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Painting the Canvas of the Universe
Citation:   soluble_dreams. "Painting the Canvas of the Universe: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp24304)". Nov 25, 2003.

23 mg smoked 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)
For a couple of months prior to my ‘experience’ (I would question considering it a ‘trip’ – it’s definitely more deep than that, perhaps ‘tryp’ would work. ;] ) I had been very interested in the Tryptamines, more specifically the dimethyltryptamines, DMT and 5-meo-DMT (the faster acting short, but incredibly intense ones). I knew that I would have no clue what I was in for, after reading as much info as I could gather about [5-meo-DMT] on the net.. But I had an idea, and knew it would be incredibly intense. I was correct in assuming it was intense, but no thought before experiencing the power of this class of tryptamines (I am assuming DMT Is somewhat alike) can fathom the awesome realization this can give.

I received the package in the mail 1.5 weeks after sending out a request to an online chemical supplier, very excited. I was guessing 100 mg was very small, and I was right. I had never really had any hands on experience with so small of material before in my life. Anyways, I emptied the package onto the back of a mirror, took a razor blade. And got as much as I could out, then divided them each into 8 doses of what I would have liked to be 12.5 mg of 5meo, assuming that everything went perfect. Though it didn’t really matter, which I found out later. I put them into a piece of tinfoil, folded it securely until they were all into 8 packages of tinfoil, after realizing how much of a crack addict I must look like from anyone who’s looking, hah. So I set it aside and thought about it a bit for the next day.. This was on Saturday, by the way.

By Sunday night I was very curious on it. And somehow I drew myself to try a method I thought would work for getting enough of it into my lungs (I wasn’t going to insufflate it). I bought an incense bottle with one hole in it, got tinfoil, wrapped it around a pen so there was a 1 inch long tube coming up, and wrapped it around the initial hole (the one at the top, rather than the little drilled one on the side). I wrapped it tight, and made sure that I could still breath through the hole, which I could. I went into my bathroom, took a piece of tinfoil, and poured my 10-12 mg of 5meo into there, wrapped it on tight, and lit it, covering the other [drilled] hole with my finger. After about 2 seconds I started to see smoke rise out from the openings in the sides of the tinfoil which I TRIED to prevent, but regardless, most of it came out. I didn’t realize until I had emptied the entire bottleful into my lungs how much had actually came out.

[Experience One]: As I inhaled the smoke, which to my surprise was not nearly as bad as tobacco, cannabis, or anything i’ve put into my lungs, I looked at my shirt to see my heart literally beating against my shirt, I thought I could see it. I took in a VERY small amount, and got effects which were VERY under what I bargained for. I felt slightly lighter, and I was kind of out-of-it, and for a while I just sit and stared at my wall to see nothing interesting. In a frantic craze to try some more, I emptied more in, and smoked MORE, losing more, not intensifying it, and did it again until I realized it was pointless.

About 40 minutes later the mild effects were gone, and I was thoroughly disappointed. Later that night I wasted more on a different technique with the bottle that also failed. All in all, it left me with 40 mg left, and disappointment and disbelief, though a part of me was telling me I was doing something wrong, but I didn’t want to waste any more. As I needed the rest for a promised usage of it with a few ‘friends’.

[Note]: A thing about 5-meo-DMT. In my opinion, if you don’t get what you think is enough, you keep wanting MORE, and MORE until you’ve wasted all you got, though it’s fairly easy to stop… just keep that in mind. And you want more until the effects wear off, when you’re just left with the euphoria of a wonderful/horrible/scary/lovely/beautiful/insightful experience (even when I did my shitty first experience, I was happy).

So after that, I only had 40 mg. And I had to think of a way that I KNEW would be effective for the June 4th, the last day of school, and an event that hopefully would turn out something like I liked it. Somewhere around the net I decided that tinfoil/straw method would probably be the best, and I was right.

Wednesday, June 4th, last day of school. I get home, and after talking to [let’s call him] Bob, we decided to meet at 5 at the mall, to go to a wonderfully wooded hill that resembled a small pyramid by the mall, and do what we had to do there. At 4:30 I took a bus, and got there. [Joe] was there waiting for me, and we had to wait for Bob and [Jake] to arrive. I only had three doses of around 12 mg left, so I told Jake that he probably wouldn’t be able to do it with us. And he said that was alright. So we took our stuff, walked to the top of the hill. And started.

[Experience 2]: This shattered any disbelief about the intensity of the 5meo when we did it. And the tinfoil/straw method proved good. But I think I could have got more just inhaling with a big open mouth over the tinfoil bowl thing, but that didn’t matter. I had prepared 3 little tinfoil bowls for each of us. Though we only really needed one (which we ended up using) before going on the ‘tryp’. It was decided that Bob would go first, because he wanted to. So, skeptically, we opened one plastic vial, put as much as the 5meo as we could in there, and watched as Jake held the lighter to the bottom. About 2 seconds after doing so, smoke started to rise, and he took a big lungful. Jake took the flame off, and Bob coughed up what he had. Quickly, before what effects he had could rise, Jake put the flame back over, and Bob took in as much as he could again, held it in for a while, and exhaled. He just stared at nothing, walked backwards and fell/sat down. We knew he was somewhere else, so it was my turn.

They put it in, lit it, and I took as much as I could in my lungs, trying to expel any doubt I had. Before, in the bottle method, I couldn’t see anything exhaled, but this time I saw quite a bit of smoke expel from my lungs after holding it in for around 15 seconds. I think I may have tried to get more, but it was Joe’s turn. Immediately I felt gravity shift, and my mind go somewhere else, as I took a few steps back and just collapsed onto the ground. I have to admit, it felt fucking great. The ground didn’t hurt, there were no bumps, I didn’t feel the fall, I just sat there on the ground as my mind experienced everything and nothing at once. I think thoughts were racing too fast for me to comprehend them. I remember looking at everything as it was rapidly forming, I don’t know how to put it into words. Most of this experience will only be vaguely translated because of the lack of words to describe it. Everything just was there, and was shifting, as a whole. Depth perception didn’t exist, or it was so fucked out of place that I couldn’t tell if it existed or not.

