Not Bad
Citation:   Bacchus. "Not Bad: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp24631)". Dec 1, 2004.

1.25 oz oral Nutmeg (tea)
My nutmeg experience was a very good one.

First let me describe my method of preperation:

I took 10 whole nutmegs (you can usually find them at Kroger) and ground them in my coffee grinder until they were a fine powder. Then I boiled the powder (a soft, rolling boil) for 1/2 hour in about 4 cups of milk. During boiling you will notice the milk turning a brown color, and a skin on top of it. Keep stirring, because that skin is mostly nutmeg oil. After 1/2 hour the milk had boiled down considerably, so I added about 2 more cups to cool it down and put more liquid in it. I then strained it through a cloth to get out the nutmeg and leave only the liquid. Then I added a ton of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, mixed it up, and stuck the drink in my freezer to make it REALLY cold (about 45 minutes). Once the drink was chilled I and started drinking the choco/nutmeg milk. In between each gulp I chased it with water because the nutmeg taste was still pretty strong. Once I was done I prepared to wait.

4:30 - drank the nutmeg/milk

6:30 - feel no effects...agreed to go to movie with girlfriend she drove

7:15 - movie started....still no effect

8:40 - movie ended..still no effect..stomach is aching a little

9:05 - cottonmouth sets in...girlfriend agrees to get ice cream to try to settle my stomach

9:15 - while my gf was getting money at an atm..I can feel something happening...I felt a tingling sensation start at the base of my spine..almost instantly it swept over my entire body, my experiences with marijuana were VERY similar to this. I felt completely stoned.

9:25 - finally got ice cream..cottonmouth persists and is almost depth perception seems influenced, and I'm glad my girlfriend is driving because I wouldn't have known when to brake

9:30 - arrive home

9:40 - I am unable to concentrate, and every 5 second stretch seems like it's own separate event, completely detached from the previous 5 seconds. I'm unable to remember things I just talked about, and I can't figure out the plot line to the cartoons we're watching

10:00 - realize the 'stoned' feeling is actually getting stronger...Having major problems motivating my body to move. Cottonmouth is still raging..Perception of time is all messed up, I can't figure out how long we've been watching the same cartoon. Feels like days have passed.

10:20 - Got myself a glass of water. I'm having trouble walking straight, and can't feel when the water is touching my lips. I spill water on myself while drinking it.

10:30 - I decide it's time to eat. So I raid the house for any salty snacks. Stoned feeling has reached it's peak.

10:45 - I've eaten almost half a bag of corn chips, and 5 handfuls of salted cashews. My sense of taste seems over-active. The salt on the cashews felt like it was burning my mouth and I had to wash it down with 2 more glasses of water.

11:30 - I start to get short of breath. Also my pulse seems somewhat quickened. Cottonmouth is worse than ever. Still feel extremely stoned.

11:50 - Worried about the shortness of breath I decided to go bed. My girlfriend says my body feels very warm, like I'm running a fever or something. I'm not really concerned. I still feel really stoned at this point.

Midnight - trying to sleep

12:30pm the next day - girlfriend wakes me up saying I've slept over 12 hours and it's time to get up. I feel like I just went to bed 10 minutes ago. Time perception is still screwy, I still feel really stoned. Oddly enough, my mouth tastes like old, leftover fried eggs.....strange.

1:30 - my stomach feels a little strange, so I try eat something. My sense of taste is still a little off. I've had gas. a lot.

2:30 - Stoned feeling persists. Mouth is still a little dry. I still have a lot of gas. Girlfriend leaves for work.

4:40 - Still a little stoned, although I can feel it lessening a little. The gas and cottonmouth have subsided also....

Although I felt no hallucinogenic effects, I do believe my experience with nutmeg was a great success. The recipe I used wasn't too bad either. I used 10 nuts, but I would suggest other first timers to use only 6 or so, because at 10 nuts the high was very intense.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24631
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 1, 2004Views: 59,525
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