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Touching the Sky with my Mind
by Glow
Citation:   Glow. "Touching the Sky with my Mind: An Experience with LSD (exp2468)". Feb 3, 2001.

1 hit oral LSD


my friend G and i each took a hit of acid at my girlfriend's house and then after about 3 hours we left and drove 50 minutes back to my house...nothing. we felt nothing. 5 hours later. nothing. duds, we were mad.

so G left and went home and at about midnight, my world exploded like an atom bomb. i have tripped once before this, and i didn't understand what was happening, but i knew it was so good, it was SOOO good...


i just grooved with it. my head opened up and i thought every thought and dreamed every dream that anyone had ever (and will ever) think or dream. my entire being overflowed with life and thought and dreams and hope and...


i laid down on my floor and put on my studio headphones (AMAZING sound quality) and turned on some Hallucinogen (for anyone reading this, Hallucinogen is a british psytrance artist. his album 'twisted' changed my world, and i recommend you buy it N OW). so i just succumbed to these booming trance beats and guttural grinding noises and i let myself float to the outer reaches of my own mind. i traveled untrodden trails of my own brain and discovered avenues of life in my head that i never knew were there.


then i took these gloves i have for raving that have glowing LED lights for fingertips and i went into my bathroom with a discman playing 'trance stimuli' and i just left my body. i went through the entire album dancing in my bathroom thinking these explosive thoughts and discovering new life in an album i heard so many times. and my gloves blew my mind. when the last track finished i was dripping with sweat down my entire body, but i wasn't tired.



i laid on my front lawn and smoked cigarettes and just re-examined my ENTIRE being. i thought about every aspect of my existence inside and out and i came to a conclusion after 2 hours of constant thought.

everything is all right....


i eventually slept and called G immediately when i woke up to tell him what i had experienced. 'say no more my friend,' he replied, 'i was right there with you.'

and he was.... we never told each other about our trips because i knew and he knew there was no need. we had a telepathic connection i never thought possible...he KNEW, and i KNEW.



Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2468
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 3, 2001Views: 9,122
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LSD (2) : Alone (16), General (1)

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