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Inverse Proportions
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by J
Citation:   J. "Inverse Proportions: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp24633)". Jul 17, 2006.

4.0 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
Hi, my name is J. I live in a small town, in Florida, nothing interesting ever fucking happens here. Up until about 2 years ago I had never even considered doing 'drugs'. I began to think about smoking pot the summer of 2001 (before 10th grade). After smoking bud for about 5 months, my friend S tried mushroom tea with a bunch of friends at the beach. He and the other kid who drank it had many good things to say ('fantasy land', among other things). The only bad things spoken of was some mild to moderate paranoia and a general feeling of uneasiness. After discussing it for a couple of weeks, I decided I would try them. S said it would be no problem to get them. Aside from the fact that Florida is a near perfect habitat for the mushroom, there are some great 'drug' connections in this small town high school. I purchased 5 grams (about a gram of which turned out to be stems).

Setting: The only research I did on mushrooms before the experience was talking to some other friends of mine who had experience with them. Although it was Friday night I had to go to this play rehearsal in my school auditorium. My brother was assistant director of this play. Although I was not in it my mom wanted me to go to provide 'emotional support'. His girlfriend, K, also came. I told her of my plans. I did not tell A (my brother) because it would only piss him off. He could not tell anyway. I used come home stoned as fuck some days and he would not even notice. About 20 minutes before we left I ate 2 pieces of pizza (can't remember what kind). Immediately before we left I ate the 3 caps. I attempted to get the stems down, but thought 'fuck that' after chewing on one and realizing that really dry shroom stems are nearly impossible to chew. Upon arrival at the school, A ran ahead into the auditorium. This is when I told K about the shrooms. Luckily, there were few people there. Those who were over 50 or under 10. K and I took a seat next to each other in the front row.

The Trip: Almost immediately after seating ourselves, I began to feel uneasy. I know this was caused by the mushrooms because it hit me suddenly, not gradually as with most new experiences. As it finally began to hit me at about 7:10 (30 minutes after ingestion) I felt really spaced out. I had the feeling of being out of body, but I was still seeing reality through my usually set of eyes. At about 7:20 I had my very first visual. There was a table about 5 ft. to my right which was hot pink splattered with large black globs (a very ugly table indeed). As I looked at it the black globs began moving in a sort of figure eight around two very large globs which I don't think really existed to begin with. This all had a sort of liquidy 'feel' to it although I did not touch it. I perceived with some bewilderment that it had been doing that all along and that I had just noticed it. As the play continued I noticed the floor in front of the stage was turning into a waterfall where it met the stage.

As illogical as it may sound I was afraid to stare for too long because the longer I stared the closer the edge of the waterfall got to me and I thought I would see myself fall. I did not think I would actually fall. The leaves on the ficus tree on the stage began to stretch and melt, drooping to meet the floor. At some point during the play K had to smoke a cigarette. So I went outside with her because I was to paranoid to stay inside. As I stood up I had sort of a drunken feeling. But I easily composed myself. While outside I told her how I was doing and that I would be okay. I told her that I could not quite figure out if she was taller than me or vice versa (she's about a foot shorter than me). We re-entered the auditorium a few minutes later. Shortly before we left, one of the actors struck a dramatic pose and his legs split away from his body about two feet.

The drive home I was in kind of a daze, staring at fractal streetlights, seeing the palm trees come at me through the windshield. Upon arrival at my house at about 8:15 I ran into my bathroom (ignoring the greetings of my golden retriever). I looked in the mirror and looking back at me was a stranger. I did not recognize my own face. This was very disturbing to me, so I looked away. Although I had no desire to, I knew that I should take a piss. When I was finished I returned to the mirror. My pupils were HUGE! They seemed to take up my entire eye. It was about now that I perceived two very strange things at about the same time.

First, I could feel both K's and A's consciousness inside the house. Almost as if their minds were expanded in exactly the same way mine was. The best way to describe the feeling is that their mind was cracked open, spilling out the essence of their being. At the same time I began to have trouble with proportions between one object and another (which is bigger, the bed or the lamp?), proportions between myself and other objects (which is bigger, the bed or me?), and proportions between myself and the room. Upon leaving the bathroom I felt as though I had to duck to avoid hitting my head on the doorjam. When I walked into my living room, with its 15 foot peaked ceiling I felt like a lillipucian from Gulliver's travels. I retreated to my room upon realizing that my parents could come home at any time (they were out to eat).

I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. For the next 2 hours I laid there with the lights off, floating in a colorful, though not very vivid, abyss. When my parents came home with their friends my mom called me onto the back porch. Luckily the light was low and they had had too much to drink. We had the usual polite conversation. ('How was your night?', etc.) During this, I could not figure out where to look. My mom was sitting next to her friend, who does not look anything like her. I kept seeing a double image of my mom as if her friend was also her. I attribute this somewhat to the low light. It confused my mind more than it already was.

After this I retreated into my room to wait until they went to bed. My parent's friends left at about 11:00. Before they went to bed they chatted with K for a few minutes. (During all this she and my brother had been watching T.V.) As they were talking, I became almost completely convinced that she was telling them what I had done. I managed to explain to myself that this was impossible, that she would never do that. After everyone was in bed and K had left, I ventured into the living room to watch what was left of Friday night standup on Comedy Central. I didn't really find it funny, but watched it anyway out of some strange amusement. I ended up going to bed at about 1:30 still feeling a little strange and awoke at 9:00 feeling completely sober. The entire experience began at 6:45 and ended at 1:30 when I went to sleep, peaking 1.5 hours after eating them for like 4 hours and dwindling for another 1.5 hours until I went to bed.

Conclusion: Although I did feel moderate to strong paranoia, I felt like I could keep it in check. The visuals were very satisfactory. I felt mild spiritual heightening/enlightenment. I'm sure in higher doses this would be more intense. I was very lucky that my parents were as drunk as they were so they did not notice how fucked up I was. Overall this was a great experience for my first time using hallucinogen.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 24633
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 17, 2006Views: 17,386
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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