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Citation:   Murple. "Ketamine Log: An Experience with Ketamine (exp2382)". Nov 20, 2000.

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T+ 0:00
25 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:40 25 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
I weigh out 50mg of Ketamine HCl which was obtained pure (not as
an injectible solution) from a chemical supplier. It is a crystalline
powder with some rather large chunks that look like crystals of table
salt. I crush this to a fine powder, then further powder it with a razor
blade, and divide it into two even lines. This is about my 8th experience
with ketamine, though I've never written a report about it before. Looking
at this 50mg, it appears to be alot more than what I've done before.
Erowid's ketamine dosage page states 'One method for nasal use is to
insufflate (snort) 25 mg in each nostril, wait 5 minutes and repeat until
you reach your desired dosage.' I do not anticipate that there will be any
need to repeat. Looking at this, I visually estimate that most of my prior
experiences have been with around 30-40mg.

I insufflate the first 25mg. There is a mild burn, but not too
bad. The file mentions doing 50mg at once. I've decided to space it
out somewhat and see how things work out.

I feel very noticable effects. My body begins to feel strange. My
head has a sort of 'balloon-like' feel to it, its somewhat like nitrous
oxide without the sound in the head. Speaking of sounds... I put on
Orbital's live mix of 'Halcyon On & On'. Normally this song is very
pretty... but now, even with headphones, it sounds muffled or distant.
Ketamine certainly doesn't seem to enhance music - quite the opposite.

I am getting strange visual disturbances. Hard to explain really.
I have the impression that things are moving, but nothing looks as though
its moving. Corner-of-the-eye type stuff... but much more so. There is
a flittiness to the visual effects that is vaguely reminiscent (I was
completely unable to spell this word myself and had to ask for help on the
Internet) of the visual effects produced by ecstasy. My visual field is
swimming... thats the best word for it, somehow. As if looking at
everything through some kind of moving liquid.

There is a noticable drop in intensity of the effects. Visual
effects are still present. I still have a feeling of 'dumbness' (not being
able to remember words, etc). In fact I am nowhere near baseline. But the
initial rush is over. My body feels 'weird.' There are no closed eye

I still feel a little unusual, and my visual field is still
swimming a little, but the effects are more or less over. 25mg remains
sitting on my plate. I'm not sure I want to do it... I feel as if I wasted
the first 25mg by sitting in front of a computer and trying to describe it
in realtime - as if the very act of attempting to describe the effects
prevents the more interesting effects form appearing.

I divided the remaining 25mg into 2 more lines, and put some Orb
on through headphones. I insufflate one of the 2 lines, then go to lay
down and close my eyes and listen to music.

No significant increase in effects from that mg, so I insufflate
the other. I go back to laying down, after skipping to a different Orb
tune (Little Fluffy Clouds, Dance Mix MK2).

The song ends. I get up to start writing. My body feels somewhat
'detatched' - I can't quite explain it. Its not numbness per se, but
shares some qualities. Laying on my bed was very odd. The bed felt hard,
and the pillows felt hard, as if laying my head back on a cloth-covered
rock. The overhead light in my bedroom appears somewhat like the light
over an operating table. Not much in the way of closed eye visuals. Open
eyed, my room looks somewhat stark and my perspective seems odd. Is my
heart beating OK, am I breathing normal? I think. Don't really care. I
find myself thinking of mundane, every day issues, trying to find answers
to things which have been on my mind - no answers come to me that haven't
already come to me sober. I seem to be able to think about things in a
detatched, analytical way, but there is no enlightenment coming that I can
see. Most drug 'spirits' I've dealt with have seemed to be male or female
- not so ketamine. The ketamine 'spirit' seems robotic or mechanical in
nature. This molecule taps into some very different energies than the
traditional psychedelics. I would not consider this a psychedelic at all.
Its something else entirely.

I feel I'm in approximately the same place as I was at the 12:18AM
entry above. Visual field is swimming. Feel physically weird...a slight
sensation of motion, perhaps. Somewhat dulled sensation. Music sounds
mostly normal. But the mental effects have noticably dropped off. I feel
more 'coherent' and though quite a ways above baseline, I'm definately
aware that I'm headed there.

Visual effects are still quite noticable, though dramatically
less than what they were. Other effects are decreasing rapidly. I decide
to smoke some cannabis and conclude this experiment.

I am on IRC... I just had a very intense deja vu experience. I
recieved 2 variations on the same chain email from 2 friends who are
totall unconnected (except through me). Then all of the sudden I realized
that the conversation I was having on IRC was something I had before. I
had the strange feeling that I existed in that time segment twice. Just
thought it was worth mentioning... Strange!

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2382
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 20, 2000Views: 48,797
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