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Light Touches What I Perceive
Morning Glory seeds (powdered)
by 7102
Citation:   7102. "Light Touches What I Perceive: An Experience with Morning Glory seeds (powdered) (exp24790)". Mar 25, 2006.

500 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)


I am 15 and in high school. Being in a position where it is hard to obtain many illicit drugs (with the exception of marijuana)I turned to legal highs. These include nutmeg, morning glory, and cough syrup. My first experience with morning glory wasnt really much to talk about. At 300 seeds all I got was a strong weed-like stone and dialated pupils. This was a great experience but I felt like there was something more to thee seeds so I set out to try 500.

I got together with two good friends, one of which (Dave)I had tripped with the first time. By the way Dave had a bad trip aand threw up but still thought he had benifited from the experience. Anyway Mike, the other friend, and I prepared to down the seeds. Somewhere i had read that takeing a teaspoonful of ginger would stop the nausea present with the seeds. NOT SO!!! Whoever said that must have been demented because I nearly hurled just taking thats stuff. My friend couldent even swallow it and ended up decorating my floor with eau de ginger, not pleasant.

Being experienced with up to 8 TBS of nutmeg, ate the seeds with no real problem. Mike however had some real problems and was sick by the end ten minutes. After about twenty minutes I was feeling nothing but mike became very sick and threw up. Luckily I had a bag ready, something you should always have ready when your using the seed, so there was no mess. We were both dissapointed because he had gone through all that and now he wasnt going to puke.

We sat out the sickness and when I felt that I could move again, after about an hour, I checked my pupils and they were huge. For somereason so were mikes... By now I was feeling a definite come-up. Soon it became apparent that both mike and i were tripping. We ran around and did weird things like locking ourselves in rooms, much to our sitters dismay, and yelling weird things.

At one point Mike got on a bed and and started acting like he was swimming and yelling ' Look at me! I am a fish, I swim like a fishy!' He 'swam' off the bed and onto the floor. After going about ten feet he suddenly realized that he had fallen off the bed and proceded to go back to it and repeat the process. Later Dave, the sitter, called John and Teresa over to my house. John is a friend and Teresa is my ex-girlfriend.

When they arrived I was tripping on the bed and mike was in a chair in my room. This is where I got my first visuals. The walls were covered in a blue to black woodgrain pattern, the funny thing was that they were identical to some pictures I had drawn to trip out to. Basically they were a bunch of lines in swirling patterns on every surface.

Mike became amazed by Teresa's breasts, and I cant blame him... She would ask him 'What are you staring at?' the reply 'Not your tit...' I became distracted by the patterns of squares covering her knee. John was exclaming how much he wanted to try this stuff. I have a last supper plaque on my wall with a palm leaf above it. Teresa remarked that we shouldnt be tripping in Jesus's presence. I replied that Jesus was a stoner. Mike allied with me pointing to the picture and saying 'See how Jesus is reaching up? Hes trying to pull thas palm down and roll it up and smoke it!' It seemed that tripping was just as entertaining to watch as to experience.

Soon I became amazed by Teresas knee. It seemed to be covered by small squares with dots in the middle. It took me ten minutes to realize that they werent real! What seemed like 30 minutes after they left Mike and I went downstairs to see if we could still play piano. Amazingly we were both unimpaired musically and it just sounded so good... After our little musical we went looking for our trip sitter, Dave. He told us that it had been only ten minutes since they left. Wow, time dilation, now I knew that I was really tripping.

So we went back upstairs to my room. After about an hour Mike suddenly became very nautious. This time, however he didnt make it to the toilet. Here his trip started to go bad while mine was getting more intense. I think this was near my peak. I was getting a strong native american vibe for some reason, and could see an eagle made out of moving lines outside my window.

After Mike calmed down a bit we sat in my room and Mike made his sign. This consisted of setting down a wine bottle and saying 'Im done.' It signified his putting down drugs. He vowed to stay clean after that.

I was on my bed tripping harder than ever. At this point I discovered the teacher potential the seeds have. I was getting different vibes from looking at different parts of the room. Suddenly I learned two things:

1. A vibe is shaped like a sphere. It fits over my ego and changes how I see things.
2. People are these floating orbs of glowing light. These orbs are perception, whatever my light touches is what I percieve. My ego is like a hollow sphere that fits over my orb of light/perception. Every time I experience something it changes that layer that is my ego and therefore how I see things.

Then a vision came to me. I saw myself as I would become if I abused the sacred seed. I was sleeping in a dirty stairwell. This was definitly profound. I went into the bathroom to look at the mirror in attempt to have another profound experience and I wasnt dissapointed. I looked in to the glass and every thing became fuzzy. I saw my face turn in to that of an asian mans. Then I saw blood. It covered my face, dripping down from my nose, scalp, and mouth. After that disturbing image I saw myself transform into the antichrist. It was actually pretty cool.

So I headed back to my room feeling all spiritual when I was hit with a real problem. I was supposed to go to a baseball game that night. It was in an hour and I hadent come down even a little. Also I was very indecisive because every time I turned my head I was hit with a new vibe and so thought about things differntly. My speech sounded a little like this. 'I cant go, wait. No i can. Wait....' This went on for about thirty minutes. Untill I had come down enough that I thought I could go.

All during this time Mike and I were experiencing what I call 'trippy vision'. Basically everything seemed out of proportion. Also there was a definite fish-eye effect. Actually I found it quite enjoyable. I went down to talk to my mom and tolde her she'd need to drive me to the game. I had audio hallucinations of crying screams from all over the house. On the way back upstairs I saw my sister. In an attempt to seem normal I said something completely ramdom. Yes, thats normal for me... Anyway I was far from normal so it came out a little stranger that I aimed for. I said 'Hello. My name is Erica, I am a monk.' then started to crack up. Luckily my sister didnt suspest anything.

After Mike left we went to the game. Let me tell you, it was the best baseball game ever. On the way there the car was huge due to the fisheye effect. My mom made me put gas in the car and with a little help from Dave I managed. I thought I had come down when we were dropped off at the game. Wrong. In the stadium I would hear only individual snippets of peoples conversation. One sentence then my brain moved on to the next group of people. Really cool.

When we made it to our seats I suddenly realized why people like baseball. I felt connected to the game. Thinking I was better Dave and I went for some snacks. Suddenly in line I became very nauseous. The world spun and I felt like crap. I couldnt take five more of this without puking. So I sat down and everything cleared up. It was as close as I have ever been to a bad trip.

Anyway the rest of the game went smoothly and I had a great time. My trip was incredible and I wouldent think twice to try it again. I have a quarter pound or those magical seeds now. I would recommend these to anybody with a strong stomach. They are the best drug I have ever done and I am a better person for my experience with them. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24790
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 25, 2006Views: 12,848
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