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Adder -All Night-
Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   Ripper. "Adder -All Night-: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp24934)". Jan 7, 2007.

30 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
My friend who is prescribed to the drug Adderall traded me my (beat to shit) skateboard deck for three 30 mg Adderall Controlled Release Capsules. Now this kid is a crazy bastard. He is definetly fit to take Adderall. He acts hyper all day, does insane shit, etc. After he left with my old board he told me to meet him downtown in a little while to go swimming. So I called up 2 more friends and rode my bike down.

Roughly 9:00p- Consume only one pill with one 12oz. can of pepsi.

9:25p- feel a slight buzz mixed with somewhat of a jolt of energy.

9:40p- I am pretty wired, and my friends and I can deffinetly notice an mood uplift, so we swam. It was very nice, it was like floating almost. But basically, it wasn't quite a high, it was more of a perfect feeling, comfortable even when hot, improvements in normal activities, etc.

10:00p- I can deffinetly tell a difference. I was yaking my ass off. I felt sorry for my friends, but they seemed to be amused by what I was saying. I can put complex sentences together and I seem to be more humorous when acting funny, more happy when I'm acting normal.

10:20p- I rode my bike home after we biked around for a wile. When I was biking (I hate bmx, I just ride a mountain bike) I was doing wheelies. Not far but I seemed to have great balance. Normally I can't do anything on bikes. When I got home, I tried not to act stupid in front of my folks. My conversational abilities were excellent, I seemed to be very focused on whatever I did with out even trying.

10:35p- I talk to my friend with my instant messenger, and I was zooming across the keyboard, typing fast, making great points and statements to my friends. Music wasn't necessarily enhanced, but I prefered to lidten to metal and thrash, like spazz, pelvic thrust, slayer, and I also put in some Operation ivy. It was just nice to listen to the music I was like smartass a cokehead.

10:50p- Gettin bored with the computer. I go down to drum on my set in my basement. I was great, I could wipe out after (like a drum solo goin all over) after playing an entire good song, it was fun.

11:00p- As I continue to play, I look up to notice that I am literally steaming like a clam in my basement. I was fascinated by it, almost worried, just bc I never noticed steam coming from my body on a hot day. I drummed for a little while longer, and went upstairs.

11:15p- I got online and again, it was fun. I actually went to a chat room and confused people. I was on a role, it seemed like I was like the guy that new it all, allways w/ a come back, just fun.

11:30p- 'Here comes the pain!' as I lie in my bed made from the cusions from the old couch (my room wa too hot, and the living room had an air conditioner so...) I notice an unignorable tweeky feeling. I couldn't sit still, so I got my tunes (The Casualties-Underground Army cd) and I listened to them, but still had to move. I was situated, but it was like my legs were being punished for not moving. It was like an inner discomfort in the joints and pivots. Not bad or painful, but I just had to move, so I walked around my kitchen, dining room and living room for a while, and stand up, or walk around, to watch Leno. It was very strange how jittery I was. Almost like ephedra, but better

12:00a- Alas my mom goes to bed, and I snagged a couple stoges from her (recreational smoker, mainly when drunk, stoned, sometimes when sober to relax) they weren't as good as usual. I figured it would calm me........nah

12:30a- I start to close my eyes, and just allow my mind to be blank. I have a CEV (closed eye visual) of a police man, with a big chin (I'm guessing I got that from Jay Leno) and long pointy nose. He was chasing us through a smoking area in my town that was resently posted (bastards). I didn't think of it untill recently that I was visualizing prior events. But he chase us, as if we were all carts to a roller coaster, never gainning any more speed, just glidding away. I was then interupted by simply moving my lips. It was very hard to concentrate on only one visual, when your head is goin 0 to 160.

1:00a- I watch the rest of leno, then Conan's monologue (my fav part of the show) and I don't have many more CEV's lasting a long time, just phrases said earlier in the day, or trailed sounds, and visions of just wierd looking people.

2:00a- I still feel good, but a little strange from not sleeping. As I lay on the bed, I felt occasional drifts that waved through my body. The feeling was of great plessure, for the next 3 hours, I felt these waves on and off. It was almost as if I could tell when the medicine was being released again (controlled release)

5:00a- Still not sleeping. I make eggs and eat because I figured I needed some nutrients.

6:00a- I continue to try sleeping but its not happening. Almost as if its too hard to close your eyes.

7:00a- I decide its too late to sleep, so I get ready for the day.

I felt discomfort during the day, from lack of sleep, and later that day I took the remaining two pills. The 2 pills were not as effective as I thought (I heard taking it the day after isn't as intense) but later that nite after discovering I wasn't going to sleep much that nite either. The effects of the drug mixed with visions, trails of light, anxiety, and other symptoms from not sleeping for 2 days.

All in all Adderall was fun. I hope to increase the dosage, to the point where effects are at the max and my body can handle it. I felt extremely talkative, energetic, happy, excited, 'pumped up', at the same time as feeling relaxed, easy going, secure, and other feeling of joy.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24934
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 7, 2007Views: 17,383
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