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L.S.D. Ultra Lights (tm)
by A.J.
Citation:   A.J.. "L.S.D. Ultra Lights (tm): An Experience with 2C-D (exp24219)". Jun 4, 2003.


Today's principal argument of prohibitionists fighting against free psychoactives use is a possible impact on user's health. One may remember how many lab studies and mass media discussions it took to widely accept the obvious point of view that cannabis could hardly do more harm to the human body than alcohol or tobacco were actively doing. Now those vigilantists have switched over to so called 'hard drugs,' shamelessly utilizing the fact that an average, square citizen will tremble in fear as soon as he hears the word 'ecstasy' or 'L.S.D.' (Castration! Double castration!) The masses take for sure that the only thing lurking behind the use of syntetic psychoactives is the ravaged mind and body. And that's while exactly the same masses are consuming tons of fishy substances from Bayer and company, substances essentially not curing any vulgar disease, but advertised instead to grant eternal life and youth. (No heroin addict of the lowest grade would ever believe in such bullshit.)

Luckily, the opposition has a decent answer. Modern clandestine chemistry has created a number of substances that give mild and quality mind food to a modest user. The species in question, 2C-D, appears to be one of them.

The most remarkable traits of this curious drug are its short-livingness and lightness on both mind and body. Among other things, this means a very easy come-back. Despite its softness, experiences from 2C-D remind very closely those from its well-studied analog, 2C-B. Therefore 2C-D can be used as a 'training drug' for those who are new to psychedelics. Due to its delicacy, 2C-D may appear of certain commercial potential to clandestine drug suppliers, who currently are paying less and less attention to actual psychedelics in favour of stimulants and opiates. If 'acid is ... the Studebaker of the drug market,' 2C-D could be the New Beetle of it.

My friends and I have had a number of experiences with 2C-D. I think I should not delve into describing our feelings during the trips for I would just repeat words of more talented authors on 2C-B. Again, these two drugs yield very similar experiences. So I'm going to describe dosages and
durations instead, which are more important to the interested community.

A minimal oral dose appears to be about 40 mg and seems to depend more on diet and personal peculiarities than on body weight. It may be increased considerably by having had alcohol shortly before a trip, so avoid drinking much before this drug. (As a matter of fact, not abusing booze is a good idea in general; but who knows what turn a party can take?..) Duration will be about 3.5 hours, consisting of roughly 1 hour of onset, 1.5 hours of plateau and 1 hour of come-back. A trip can be somewhat prolonged by taking additional small amounts of the drug, e.g., insufflated; but
because of the instability of 2C-D within the human body (must be due to its eager oxidation with the aid of the increasing amount of MAO,) this won't produce much effect, so better keep it for the next time unless you have a bit of cannabis (see the next paragraph.)

An intramuscular dose is about 20 mg for a 170 lb person. The experience will be sharper than that in the oral case; it will last approximately for an hour and a half (not counting mild after-effects.) At the end of the active phase, a little cannabis can be smoked (a small bowl or two, depending on available weed's potency) to produce a deep synergic state, which can be developed further by taking as little as 15 mg of 2C-D insufflated. (A 120 lb person who snorted 20 mg for the second time tells it was a bit too much and later caused a headache.) This cannabis plus 2C-D synergy is noteworthy and analogous to that between cannabis and 2C-B.

A pure intranasal experience has not been attempted, but from the above figures an i.n. dose can be estimated at 25-30 mg. Unlike 2C-B, 2C-D causes fairly little unpleasant feelings when taken through the nose.

Independent of the route 2C-D has been administered by, a healthy person will be able to have a normal yet somewhat shortened sleep as soon as the drug's effects fade. On taking 2C-D i.m., I could sleep at T+2:00, with a bowl of grass smoked at T+1:00.

Please keep in mind that exact dosage, duration and effects of any drug depend heavily on particular person's current physical and mental state, so be careful and apply the above to yourself with a grain of salt.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 24219
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 4, 2003Views: 20,947
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