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Surround Sound and Hallucinations
by speedkween
Citation:   speedkween. "Surround Sound and Hallucinations: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp23591)". Feb 15, 2006.

500 mg IV Methamphetamine


I am 18 years old and have been a speed user for two and a half years now and I would like to share with you my recent experience of some of the purest methamphetamine I have tried, as well as a few thoughts about speed in general.

A couple of weeks ago I came home from a brief holiday and caught up with a good friend. We have been long time shooting buddies and in the time that I had been away she had hooked up with a new source from interstate. We both had not used for several weeks before my holiday, because all the gear in town was an absolute waste of money, typically more than half crushed epsom salts or glucose powder and costing up to AU$40 a point. The shit didnt even smell, or if it did it was because the dodgy bastards had rubbed a little pure on the bag. Anyhow. My friend came over with a gram baggie of a yellowish damp crystal, with a very strong, acrid odour. So we mixed it up and my friend drew up a halfweight for herself. I did her up, then judging from her reaction decided to only take 2 1/2 points at first to 'test the water'. As I shot it up the hit was instant, before the shot was even halfway in I felt this warm rush flood my body, like a mushroom cloud was growing inside my abdomen. The inner rush was accompanied by a static sound in my ears... My thoughts started rushing at a million miles an hour and they were perfectly lucid, however I had trouble speaking due to the static in my ears.

This initial rush was the most wonderful feeling I have felt on any drug. I felt that I was floating on a warm cloud, cushioned, soft yet intensly high. After about five minutes this beautiful feeling began to fade just a little and I felt a little less giddy, so I attempted to mainline the remaining 2 1/2 points. Im afraid I mangled my arms just a little but managed to find a vein a take the dose.

At this level the speed began to take on a slight hallucinogenic effect and I began to doubt that it was unadulterated crystal meth. I have taken a lot of speed from a lot of sources and none of it has ever made me hallucinate in the way that acid or dmt would. Maybe it was cut with a small amount of another drug or it was a different chemical entirly, only a closer analysis could determine this. It was quite unlike any trip I have taken before. The hallucinations were not your average paisly-patterns and melting walls kind of visuals that I usually see, everything looked quite normal except out of the corner of my eye I would notice the mouth on a picture moving, or my doorknob turning. If I looked directly at the offending object it would be return to its natural stillness, however if I focused too hard it would begin talking or moving again. After a period of time these visual hallucinations would be accompanied by auditory hallucinations, something I have never experienced before. The begining of this was marked by a teddy bear standing up and saying hello. Sometimes the hallucinations would cease entirely for a few hours before returning.

The slightly disturbing thing about all this was that nothing was at all distorted or surreal in appearence a'la acid, it was just normal, everday inanimate objects doing things they really shouldnt. Even the auditory hallucinations, for example my friend and my mother having a conversation in the other room, were not particularly 'trippy' except for the fact that they did not really happen.

Throughout it all my mind was clear and my thoughts complex. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and compassion combined with the soul searching that often accompanies a night on the whiz. I felt unusually self-aware and felt that I did not say half as many stupid things as I normally do on drugs. I also felt intensely aware of and connected with those around me. The high itself lasted around eight hours and as I began to come down I began to indulge in some rather obsessive-compulsive behaviour, but other than this I felt quite well physically and mentally. The hallucinations persisted for around 12-15 hours after the initial dose but as they were rather subtle and I was so aware of it being the drug, this did not bother me much. I slept quite well the next night with vivid yet not disturbing dreams but I could not eat for several days.

I would just like to finish off with a word of warning to anyone who would like to try speed, or who is in the early stages of their love affair with the drug. I would not tell anybody not to try this drug, as it has given me some of the most wonderful experiences of my life, and has helped me to understand the complexities of my soul and the world. However proceed with immense caution. It is quite possible to use speed recreationally and not become addicted, but it is equally as simple to swiftly grow dependent if not addicted to it. Like riding a bucking bull it takes time to master riding this drug and you will probably fall off a few times. To avoid burnout I must sleep and eat regularly, maintain friends and interests outside the drug and very importantly dont use more than I can financially afford.

On the drug things look better than they really are and when I come down they look worse. If I take care of myself and follow these guidelines I will hopefully find the balance between funky and junkie.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23591
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 15, 2006Views: 84,903
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