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My Life with Rohypnol
Citation:   Socks. "My Life with Rohypnol: An Experience with Rohypnol (exp2463)". Erowid.org. Jul 15, 2000. erowid.org/exp/2463

  oral Pharms - Flunitrazepam (pill / tablet)
Rohypnol, 'roofies', rophynol (flunitrazepam)

I have ingested Rohypnol primarily by swallowing and snorting. The pill itself is sweet and can be chewed. Snorting produces no pain whatoever, resulting in a quicker and more potent 'high'. However, Rohypnol on its own often results in a drunken feeling much like drinking a glass of wine or two. So, unless you have something else to take it with, I'd recommend saving your 'roof-dawgs' for a better day. Usual dosage can range from half a pill to three pills. I don't usually venture far beyond three pills, as they are hard to come by and cost about $5/pill in my part of the world.

Rohypnol is the perfect potentiator. Taken with alcohol, it makes you feel more drunk; smoked with weed, it'll make you feel more 'spacey'. Personally, I feel taking Rohypnol with drink or smoke is a waste of time. Rohypnol's real companion value comes in with amphetamines and psychedelics. Say, for instance, you've taken too much speed and you'd like to have a rest, Rohypnol will calm you down quite like nothing you've ever experienced. The result is a warm, fuzzy, very comfortable feeling, free from anxiety, allowing you to drift away in a boat of bizarre and vivid dreams. If you've done an E and are experiencing a drastic or terrifying 'crash', Rohypnol will immediately save you from any emotional trauma, making you feel contented and relaxed -- emotionally, mentally and physically.

But Rohypnol's effects with LSD are the most unique and refereshing I have experienced. Rohypnol's strong disinhibiting effect is different from that of alcohol -- with alcohol, higher-level reasoning is shunted due to lack of oxygen. I have found Rohypnol to take away anxiety and fear, of the outside world and of one's own personal demons -- though I'm not quite clear of the mechanism by which this is achieved. I have done much acid in my lifetime, and I have found it will only go as far as my cerebral cortex allows. My thoughts often get stuck on infinite recursion with acid, as I dissect and reason out everything I see. I get moderate to heavy visuals, never any proper 'hallucinations' (seeing things that really aren't there). Acid for me is usually very cerebral, never emotional or physical. I've never had any illusions of being the Messiah, etc. However, 'safe' as this sounds, acid has failed to have the effect that so many of my forebears swear by. I was always wondering what they meant by 'transcendant' or 'reality-shifting' -- unless they meant boiling solids or making infinite mental and visual connections that aren't really there, which I don't think they were.

One balmy September evening, a friend and I took a couple hits of blotter with a handful of bitty ends and decided to drive an hour to a rave. By the time we got there, we were both tripping deliciously hard, but not ridiculously so. Both of us were very experienced with acid, so we concluded this was about as hard as the trip was going to get. Being the expert driver I am (and I know some of you are going to choke at this), I decided I wasn't too messed up to drive home, as the 'vibe' we were getting outside the venue wasn't a particularly fluffy one. Driving was fun on the empty interstate, what with fluorescent graffiti peeling itself off the road and flinging itself at my windshield. When we returned home, we took a wander down by the bay. We sat outside a gorgeous, neopolitan, empty marble ruin on the water. The moon was bright and full, making the thunderheads in the distance a silvery fleece, framed against a black sky filled with stars. It was that time of year when the water would algae in the water phosphoresce bright blue. Horseshoe crabs were mating down by the sea wall, making a loud clacking noise and a very strange sight, silhoutted in the moonlight (if you've ever seen a horseshoe crab, you know what I mean). If we had been straight sober, the vision would have been spectacular. But now we were finally realizing just *how* much acid we had ingested, and what 'ends' really mean. [note: they're the paper containing the most acid, for when sheets are hung up to dry, the acid runs down to the bottom]

We decided then to eat one Rohypnol, our first time taking a roofie with acid. Within 15 minutes, I felt an emotional 'rush' much like the first time I did ecstasy. Physically, any 'jitters' commonly associated with acid were transformed into complete relaxation. The visuals became exponentially more vivid and intense. For computer graphically-inclined, the water on the bay uncannily resembled water imported into Photoshop, 'curves' set to their most fluorescent, contrasting levels.

As the walls in my mind melted, the world melted around me. Everything in the world merged together, and my friend and I lay under moon and stars, musing about every shade of possibility. Amongst other things, I realized just how mentally inhibited and repressed I am, when I'm considered, and consider myself, quite 'liberated' -- for this optimal state of emotional freedom was only glimpsed through chemical assistance. All the things we regularly choose to forget and ignore, with no notion of forgetting or ignoring them, became perfectly clear to me. I felt spiritually centered and at peace with myself and the world around me -- something, on acid, sober or otherwise -- I haven't felt since. We wandered home in the morning sun and effortlessly drifted off to sleep, accompanied by vivid, bizarre dreams. I haven't taken Rohypnol with acid since, simply due to lack of supply in either or both.

