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Personal Stories
Citation:   Anonymous. "Personal Stories: An Experience with Calamus (exp2461)". Jul 15, 2000.

8 in oral Calamus (roots)
After locating a good supply of Sweet Flag I set out to see what it would do.

First attempt:

Ate about 6 inches of the dried root. Nothing seemed to happen, so I went off with my cousin to load wood for the winter. We were loading wood and talking, when I looked up on a mountain top and there was this giant figure looking down from the mountain top. It was dark and omnious and didn't look happy that we were on it's mountain. At the same time the figure appeared to be just trees. Then the apparition faded, and I went back to loading wood wondering if it was an overactive imagination, or the root.

Second attempt:

Passed it out at a party, about 6 or 7 people ate varying amounts. Only one reported feeling 'speedy'. No one else seemed to think it did anything.

Third attempt:

Well since it was 'speedy' and didn't seem to have much other effects. I ate about 3 inches of it fresh before having to drive all night. Bad move. You know all those little things you see out of the corner of your eye late at night when driving, but quickly dismiss. They took form. There were little gremlin like creatures scampering about just at the edge of my headlights. I kept driving telling myself it was the root and waited to hit one. Never did. Swore never to eat it and drive at night, way too weird. Then again maybe it was just exhaustion and too much coffee.

Fourth attempt:

Ate some (fresh) and went over to a friends house who lived in the woods on a lake. He was messing around, and wanted to go into town. Waited on his couch looking out an open door into a nice little field with a big oak tree. The wind started blowing through the tree and the light filtering through the tree started forming little fairies. The tree was full of little tinkerbells and they were dancing about in a beautiful ballet. Then I felt a pressure on my shoulder and a voice said 'It's time to go.' The faeries vanished and I was sitting in a darking living room with my friends hand on my shoulder. It was like waking up from sleep, but I hadn't been asleep, just a kind of trace-like state.

Fifth attempt:

Ate 8 inches dried, nothing happened.

Sixth attempt:

Drove up into the mountains with some friends, some calamus root, a flute, a loaf of bread, and some smoke. We ate the root, smoked the smoke, ate the bread, and the laid about with flute music filling the forest. It was a wonderful evening. No weird effect from the root it seemed. Just watching nature. Then we were leaving in the car along a scenic route past about three waterfalls. At about the second one the car comes to halt and the driver yells 'LOOK!'. The water fall had transformed itself. The rock under the falls was a giant easter island like statue who was drinking up all of the water. It was staring at us. At the same time I could see the normal waterful, it was like looking at two worlds at the same time. Both existed, I could function and act normal, but there was this other reality superimposed over the one I was in. I could see into it, and the being there could see me and knew that I could see it. We oooed and aaah for some time and then went home in a somber mood.

Seventh and Eight attempts:

Nothing happened, both attempts were in the woods--seems to have it's best effect in a natural setting but it just didn't seem to work these times.

Exp Year: 1995ExpID: 2461
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 15, 2000Views: 31,471
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