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A Day of Transcendental Lunacy
Citation:   Trypt-a-freak. "A Day of Transcendental Lunacy: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT (exp24319)". Jun 7, 2003.

15 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (powder / crystals)
Okay. I have taken this substance numerous times (22 since February) and I have never had this awesome of an experience. It was totally mind-blowing and has changed me forever. This chemical definitely has its use. It taught me to respect the power of tryptamines. They do what they want and you are just their toys...

From past experience, I decided not to keep track of time. I know that I dosed at 4:00PM, the effects began to kick in at about 5:15PM, and that I was at the plateau until 10:30AM. For some reason, this chemical does not like time. It distorts your sense of time to the point that it feels like you have been high for days. Tracking the time can produce a feeling of... 'will this ever end' and can take away from the experience itself.

Now, the effects that I experienced are extremely amazing. I have taken this chemical at doses up to 35mg with not even half the effect it gave me that night. This chemical definitely has a tolerance factor. When I took this dose, it had been three weeks since I had dosed last. Even waiting two weeks still caused a significant reduction in the effects. Now, on to the experience.

The evening started out wonderful. I was in high spirits (had an awesome 8 hour shift at work and the weather was perfect for tryptamines (they can make you sensitive to both heat and cold... I would never take this drug in the mountains, not even in spring). I had my music lined up and ready to go. Started out with some Shpongle, the Tales of the Inexpressible album to get the psychedelic mood going. As soon as I turned Shpongle on, the visuals slowly faded in. The whole room became fluid. The walls had subtle movements and when I would see a car go by outside, my vision would do this weird jump... It was like being underwater. There are no tracers that even compare to this chemical. Anyway, I didn't plan to waste my evening staring at the walls, so I closed my eyes.

The whole mood immediately changed. With eyes closed, the effects were extremely heightened. I felt like I had two triple-stack Mitsubishis, 500mics of acid, and the auditory resembled about a gram of DXM. I was sitting there listening to Shpongle and my body just started moving. I couldn't stop it, the drug took over completely. I was raving to the beat of Shpongle, my mind automatically anticipating the energy and mood changes of the music, influencing my style of raving and putting me in the mood of the music. Each song was a new experience. It was like living a new reality with each track.

About half-way through the CD, the music disappeared. I didn't hear it at all anymore. I became aware of the sounds of everything in the house and even things outside, including my neighbor talking on the phone across the street! I could hear my name being called. It was a soothing voice. 'I hope you are enjoying yourself,' I heard her say. The weird thing is, normally, I would FLIP OUT if I heard something talk to me... but with this chemical, I experienced NO paranoia at all! Anyway, she continued. 'You have finally learned your lesson. Your abuse of my power was destroying you. Your friends were beginning to think that they lost you to me. You made me your life.' I contemplated this for a moment and then I began to remember all my previous experiences... 'It was all just for fun, never to grow....' I heard myself say. 'How did I ever let myself become this... this... crackhead!?!?' I began to feel sick at the thought of what I had done... I turned a powerful chemical that should be respected and abused it. I finally realized that I did the same thing with AMT... 'I will leave you now and let your experience continue. If you want my effects to increase, either tell me, or take 1000mg of Vitamin C, eat an orange, and meditate on increasing my effects. Visualize blue and orange flames coming up through the earth, into your legs, and through your body, consuming your aura in blue and orange light.' I did as I was told. Not only did the body load disappear into the background 100% (I only noticed it if I thought about how strange it was not to have it), but I began to trip balls.

One of my friends, we will call her N, called me. She wanted to go Cosmic Bowling and since I had done so with 5-MeO-AMT before, I told her I was tripping but that I was up to it.

When we arrived at the bowling alley, the first thing I did was go to the bathroom. They were in the process of remodeling so they had porta-potties that resembled airplane bathrooms. As I relieved myself, I noticed the effects increasing even more. For some reason, going to the bathroom is extremely cathartic (intensifies effects, instead of decreasing them as usually happens) and felt like the best orgasm of my life. I flushed, washed my hands, and looked in the mirror. Now, I have never gotten pupilary dilation that bad before. I was in full light conditions and my pupils were so big, I had a little halo of color left in my eyes. This amused me and I also noticed that my right pupil was bigger than my left... then they switched! This continued all through the night and I found it hilarious.

Bowling was amazingly easy that night! The chemical showed me not to stress about it and just feel... feel where I want it to go. I bowled a 240 that night! My average game is about 120 or so. I was absolutely amazed. I had more energy than ecstacy ever gave me and yet, my pulse and blood pressure were normal... actually, my blood pressure went from my normal high levels to normal levels and continues to be there to this very day (almost a month after the fact).

Finally, we left the bowling alley. I had my first cigarette of the whole night. That was the WORST thing I ever had in my life! I asked why it was so nasty when everything else tastes amazing and was told 'Because they are bad for you. They tear up your lungs, your breathing capacity is 1/4 of what it used to be, and you have angina from abusing ephedrine. Smoking just makes it worse. You need to quit.' I thought about this for a while and I quit smoking that night.

Now, as for the visuals... First, there was extremely bleeding of images. If I looked at something for even a second and then looked away, the image followed and stayed for a good minute or so. Tracers were amazing. They continued until my mind couldn't handle anymore. We were on the highway and all the cars were blurs of rainbow color and patterns. Sitting and just slightly looking at something caused visual swirls. They were sort of blinky and full of color. Closed eye visuals were beyond description. They looked like actual pictures of real things. I was having visions not far from DMT quality but a lot more scattered and somewhat annoying at times. And this drug has something that I have only seen in one other chemical, AMT... and even then, it was on a 200mg dose that I saw this. When I looked at a picture, take for example a painting of an ocean scene, it comes to life. This is not transparent at all, it looks completely real. Even natural. Oceans flow, flowers blow in the breeze COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT OF EACH OTHER, clouds move and swirl, and solid objects look like a metallic liquid, constantly moving. Reading is impossible. The letters not only get the transforming effect of acid, they also transpose and sometimes whole words move about on the page. Looking at a white wall causes patterns that are full of color. For example, I would stare at one pattern and all the colors of the rainbow would cycle through my vision. It was amazing! And as I said before, I NEVER got paranoid.

There are some downsides (in some people's minds... I handled them well) however. First, it can be quite disassociative at times, reminiscent of DXM. Sitting in a chair, you may feel like you are standing, lying down, or even floating in the air! It also is a disassociative in that it is EXTREMELY hard to get hard. Orgasm is next to impossible and can be painful if you manage to achieve it (it takes a very long time). And it has auditory effects. You may have enhanced hearing or flat out auditory hallucinations. At one point, sound temporarily got distorted to the point that everything and everyone became noise, not annoying, but impossible to decode. As for the diarrhea, I never have experienced it. It will definitely cause bowel movements... but not a 'gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now' feeling.

All in all, this was an extremely positive experience. However, make sure that you get it from a reliable source. 5-MeO-AMT seems to vary widely from research company to research company and out of the 4 I have tried, only one has acceptable 5-MeO-AMT. I also got AMT from them back in February and neither the AMT or 5-MeO-AMT from them caused a bodyload... the other vendors.... it was a worse body load than 'dirty' acid.

Good luck, happy trails, and make sure you have a good mindset. It is definitely possible to have a bad experience if the conditions aren't right. Fortunately, it doesn't seem suggestive like acid (where anything can send you off on a whim), unless you use very high doses (it took about 30mg for me to get to that point and it got confusing and sometimes annoying but it was still a good experience).

Above all, respect the tryptamines. They are the most powerful mind-altering substances I have ever experienced.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24319
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 7, 2003Views: 22,725
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