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Convulsions on Dramamine
by JunkiesRus
Citation:   JunkiesRus. "Convulsions on Dramamine: An Experience with Dramamine (exp24625)". Jun 19, 2003.

1200 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)


I've been well into drugs since the young age of eleven, and done just about every drug accept for crack or heroin. But of course there came a time when I'd be broke or not have any hook-ups... I had been doing box after box of coricidin and downing bottles of robitussin max. strength and vicks 44 for months, and like any other drug, after a while it quit working. Even 27 coricidins which i was stupid enough to take left me only slightly distorted with dilated pupils. Then i hear about dramamine.

I had tripped on it 12 pills each time on 3 different occassions, all of which had me talking to people who werent there, hearing my name being called out, and going to touch something then it would dissapear. The fourth however was very, very different.

I managed to bum a ride to walmart and pick up 2 boxes this time. Since the 3rd time was a significantly weaker trip, i got 2 just in case. I popped 12 and waited around. About an hour later my mouth got really dry and i was of course drowsy, nothing big time. Another hour goes by, and now im starting to hallucinate. The thing about dramamine is I don't know I'm hallucinating when it starts happening. Everything appears normal, my mind is just cloudy, or at least this is its affect on me. I started talking to some friends of mine, and then i realized they weren't really there. I got pissed because i thought i was just fucked up and didn't see them leave. (I think crazy on the shit) For some reason i had the strangest hallucination that i hadn't even took any dramamine yet. I still thought things were normal, just a little strange. I dug in my purse and pulled out the other box. I'd completely forgotten i bought 2 at this point. And went in the bathroom and took them. What happened for the next 12 hours changed my life forever.

It must have been an hour later or so, but i was noticing i had horrible cottonmouth and everytime i tried to walk my legs would shake back and forth. Every time i put a foot down to walk my legs would jump weirdly. my parents news i was high and were askig me what i took but i didnt remember. next thing i know i hallucinated that my dad was outside digging in the trunk of his car, so i walked out to go see him. I went down the steps of the porch and my legs started to jolt out from under me. I couldn't control them. My arms locked straight down on my sides and i fell flat on my face in the grass. I'm laying there and my head and legs start banging against the ground. I feel so hot like electricity was striking me everytime i would convulse. I lay there for about 10 seconds having a full body convulsion, and then it stops. 'Oh my god, what the hell just happened?' i thought. I still thought my dad was outside so i got up terrefied that he had heard my body beating and jerking on the ground, and i managed to walk back inside scared shitless.

I close the door behind me and hes inside now. He tells me i need to go lay in the bed because they didnt understand why my legs were jerking when i walked and he didnt want me to fall, so he helped me up the stairs. My mom and him are talking to me in my bedroom now. He was holding my hand as i went to get into bed and suddenly i started jerking again, i fall down, him still holding me up by one arm, and i was jerking so hard that i was lifting myself off the floor by one arm. he said he let go and i straightened out like a board, he said my eyes rolled back in my head and then i started convulsing again, screaming fuck! fuck! everytime i would jerk. if you've ever seen someone have a full blown convulsion it is very scary and horrible to watch. My mom said she thought i was being possessed or some shit off the Exorcist movie. He yelled at her to call 911.

I forgot what happened next but the last convulsion was the worst. They got worse each time. he finally thought i was ok because by this time i was more physically messed up than mentally. I walked alone into my bedroom feeling better, but my feet started wobbling again, then i tripped over something and crashed into my mirror - and laid jerking up and down on top of the hundreds of pieces of broken glass. i heard my mom scream 'oh my god' as the mirror shattered, and they both ran upstairs. i have never felt so much pain in so many places at one time as i did when they picked me up out of the glass only to find most of it stuck deeply in my back, neck, and the back of my head and arms. Now i hear the ambulance arrive and the next thing i know i'm not huring anymore, im asleep. i laid in the hospital for 4 days after being told they drained all the blood out of my body to clean it and then put it back in me. Talk about feel like shit.

I'm only 16 years old but now because of how many convulsions i had and how violent they were every time i walk somewhere i still jerk, and i'm reminded of that horrible fucking night. i live my life scared to death that one day i'll have another one.

I'll still always do drugs but from now on i'm sticking to the illegal ones. I wouldn't advise anyone take dramamine to get high. It left me with a speech problem as well, i stutter sometimes and damn that pisses me off. So much for OTC'S... Back to vicodin and xanax and shit like that for me. I live to get high, i'll die high, it's just the way i am. But never again on anything from the store.

This is my story, i hope i've left someone out there with a different outlook on dramamine. Id rather die than ever feel anything like that again. I was a soul trapped inside an uncontrollable body for 12 hours of hell. God taught me something i wont forget.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24625
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 19, 2003Views: 63,019
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