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Again on the Bed... Flashback?
Morning Glory
by Kalidor
Citation:   Kalidor. "Again on the Bed... Flashback?: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp24745)". Jun 24, 2003.

176 seeds oral Morning Glory


Well, yesterday I tripped on some morning glories. That was the first time for me, second time with a hallucinogens (first was shrooms 2 months+ ago).

The trip was fairly normal, mild visuals (tracers, unfocused eyes, 50hz monitor effect), some fun, many mental 'rushes'. Notice that during the trip I lay out on the bad (in a bedroom I don't usually sleep in) for like 3 hours in the dark. Maybe I slept, but it was fun playing with thoughts and such.

So the trip ended, took dinner, slept, made lunch etc till 4 PM. That's today when the problem starts. I feel very tired, so I go to sleep in the same bedroom as yesterday. Start doing weird dreams, meeting up on a lan party with my friends, but it was weird in some way. Not much weirder than some dreams I had before anyway. Then the dreams degenerate. I start dreaming a short sequence of that dream repeatedly, for like 4 times with some variations. Then I feel alarmed. I realize I'm dreaming and I want to wake up. I try opening my eyes and I see the friend that was present in that sequence. I call him repeatedly with a soft voice.

I clearly hear him respond: 'yes, what?'

Then I open my eyes.. again? And instead of my friend I see my mother. I keep calling, keep hearing her respond. Then I suddenly remember I'm alone. I say to myself: ok I need to wake up and get out of this room, even if I still feel tired. I get up, come off the bed, then I find myself again on the bed. I had dreamed the action.

Get up again, come off the bed, again it was a dream. I'm starting to get really scared. The last two tries were sorta unrealistic, I knew later that it was a dream. Then I get up, again, really see everything realistically. I was sure I was awake. I even felt the fatigue on the muscles to get up, could feel every movement I made for every action.

I look on the floor where to put the feet, stand up, and I realize I'm very high. It feels the same high I had on the seeds, everything is swirling, I'm hallucinating. So I think, what the fuck? Did the seeds take effect now? I'm gonna tell this to my friends.

I almost come out of the room, still walking, then again I FIND MYSELF ON THE BED!!! And that time I was SURE I was awake, that was terribly realistic. Finally I manage to really wake up, feeling still tired (didn't get enough sleep but I couldn't take any more weird dreams).

I immediately checked the pupils, they weren't dilated. I hope some sort of psychosis didn't come out in my dreams.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24745
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 24, 2003Views: 14,232
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