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The Foxiferous
5-MeO-DiPT & Nitrous Oxide
by The Cuddly Commando
Citation:   The Cuddly Commando. "The Foxiferous: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT & Nitrous Oxide (exp24424)". Aug 5, 2006.

  oral 5-MeO-DiPT (gel tab)
  9 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  2 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)


3:15 pm Decided to have a solo trip, explore the possibilities of 5-MeO-DIPT in a personal, uninterrupted setting. Took one geltab that contained between 18-20 milligrams of Foxy. Now waiting for it to take effect. Took a shower, cleaned up a bit, drank some iced chai tea and bumbled about.

3:55 pm – Starting to feel a few twinges...nothing big. Playing the Legend of Zelda on n64…having a little trouble concentrating.

4:11 pm – Definitely starting to feel it, gonna lay down and watch rat race (the newer version). This should be interesting.

4:23 pm – Ran to the store for some more supplies, milk, etc.

4:42 pm – Made it back, and only just in time. The beginnings of a foxy trip in a pharmacy is pretty daunting.

4:46 pm - There are lovely color distortions among the waves of psychedelic color/sensation pulses. I can SEE waves of synthetic distortion.

4:49 pm – The onset of foxy feel good waves and grinning fool-dom! Joy!

4:58 pm – All within a couple of minutes, full onset of trip…breathing walls, peripheral color distortion and tracers…foxy energetic rushes…auditory distortion too…about to do a whipit….check back in ;)

5:02 pm - Foxy adopts and lengthens the dissasociative affects of Nitrous. The waves of “waaa” are stretched, lengthened and deepened.

5:20 pm - Oh my lord…just looked at clock. Only 18 minutes since last at this computer. Foxy definitely distorts time perception whew…fingers snaking into keyboard. Trying to describe body high…almost like too much ecstacy or body energy…feeling of expanding soul…my skin is stretched too tight for my being. Maybe that’s why people don’t like the body load…feeling of constriction.

5:42 – Feels as if my heart is connected fundamentally to the music…no foxy trips without music…I couldn’t even imagine it.

5:56 pm – I can see how some of us talk about “self” and “one” and “Center” so much…I am here…with the proper music, drugs and atmosphere, I feel completely at one with myself. Most joyous feeling in the world...something akin to the purest feelings of joy when I was a child (christmas mornings, camping trips, etc)

6:04 pm I wonder if other people’s headspaces are like this…sex and music inextricably intertwined…I’ve found that I can play with audio…with enough focus, I can choose and distort sound in my own head. That is the high of psychedelics to me…I am the mistress of my own universe for one day. I control shadow, light, sound and thought from the center of my being. It’s never this good in real life. Heh…now to get there without drugs. Must listen to the Orbital remix of “Perfect Drug” when sober…I don’t remember it being this synthy/distorted/wavy

..or maybe orbital is just that good.

6:12 pm - I take it back…there is a connection with nature through this drug. Must try mushrooms…see how much more organic it gets. Silence is lovely…I turned off the music…the sounds of the world are strangely rhythmical and purposeful. Sunset is going to be awesome.

6:39 pm – Peaking now maybe…everything very deep and far away…much meaning assigned to the faintest perceptible motion or sound. Personal connection to the movement and every sound around me, very sacred hue cast upon the entire world.

6:56 pm - Just had one of THE ONES. One of those nitrous balloons that kicks me into the next century and sends me skidding on the ass of my soul for a while. YOW.
Attempting to sing on hallucinogens is definitely interesting. I wish I had a tape recorder. WHEE…I have no idea what this sounds like. Sounds pretty strange on my end, what with the auditory distortion and all.

7:36 pm - Went and talked to my roommate…dunno if he knows that I know that he knows that uh…yeah…I'm not currently residing in this dimension. I totally just recreated a scene from the wizard of oz…where she opens the door to Technicolor and *WHOOSH*! the cutesy 50’s music changes. Except the scene was my back deck, and the music was Orbital's “Bladerunner”. The sunset is beginning…its fargin awesome. The shades of light and dark are much more pronounced on foxy, creating the illusion of deepened color. I really do feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...everything is in electric technicolor.

7:41 I feel like the most sensitive membrane of skin…any sound or movement or sight vibrates along my entire being most pleasantly.

7:48: Just had an intense spiritual moment…I stared at the world outside and was presented by what (I swear to god sounds so silly but fuck ill say it) looked like a symbol…symmetrical, curving and somehow very meaningful…it just floated out of the trees and hung suspended midair for a moment and then…I pulled away and it dissipated…I was left with an overwhelming feeling of awe. Wow…I certainly hope this makes sense someday. But for just a moment, I vibrated with it, lived in its space and was the symbol with my mind and body…and then it just floated away. I got to keep it, though. Forever burned on my eyes. A lady bug just flew in and landed on my finger. Is the world saying hello?

8:25 pm - Still definitely tripping, although I seem to be past the peak, feeling utterly drained psychically, psychologically. My brain has been thoroughly probed and explored.

8:56 pm well, I’m on the hind end of a uniquely satisfying trip. I’m back, for the most part…cant say whether I’m in one piece or not ;) I am, however, enjoying some very fine strawberry shortcake ice cream and wishing that my baby were here. I may even be up for going out later…the night is still young! I must look completely haggard, tho..after this much goings on in my head, I can imagine what my body looks like. We’ll see later. Heh.

6:42 a.m Morning after. Stayed up quite late, sizzling in a pile of overexposed quivering psychedelic goo. I had to battle some small pesky demons in the wee hours of the morning. The extra sensitivity foxy lends one's eyes and ears is not friendly when one is desperately trying to sleep. I wooed myself to Neverland with thoughts of warmth and love and the next day to be had. The only thing I truly dislike about foxy is its tenacity on the comedown…it will NOT let me sleep. But I think I eventually got a good two or three hours in. The ravens woke me with a very colorful conference outside on my back deck…’twas quite fun to watch. A night of therapeutic self exploration well accented with foxy.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24424
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 5, 2006Views: 6,532
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5-MeO-DiPT (57), Nitrous Oxide (40) : General (1), Alone (16)

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