Everything seemed to take on a geometric quality, or the contrast was increased rapidly, probably due to my dilated pupils, but what more need I say, it was like a whole new place, a whole new life on a canvas of the universe.

Soon, before I knew it, Joe had taken his amount, and collapsed. Bob said things like “This is a dream, whoally shit. This is acid all over, 100 times more” “This is a dream”. I think I kept saying “What is this?! WHO AM I?”. As soon as I opened my eyes I saw a whole new world, it literally looked like a moving painting in front of my eyes. There was no world out of what I was seeing. Time itself seemed to stop, or exist infinitely, I couldn’t tell. I saw Joe on the ground, and for some reason he had a big smile on his face. We started laughing, all of us. And it was great. I laughed for a so long, forever, or so it seemed. My voice wasn’t coming from my throat, it was just there. And I didn’t care. I tried to get up, and walk, but I just collapsed to the ground in beautifully crafted laughter, it was bliss. The beautiful trees, the sky, the whole landscape of the city. It was meant to be, it was all one, and I was one with the three guys with me. I just kept laughing, and watching everything, which seemed to shift a lot, depth perception was fucked, and I was just watching like I was looking at a painting. It was all a harmonically balanced work of art. I was one with nature, yet nothing at once.

I closed my eyes to see patterns made out of the distinct images burnt into my retina, and I loved it. I put my head parallel to the ground, and just looked at the sky. A blade of grass was over my eyes, and I stared at it just thinking of how complex it was, and I saw tiny little patterns – quite intricate and outstanding – in it. It, too, was a piece of natures art. All my happy moments, all the fun i’ve had, all the emotions were just blasted onto my mind like wind on water, and I just succumbed to the feeling – no feelings of negativity or “what the hell have I done?” Went through my head. It was just bliss. As soon as I could walk, which, surprisingly was only a few minutes later, Jake had taken whatever was left from Joe’s, and I held it for him, as he inhaled some smoke that came out. As the effects were slowly diminishing, but I was still out there, he just had started on a dose probably smaller than ours. I went to the ‘top of the hill’ and looked over at the city, and the crimson sky (it seemed like a sunset – perfect timing), I thought it was the most beautiful thing.

I went and got Jake and brought him over, and he looked at me and told me that “he didn’t fucking know me” while laughing. He acted pretty idiotic, which is normally not too normal of him. Needless to say, it was like a bonding from all these people, once we were all on it, we were one. I collapsed to the ground again, and just looked at everything. Once everyone gained a little composure, I forgot what we discussed… but we took out a little cannabis and I got two hits off that, which did nothing to intensify the ‘tryp’. It seemed like anything was possible, I WAS HAVING FUN! I LOVED IT! It had been SO long since I had actually ENJOYED something, and had FUN! Incidentally, we went to the “hippy” shop in the mall, and looked at everything while we were just about baseline, minus the remnants of a light stoned-ness.

Two days later, I’m still feeling very happy, and things are great. Everything seems like a big possibility, and I want to have fun – that’s my new quest. Also, the setting mattered A LOT! If I wouldn’t have been in the forest, under a absolutely gorgeous sky, on top of a big hill, I don’t think that I would have had a good experience. If I was in someone’s basement, on a couch, with a table, smoking some of this stuff, I think it would have been hell. This was just pure bliss, though. The state of mind changes so much that I didn’t find a ‘spiritual cleansing’ needed – though I’m sure that’s subjective from person to person. I’m glad I did it the way I did.

A few notes:

- Be in a happy, beautiful environment with people you enjoy.
- Be in a positive state of mind.
- One hit is all you need, keep it in as long as you can.
- Tin foil is a good enough system of administration. You don’t have to get very elaborate.
- If you get caught up, or nauseated, just breath deep, and keep a smile on your face.
- Preferably be in nature, or that’s what I would suggest.
- I experienced slight ‘convulsions’ – if you’d call it that. It was more of a feeling of being shaky, like every part of my insides was moving rapidly, though this was more of a positive thing… and you’ll always end up lying down or on the floor ;)
- Be in a place where you will see things you normally are astounded by. They will appear totally different (in a good way).
- Lie down and let this substance take you over, don’t resent it, all it does is get into your bloodstream – the rest is up to you, you have the power to form the trip/experience.
- Don’t keep your eyes closed the whole time!

Overall, I’m glad I did this. It was like a spiritual bonding with nature and a few guys who I got to know a lot better. Recently i’ve been challenged with total demotivation, and hopelessness in life, nostalgia for past experiences where I found myself in ‘fun’ situations, and had a good time. This brought back all those experiences, and I loved it. I have seen a whole new world, and it’s right around the corner. And it has led me to a new place full of beauty, for now at least, and I’m glad what this has showed me.

None of my past drug uses, cannibus, diphenhydramine, vicodin, LSA (I’m not a very old drug user) have compared to this, and I doubt any will. This was truly a blast to a different place, a place with infinite possibilities, a place where size is relative, there is no finite universe, there is no smallest amount of matter, nor any largest amount, everything is relative to how we perceive it. If you are to try this, good luck. And I wish the best on you, hopefully future experiences will be just as/more rewarding. I haven’t quite searched the universe yet, but I had a glimpse, and it was more than I bargained for.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24304
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 25, 2003Views: 20,428
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5-MeO-DMT (58) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Preparation / Recipes (30)

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