For most medical and utilitarian purposes, Rohypnol is the only sedative I know that *actually* works. Valium, Xanax or any other benzo just doesn't do the trick quite like Rohypnol. It zaps insomnia and it can make once impossible and unpleasant tasks a cinch. For instance, I had to take a 16-hour plane journey to Australia. Before they serve dinner, drop a Rohypnol. Drink some wine, eat your meal, and by the time you're finished with dessert, you're feeling deliciously slow. Curl up in some impossible position (only possible in the economy seats), the next thing you know, you're flying over the Great Barrier Reef on a beautiful, sunny Australian morn: happy, refreshed and ready to move heavy suitcases about Sydney Int'l. I have flown quite a few times since, tried it with several other -pams, but I might as well have not taken anything at all! All those crying children, those uncomfortable seats, those nutters who start screaming and punching the crew at 4am and have to be tethered to the floor with masking tape (true story!). I'm not saying it's impossible to wake up on Rohypnol, but once you do, it's very easy to fall back again -- if you allow yourself to.

In my trials with Rohypnol, I have found that you can only blackout or forget on Rohypnol if you allow yourself to. It doesn't force you down at all. Actually, I heard that if you're not tired, it doesn't make you 'pass-out' dead asleep, either: it merely makes you forget what you did. I remember everything I've ever done on Rohypnol -- even having drunk ridiculous quantities and smoked bowl-upon-bowl of sticky buds the same evening -- to return to my bed, fully conscious, at the end of it all. As soon as my head hits the pillow and I know I'm safe to sleep, lights are completely out.

Though I do remember having thought some very strange things good to do -- like seeing the Human Discoball of Rabbit and the Moon spinning around on stage made me think climbing up and touching his lights a good idea -- I have never done anything out-of-character or humiliating, which is far more than I could say for alcohol, which I generally avoid if there are other options. Being a girl, I am very aware of men in the area that know I'm 'roofed-up'. 99.9% are very protective and caring, watching out for you and for the potentially lecherous male -- very chivalrous, but unnecessary (it's good to make 'em feel needed :p). Rohypnol doesn't dampen my intuition by any means, for it's easy for me to spot those with unsavoury 'ideas'. I usually have a rule of letting only a few people I trust know I am in such a state, just in case some of the media hype turns out to be true. It's never held true in my case, but better safe than sorry.

One of my friends was slipped a Rohypnol without her knowledge, for the next day, she woke up disheveled on the couch (though trousers on, which makes her think she might have been conscious at the time) with some condom wrappers on the floor and a used one nearby. She confronted the guy, he admitted to slipping her the pill and found himself with two missing teeth, a broken arm and a slew of other minor injuries a week later (the law just doesn't do it these days). She is very experienced with drug-taking, has taken Rohypnol on a few occasions. She can manage herself, though having smoked much marijuana that night -- most likely with a couple drinks -- couldn't tell there was something else in her Coca-Cola (the 'come-on' of Rohypnol is very distinctive, though easily masked under excessive amounts of weed or alcohol). She says if she had known, she could have remained aware and somehow have removed this character from her house.

Even in the face of these kinds of stories, Rohypnol just isn't the foolproof knock-out drug the media purports. If you know what you're dealing with, know the feeling of onset and trust your own intuition about your surroundings, you can remain relatively safe. Also know that Rohypnol can be addictive, like everything we do. If you take it in order to to sleep too many times, you eventually won't be able to sleep without it. Roche has made new Rohypnol turn the color of drinks blue -- not much help with dark drinks, so stick to Sprite! =p

So, stick with common sense: have a few trusted friends around, careful with the dosage, don't even try to drive (Rohypnol is the absolute worst driving drug), know your limits and surroundings. So what if kids are taking it for fun? So what if people use it to rectify alcohol hangovers? The reason why America's so full of idiots is because the government allows the people to be idiots with its over-restrictive, reactionary drug legislation. If a drug or chemical is legal, people learn to limit themselves and not gorge out of scarceness, like refugees with clothes or food. No, but the government makes too much money on this starvation mentality. It's much more lucrative to ban a substance than to legalize it, as we have seen proven time and again throughout history. Whose body is it, anyway? What about freedom of choice? It's obviously just an illusion. Who are they trying to fool?

And remember, kids:


Let's also try to prevent idiots from misusing Rohypnol to their own twisted ends so they don't deprive us of choice! It's because of them and the media the government wants to make it Schedule I. The media's generating all the public anxiety, making a pile of money from this and spoiling it for the knowledgeable and responsible people out there who just want to experiment.

Don't let the sick & twisted (government & media) take away our choice!

Do it -- don't abuse it.

Exp Year: ExpID: 2463
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 15, 2000Views: 87,116
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