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Some Crazy Shit
by kaz
Citation:   kaz. "Some Crazy Shit: An Experience with 2C-B (exp24173)". Jun 2, 2003.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:10 15 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)



2c-b was a new substance to me. Having previously read up on other people's experiences (everything on erowid and lycaeum and a few other sites), and was eager to try this substance - I can't say that I wasn't tempted by the sexual side of the drug. I ate a couple of bananas and a little bit of popcorn in the 30 hours previous to this experience, and deciding against smoking any form of THC, wanting this experience on the cleanest side.

I decided that I'd like to keep paper and a pen easily accessible during this whole experience, and this is the (slightly reordered for chronological purposes). I don't live in the US, but had been there for a few years of my childhood, so English is a language in which expression comes easier than my native tongue. For the beginning of the experience, my new girlfriend was with me.

Travel Logue:

18:22 Down the hatch, one capsule, approx 20mg as measured on a scale... girlfriend takes 15mg.

18:33 Still nothing

18:40 Some march on the radio is catching my attention. Have I felt the first touch? Maybe. An urge to float in the music is present. Girlfriend is as wonderful as usual.

18:50 yeah, we're definately horny. Sex is spectacular, very sensual. Visuals intensify with orgasm.

19:52 It's so coooooooold! Girlfriend must leave due to prior engagements.

20:12 Took a walk, not aprehensive, wonderful headspace.

What am I looking for? The most obvious answer is for myself. What haven't I found? Don't know. Can I be an inquisitor, not just in a protective shell? Yes, depending on the circumstance. I want to feel something. Something special. Focus.

I need focus.

20:34 booster dose taken


21:18 this is too complex

21:23 Where'd My 5 Minutes Go?!

Talking more than 2 sentances in a row is unacceptable!

I'll probably look at this later and the most redeeming quality I have found is that you can stretch out infinately with one flow. Sure you can handle anything, but you can excuse even more!

There's a very important lesson to life - you can handle whatever, and come back for more... and you can do more than you can handle, and find excuses later!

21:44 I have mastered all fear!

Thank god for self-humor

21:55 It's

22:08 Peak is over, still very, very high

22:12 Pupils the full size of my eye, basically.

22:30 Creative, glowing. I wish this would last forever.

Inspite of everything, now. Inspite of everything, in Hebrew. If you'd know the who and what behind that, you'd see this in different eyes. A safe assumption would be - that you wouldn't be sure that those are actually your eyes. Or that the question would quickly lose it's value.

The sensation of having to struggle you're entire life, and then instead of fighting, everything goes outward... You flow with it. In that is the essence of the entire moment. Flowing with it.

Will this be forgotten?


Does it matter? Does it matter if it's forgotten?

:::: End travel logue ::::


As always, it takes me a very long time to peak on an oral dose of any substance. Even though I was on an empty stomach, the peak was approximately 80 minutes into the experience. I intended to insufflate 5mg two hours into the experience, but ended up doing 15mg. Within less than five minutes, the world started shaking. I was seeing things as if through those toy glasses that seperate the colors into different overlapping pictures, only wildly vibrating. A very jittery effect. I started listening to some music (Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Aphex Twin), and I was most impressed with the immersive quality of the music - the sounds were NOT distorted, but rather accentuated, given a warm earthy feeling to it, very similar in effect to mushrooms, CEVs of swirling fractal vortexes all spinning around me in a deep fractal pattern according to the music were felt and noticed even with open eyes. I chatted a bit on IRC in the meantime, commenting about how that boost had 'hit me like a steamroller'. I also set the topic of a channel that I was in to '2cb... it's some crazy shit ;)'.

I noticed a very mischievious side to this substance, full of self humor and a very clear head. I was a jester in some celestial court. Going outside to smoke a cigarette, I couldn't even walk straight, as the rapid fluxuations of the world encompassed all of the world. Tracers were extreme - as I moved my hand with the cigarette in it, it could be seen it in different places at the same time... There was a looping sensation, not as strong as with acid, and not as crushingly dominating as mushrooms. I watched an ant crawl on the floor of my room, and as long as I focused on it, it just walked, with very slight OEVs present. The moment I looked at a bigger picture, ants had begun crawling over the floor... wait, it was the same ant, in different timeframes. Attributing the fiddgety nature to the warping of the sensation of time and incomplete fractal workings of my brain to fill in the sensory gaps.

I heard my little brother and a friend of his talking indistinctly in a different part of the house. The volume was amplified, and the same 'different timeframe' effect worked on the audio sensation as well. Noting that this does NOT happen when something is heard clearly, and then it is more than possible to make a sensible reply was calming. Went to brush my teeth, order around things a bit. A touch of paranoia hit me, but I quickly shut it out, when I started listening to some Leftfield (warm, happy, earthy beats are exactly what this substance needs, not the usual spaced out music I like on acid). Then I wrote the 'Inspite of everything, now. Inspite of everything, in Hebrew' bit, with a very warm feeling.

I talked to a friend on the phone, telling him I was really, really loving this... I don't remember the specifics of the talk, as I dubbed it insignificant to the experience. I went to see a movie on TV, and there were still strong visuals - the faces morphed and changed in a looping pattern (something like a square with rounded corners), but the intense part was over. The story quality of the movie was intensified greatly, similar again to psilocybin. I was now a clown. I went to my little brother and a friend of his who was sleeping over, and kicked them off the computer (4th graders) and put on Harry Potter on DVD for them. I chatted a bit on IRC then, listened to some more Aphex Twin and then to some Texas Faggot (which I usually don't like, but the lack of seriousness to their music was very appealing). 40 minutes later, after chatting some more on IRC, making myself a cup of tea, smoking another cigarette I went to tuck my little brother and his friend in the beds. It was a bit before 23:00 then. From their on, I just relaxed, listened to music, chatted on IRC, drank a lot of water (I had noticed that I was very thirsty).

Tried getting some rest at 00:30, but I couldn't sleep. My car had become available at 02:00, and I thought of going to a party, but decided against it, as I was tired and felt a need to relax. Sleep quickly followed. Woke up 8 hours later, feeling great.


I found this substance a very interesting psychedelic - and while it WAS great for sex, I'd definately not limit it to that or a rave environment. The visuals were astounding, but they were just an extension of the experience. Overall, this experience was intense, not very deep, but very enjoyable. I felt absolutely NO nausea despite all of the previous warnings about that. I will definately explore this substance some more.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24173
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 2, 2003Views: 23,899
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2C-B (52) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Sex Discussion (14), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2)

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