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The Fantastic World of DOM
Citation:   Seņor Coconut. "The Fantastic World of DOM: An Experience with DOM, MDA, & GHB (exp2495)". Sep 10, 2000.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral DOM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30 150 mg oral MDA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 5:15 2.5 g oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 5:45 1.5 g oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 11:00 3.0 g oral GHB (liquid)
18:00;t=00:00 - 10mg DOM in solution is ingested. mixed with a bit of orange juice, the substance is virtually tasteless. how refreshing. i was a bit wary of filling my head with psychedelics this day, for my mood was less than spectacular, probably from very little sleep the night before. also, the empty stomach for the previous 18 hours didnt help with the energy situation.

18:20;t=00:20 - first alerts. i began to feel energized, and a smile appears on my face as i whistle happy tunes and skip down a hallway... no visuals yet.

19:15;t=01:15 - i made the decision to head across town to check on various other psychonauts, a few of whom had also taken DOM earlier in the day. as i walked along the river, sounds from miles away were amazingly crisp and vivid. the auditory enhancement was absolutely ridiculous... putting even 2C-B to shame. as i walked down another street, a rippling transparent sheet seemed to stretch off in all directions a few feet above my head, almost smokey in appearance. i laughed out loud.

19:45;t=01:45 - having arrived at my destination, i found myself somewhat fidgety. not bored or over-energetic, but kind of how a child likes to play with objects unknown. one of my fellow DOM-ers had a fun 'game' for me to play, which involved submerging myself in high-quality audio. listening to amon tobin's 'supermodified' with headphones was a sensation which cannot be described... it was during this game that i was first able to note the closed-eye visuals, which were very similar to my previous experience with DOM. Extremely intricate morphing patterns in black and white, but also nicely rounded and organic feeling.

20:15;t=02:15 - at this point, i decided to watch the sky flow by. conveniently, a rather intense storm had been brewing for multiple hours during the day, and it all seemed to be coming together at that point. initially, i could distinguish three layers of clouds moving over one another, but soon i could distinguish none. instead, the entire sky was covered with patterns extremely similar to the closed-eye visuals i was having earlier, with the minor exception that the areas once white were now the paths of moving rainbows. i watched with my jaw having dropped to the ground. nothing short of mindblowing.

20:30;t=02:30 - as my companions were leaving, and i had made plans to meet with a friend later in the evening, i departed. on my way out, i ingested 150mg mda. overkill? maybe a bit. the rippling sheet still existed above me as i walked, but i was much more interested in the movement of the trees. each little leaf fluttering in the wind was apparent and absolutely gorgeous. i continued my walk beneath the stormy, flowing sky until i arrived at the center of the bridge. at this point, halfway to hell, i stood for probably 20 minutes, with a 50 mph wind screaming past my ears. the sensation was completely overwhelming, but i didnt dare leave. the only thought that existed in my mind was 'i have been empowered by god.' the stormclouds rolled in to overtake the city, and i realized that i needed to get home and waterproof my belongings if i were to remain outside...

21:15;t=03:15 - i ran full speed back to my home, roughly one mile... i think it took ~7 minutes... not bad for an asthmatic computer geek, eh? the two amphetamines in my system probably helped quite a bit, too. upon arriving home, the MDA was quickly coming up. extreme relaxation, but none of the visuals ive grown to expect from MDA yet.

21:45;t=03:45 - sitting on the roof of my home, i watched the storm still manifest itself over the city. the rumbling of thunder sent chills down my spine, as flashes of lightning illuminated the rippling cloud layer. *drool* the mda seemed to cause some nausea at this point, but nothing too serious.

22:15;t=04:15 should have had a bite to eat at this point, but the annorexic qualities of the MDA had taken over. unfortunate, for with my first experience with DOM, eating was magnificient. i really wasn't concerned about the food at this point, however, because i was becoming increasingly distant. conveying thoughts and interacting with others, especially of a sober disposition, was rather difficult... i excused myself for my incapacitation, and decided it was time to doodle. easier said than done... i couldnt focus my eyes. actually, to be more specific, i was focusing on three things at once. no, i dont understand either, but its the only way what i was seeing made sense. the doodle, although a tad messy, flowed from my pen effortlessly, and looking at it a few days later, im amazed.

