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Experience with 2C-T-7
Citation:   Shiva. "Experience with 2C-T-7: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp2487)". Jul 17, 2000.

30 mg oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
Iíve only done 2C-T-7 once. I took 30 mg orally on a fairly empty stomach. This report was written shortly after the trip.

Around 7pm I am the first one to feel the effects. Within a half an hour it is coming on pretty strong. Open eye visuals. Energy that is already in the air becomes visible, sort of thick. Nausea sets in. I get up to vomit. Canít vomit. This is unpleasant, but not upsetting. I understand that my body wants to purge, and that when it is ready, it will. I warn everyone that I might get up and run to the bathroom at any time. All are cool with that. We start off with reiki, on my stomach, then on G's who has also started to feel nauseous. The guys are not feeling it kick in the way we girls are. G gives T some reiki for some upper respiratory problems he's been having. I run to the bathroom a few times, the stuff is really kicking in now. I greet the toilet and make friends with it. Laugh hysterically a little. Finally I manage to vomit, but not food or liquid, just bile. Once it is out I feel MUCH better. Probably a little just before I puked I decide clothes are no good, on my way to the bathroom each item flies off and gets discarded, underwear last as I shut the door to the bathroom and go in a puke. Ah that feels Great! G needs to puke. She is not used to puking in any situation, she explains, asks me to help her. I go into the bathroom with her and tell her to make puking noises, that her body will just follow suit. Suddenly I begin singing spontaneously. When the song is over, G promptly pukes. We agree it was some kind of purging ritual that obviously worked.

The guys are maybe feeling they should be getting off harder, so boost with 5mg. After that, all of a sudden at once we all look around and realize that we reached the same 'level' and are tripping fairly equally. I am naked and feel awesome that way. No one else is, but no one seems to be uncomfortable by my being so and I barely notice for the rest of the time, other than to relish in it and think idly that living in a naked commune might be fun one day.

As the peak approaches, intensity builds. Confusion becomes apparent. Sometimes I think there is someone sitting beside me, when I look on the other side of the room I count everyone sitting there and have to look beside me a few times to be sure no one is there. My sense of direction gets confused, is the bathroom over there or is that the kitchen? The open eye visuals are so intense that they are nearly blocking out the room as it was when I was sober. The trip is not just in my head though, as LSD sometimes is, it is fully in my body and mind. My body and mind are united, my movements are my thoughts, I see the relation of everything to everything. The energy exchanges and motivations of everyone including myself are readily apparent, no matter how deep and hidden the motivations were when sober. This trip is very full of *content*. Finding out what actions and thoughts of mine give clues to the fact that I don't fully trust in the source, that I don't fully forgive myself. Definitely showed me where I need to continue working, and that it can be done. Music is utterly amazing, have never heard it this amazing before under the influence of any drug.

During the peak I also notice a definite alien / entity theme. G and I are on a level of connection which is deep; we can look at each other and know we are experiencing the same trip. One time we are looking around at the energy in the air and suddenly it coalesces in one spot. 'Did you see that?' 'Yeah.' We watch it slither around and go to her. She starts 'playing' with the energy with her hands, but is also directing it with her thoughts; these two actions are the same. Her chest rises and her mouth opens. It wants to speak through her. 'Should I let it?' she asks me. She is afraid. It is not bad intentioned, necessarily, but it is not necessarily good intentioned either. The not knowing in itself is a little threatening. I don't know what to tell her. She directs the energy elsewhere. We are amazed. Later I am lying on the ground looking up and I see this circular black thing on the ceiling with something protruding from the middle of it. It is vibrating. It makes an energetic connection with my stomach; it wants to 'work' on my stomach or something. I am feeling hesitant to let it and scared. Not an overwhelming scaredness but a hesitant nervousness. I ask them to look at the ceiling and what is that? The fan, T answers. I want to laugh, but it's obvious that an entity is inhabiting the fan. Itís not just the fan. I can barely see the fan; in fact, I can just see this thing. I don't remember now, but I seem to think that G saw this being as well. There was no *obvious* goodness to these entities, hence the hesitance and scaredness. This drug is quite alien. These are my first contacts with entities.

I have hair extensions in my hair and they are getting in my way. I ask for scissors to cut them out and then mention that I will cut off all my hair. Everyone argues. Cut off your hair? I cannot understand their logic at the time. Its just hair. I was totally detached. If someone had handed me clippers I would be bald today. Later I realize that my armpit hair is some image thing, which is just to be a hippie or something. I ask for a razor to shave it off. T gets me a disposable razor and shaving cream because I ask for it and I smear shaving cream and start pulling the razor across my underarm. As soon as T realizes that I am pulling a very dangerous thing across my skin he promptly takes it from me. Crisis is averted.

I have shaving cream all over me and go out to the living room. Dancing is divine. The world around me is a 'book' so to speak, telling me things I need to know, occurrences in my life, important things to me. Stuff I did, but didn't think hard enough about finally hit me. But the people who are acting out this play don't realize it. They are just saying stuff they normally would say but somehow my mind is interpreting things as if the universe is telling me specific messages. We find out later that supposedly women react much more strongly to this drug than men, hence the men having to boost to achieve our level. I try to play the didgeridoo during the peak because I suddenly hear the didj in my left ear, and sort of space the didj is playing in. It is calling me. But I cannot play while peaking. My train of thoughts is not a train at all, but totally disjunct. Attention span is short. Start playing, need water, go to get water, forget what Iím doing, etc. As the peak declines, didj becomes possible and is AMAZING, all three lay on the ground beside each other and I go from person to person, the didj does its stuff and I just follow along. It is in total control and doing a fine job. The guys writhe in enjoyment. G is more still. We end just laying together on a blanket on the living room floor, together, tired, reminiscing all the weird, fun, crazy happenings of the night. DJ gets a headache at the end and I offer head and neck massage/reiki, turning into back massage.

Whoa! Totally amazing. My mind is still blown. I am tempted to say this was my most intense psychedelic experience. It is definitely in 'competition' with the mushroom vortex I experienced last summer. The entities especially intrigued me. Integrating this experience is happening still and probably will continue for a while. It was hard, it was intense, it was also very blissful. It was that dose which was just a little more than I could handle, which I felt was best because it didn't leave me sitting there enjoying it, but rather put me on a roller coaster which I kind of had to navigate. So interesting, challenging, and awesome.

Amazing, would definitely do it again, so much potential for growth and learning....

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2487
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 17, 2000Views: 8,301
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2C-T-7 (54) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Entities / Beings (37)

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