first hell, then heaven
Citation:   Kjuang. "first hell, then heaven: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp2403)". Oct 3, 2000.

6.0 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (capsule)
it was on thursday, around 3 pm, after work. i went to visit a friend of mine -- let´s call him ksk -- who had told me he had a couple of capsules of 2c-t-7, prepared by a friend of us with more or less 18 mg each.

we´d been planning to do some kind of an `out-of-the-city-group-tripping´ with some others, but finally we found ourselves alone with the compound. as it was too late for me to travel, and i had to get up very early the next day, we decided -- based on an experiencie read at lycaeum -- to split a capsule and ingest it nasally. this way we would have a fast onset and a shorter trip. (plus less interesting side-effects, as you will see)

ksk told me that it would be a little painful to my nose (he had already tried it this way), so i snort 2/3 of my half capsule (6 mg aprox), saving the rest for a later boost. he did the same thing.

the first thing i could notice was the taste of it: it was similar to the smell of epoxy based adhesives, not my favourite thing to snort, btw. a few seconds after, i started feeling a sting in my right nostril, not too painfull, but with growing intensity. i watched ksk, and he seemed to be suffering the same.

i waited a couple of minutes, but it didn´t seem to get any better, au contraire, i begun to feel the entire right side of my face congestionated and a bit anesthesized, and my right eye was wattering a little too much. not to say that my affected nostril was absolutly clogged.

i went to the bathroom and i saw my face as it was at that moment: deformed. my right eye was red, and a bit deviated, and the whole picture was of someone not having a pleasent time.

instantly, the visuals arrived. they were similar of those of psilocybe cubensis, in the way that everything was expanding and contracting; and as i watched the monitor of ksk´s pc i would see the grey color of the windows turn to ashy-brown, then to purple, then to some strange no-color (the only way i can describe it), and changing its shape, as if it were a dense liquid.

i said that the visuals were mushroom-like, but in some way i felt they lacked of the `emotional side´ that the mushroom trip has. like they were `empty of content´, mere visual effects.

but the bodyload was very intense. i begun to have muscle spasms in the back of my legs -- like `trrrr trrrrr trrr´ --, wich was very annoying; and i was feeling my neck and shoulders contract a lot.

ksk was experiencing the same problems that i, and went to the bathroom to vomit. he was just coming back when i -- lying on the carpet -- felt the urgent need to throw up, wich ended with me running to de-lunch.

after vomiting both of us recover totally from nausea, and my face gradually became my usual one. the others side effects begun to decline after 30´, and were totally gone after an hour.

i have to mention that we took some gamma-butyrolactone during the experience to ease the nerves, and it really worked, although we had to take larger (no too larger) doses than we usually do.

at that point the visuals were amazing, things kept expanding and contracting, but now we started seing trails of movement, really great; and the color-changing was impressive. btw, the colors were not brilliant -- as with cubensis -- but opaque, which didn´t diminish the beauty of them.

we decided to go out to breathe some fresh air, and went for a walk through a near park. we found ourselves feeling very well, very confortable with ourselves. we also felt very empathic and talked long time about certain personal issues in a very fluid way. we seem to gain a slightly better insight on certain matters, and we were able to express our inner feelings openly.

besides, we felt our minds very clear, not cloudy at all. we felt `sober´ in a certain way.

and from time to time we also were a bit exalted, i.e. we jumped down a slope in the park shouting and gesticulating (although both of us are adults, sometimes we just forget).

a couple of hours later we returned home where we smoke some marihuana, took some more lactone and chilled out with some electronic music. i was very relaxed and smoothly coming down, feeling just fine. ksk decided to inject himself some ketamine, wich he did with very impressive results, he may write down his side of the story one of this days.

well, one thing i know now is how heavy this compound is on your body when snorted, and i´d like to try it orally in the near future. but it was really worth the experience and i think i´d repeat it. maybe.

Kjuang, Buenos Aires, 23.6.2000.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2403
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 3, 2000Views: 11,472
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2C-T-7 (54) : Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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