Mellow and Tranquil
Amanita muscaria (smoked)
Citation:   Murple. "Mellow and Tranquil: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (smoked) (exp2363)". Sep 8, 2000.

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2 hits smoked Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)
I've smoked 2 bowls of amanita, not sure what to make of it. I took the red skin of the cap (the most potent part) and packed 2 small bowls (maybe four tokes each)...I definitely feel something but it's weird, subtle, not overpowering.

I feel warm and very light headed. My body feels weird... somewhat alcohol-like, and somewhat pot-like, but quite distinct from both. Things, especially the smoke from my cigarette, seem to be moving much slower than they ought to. My movements feel slowed down as well. No visuals, but I wouldn't expect any at such a low dose, especially smoked, which is supposed to be much milder than eating them. I mainly feel pleasantly relaxed, its somewhat like opium in a way, mentally. I feel like I could go to bed and sleep really well. It would probably mix well with pot, but I don't want to cloud the experience so I'm not going to try right now. This is the kind of high you'd want to have if you were going to cuddle with someone under a fuzzy blanket in front of a fire. Nice, mellow, tranquil. At the same time, I can tell this is just a threshhold effect, and amanita has alot more power it could show at normal oral doses.

I don't want to waste the high writing, so I'm going to go put on some quiet music and lie down and enjoy it.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 2363
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 8, 2000Views: 18,511
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Unknown Context (20), General (1)

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