22:45;t=04:45 - i needed a few minutes to myself, as every minute i was becoming more and more disoriented. i was happy, and of a wonderful mental state, but i needed some peace and quiet to get it together (and see whats happening). so to my room i went, and on went the mix of music i made at hour 17 of my last DOM experience... basically just a good ambient mix. i put down my head, closed my eyes, and as the music started, i had no idea what it was. it just seemed like a bunch of random electronic sounds garbled together. checking the mp3 player, i realized i didnt push play. INSANE auditory hallucinations. at one point, i could pick out 15 or so layers to the non-existent music... and every one of them had a unique texture that the DOM super-hearing absolutely adored. the closed-eye visuals during this phase were rather simplistic, as the mda was more prominent than the dom. on the plus side, they were so obscenely bright and prominent that there was no way i could ignore them... simple geometric patterns, repeating over my entire field of view.

23:15;t=05:15 - time for GHB! i took a slightly low dose of ~2.5g, which after 30 minutes, did nothing. upon supplimenting with 1.5g, it worked. yikes! mega-wasted, yet no new nausea... only the persistent mda belly-ache.

so the next few hours are both a bit blurry, as well as none of yo bidness. the visuals, both closed and open eye, were absolutely amazing. the bright colors of the mda and the infinite complexity of the dom combined to form animated works of art in my mind... far more vivid than any visuals I've ever had, aside from a hefty dose of fungus.

the entire world was overwhelmingly (yes, I've overused this word, but its entirely too accurate) beautiful. every experience, every sound, every sight, every taste was absolutely exquisite.

02:45;t=08:45 - i woke up with my head on my friend's stomach... obviously very confused, for i should not have fallen asleep. did i pass out from the GHB? i never have, and i was only out for about 30 minutes... but upon waking up, i felt ridiculously energized. i could take on the world. as my companion and i had to be quite a ways away by 3am, we departed my home. so as we wouldnt miss our ride, i ran ahead... and i ran at a ridiculous speed. i was running at such a rate that had i slowed down, i would have fallen forward. are DOM/MDA 'performance enhancing drugs'? yes. very much so. if they arent banned in the olympics, you will see me winning a gold medal very soon.

03:15;t=09:15 - as we had arrived at our destination, i decided to relax for a bit... i curled up in a ball, listened to the wacky auditory hallucinations, and watched the animated psychedelic artwork in my mind... and then fell asleep again! i dont know how, i dont know why... but it happened... twice. this time, only for 15 minutes or so, but it was still somewhat creepy nonetheless.

04:00;t=10:00 - i depart from this companion so as to meet up with my fellow psychonauts from earlier in the day... i walked home in the pouring rain with a giant smile upon my face, still amazed at the beauty of the world around me.

05:00;t=11:00 - more ghb. this time, 3.0g. effective, but still not as strong as it should have been. by this point, it seemed as though the mda had faded completely. visuals from the dom were still very much present, and the auditory effects, thank god, were still going strong.

06:30;t=12:30 - unable to contact my fellow psychonauts, i traveled across town to their humble abode to see if they were passed out on the floor. alas, they were nowhere to be found! how disappointing... for 6:30 in the morning, i was far too peppy and alert, and wanted to play with others in the same situation. my desire to chatter was almost mdma-like, except i had a train of thought as well as a short-term memory.

08:00;t=14:00 - walking down the street, i note that thinking and visualizing are ridiculously easy. upon discussing the 'jupiter and beyond the infinite' sequence of _2001_, my mind's eye played back the sequence. but it wasnt simply that i was remembering the visual aspect of watching the film, i was experiencing the sequence. as with multiple occasions throughout the evening where the DOMsuprised me, i burst out laughing at how miraculous of a little substance it is.

10:30;t=16:30 - my first food in nearly a day and a half. oh, so tasty. sleep is attained rather easily afterwards.

18:00;t=24:00 - i woke up, feeling most excellent. there was even a lack of the MDA marshmallow-head i usually experience the day after such things. as i walked/ran ~15 miles over the course of the experience, my feet were a bit sore, but thats it.

overall, this experience was amazing. although i took MDAon top of the DOM, DOM itself is one of the most amazing substances i have ever come across. every sense is left pleased, and despite its seemingly long duration, its a good length... no, this isnt a party drug. its a life appreciation drug. enjoy.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2495
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 10, 2000Views: 23,897
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DOM (20), MDA (34), GHB (25) : Combinations (3), Various (28)

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