cheering sea of color, people, and the sweet musk of hashish that filled the air, i breathed out a sigh and my chest seemed to collapse back in forever, as if the whole experience was one breath of holy understanding. i guess the theme that seemed to umbrella the entirity of the trip was that understanding in itself has lead directly to the thing being understood, and if there is any other inhibitive emotion, then there is something left to be grasped. i thought this right at the end of the concert when walked away aching with pleasure as id been standing for about 13 hours strait and my face hurt from smiling for so long!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25019
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 12, 2003Views: 9,994
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LSD (2) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), General (1), Music Discussion (22), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4)

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