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The Magic Dust
by Matt
Citation:   Matt. "The Magic Dust: An Experience with Cocaine (exp23450)". Jun 13, 2021.

  repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
It was my first time to try the dreaded cocaine. I had only heard of the horrors it can bring if you even try it. But I had tried basically everything else, so I decided to try it for myself and make my own judgement.

I had friends that had tried it before and they loved the experience. So I asked if they could get me some, and they agreed. So while we waited we smoked pot and my friends talked about how it feels and tastes. It only made me want to try it even more. Finally, about an hour later the guy arrived and dropped us our bags. Almost immediately we ripped open the bags and began chopping it up on a mirror with some credit cards.

It was a white color, but a little off white. I soon learned that it was not that good of stuff but still got the job done. Five fat lines sat on the mirror waiting to be inhaled to work their magic. I bent down grabbed the extra large straw, stuck it in my nose and snorted as hard as I could. I could feel the burn as it tickled my nasal passages and dripped down ito my throat. Sharp shivers, almost like zig-zag lines shot, from my nose down into the rest of my body. The taste was of that that I cannot explain. It's not gross, but gives you a sour kind of face. I can compare it almost having a gasoline type of flavor. I hated it this time, but over time the taste grew to be one of my favorite parts of doing this drug. It had been about five minutes now and I was feeling better than I ever had before.

I was rejuvenated and, it sounds so cliche, but I did feel like I could do anything. A large smile was carved onto my face and my eyes were wide as hell. I could feel my body beginning to perspire, and become much warmer as my heartrate increased.
We continued doing line after line after line until our whole eightball was gone. It was such a shame for it all to be gone, but that's how it goes. You always want more. You'll even crave it. A smell will whiff by and remind you of the magic dust when there is none in sight.

The feeling of doing one line also feels different than doing about fifteen lines. The hyper feeling soon fades and it becomes more of and internal rush. Your body becomes somewhat sludgy and warm vibes pulse throughout your muscles. It's one of the greatest feelings ever.

My cocaine experience lasted hardcore for about two years when I had to stop. I was craving it more and on the verge of becoming an addict.

For my first experience I have to give it an A+++. It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

It is my favorite drug besides weed.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 23450
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 13, 2021Views: 958
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Cocaine (13) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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