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Spiritual Healing with Daime Work
Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis)
Citation:   MIDAM. "Spiritual Healing with Daime Work: An Experience with Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) (exp23384)". Erowid.org. Apr 30, 2003. erowid.org/exp/23384

  repeated oral Ayahuasca (liquid)


I was in Rio de Janeiro to make a research on Santo Daime religion to write articles for my university work (SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH!).

That night I arrived at the same church where I had already took part to other two Santo Daime work.

Their first time was Concentration ritual that lasted 4 hours. That time, no effects! The second time (once again Concentration) I was almost sure I would again not feel anything but suddenly, in the middle of the ceremony I got incredibly fast (coming up in 1 second!) in an out of body experience which lasted only 10 minutes. After which suddenly (coming down in few seconds!!!) I re-entered my body: absolutely no after effects, no sickness, and I felt more intelligent, wise and healthy than ever before.

The third time was a different kind of work: an all night during ceremony called Hinario.

I was assured by the previous experience that that liquid they used did really work. I arrived at 8:00 p.m. I had flu, with sore throat, headache, fever and closed nose. T., the leader of the S.D. centre soon noticed it and said: 'You are not well. Don?t worry about it. Tonight you can clean up everything. The Daime will show you. Just ask him in the name of god and trust the power and knowledge of the holy doctrine'.

It didn't sound too strange to me since I've studied on several books about shamanistic healing techniques but I doubted it could work since I was too pragmatic and interpreting the facts by an academic anthropocentric point of view.


I will not describe details of the ceremony because of my bad English. You can read almost anything about Santo Daime on www.santodaime.org.
So... I took place in the church and drank the first glass (about 75 ml.) of 3rd degree ayahuasca (cooked three times). It was 8:30 p.m.
I returned to my place and began to sing and dance (two steps on the left, two on the right) along with the others. After about 30 minutes I felt suddenly entering a very strong trip similar to a mushroom trip but with incredible fast onset. It continued to increase at incredible velocity. I was a little scared but thinking: 'c'mon, it will be interesting, don't panic'. As I was thinking it the trip became too heavy. On the floor in front of me appeared a beautiful Lady sitting on a hayahuasca vine chair. The lady suddenly changed in a naked man trying to come out of the vines involving him. He seemed St. Sebastian to me and soon turned again in the shape of the Holy lady and than again St. Sebastian. I asked please help me. Two Indians (Caboclos as they are called in Brazil) came out from the floor as a 3D special effect. One of them on my left, the other on my right. I knew they were brothers. One looked at me with love and sympathy, the other reproaching and disappointed but both of them loved me, I was sure! They announced without words that I was definitely entering the healing session; it would have been a very hard work. As they disappeared I began feeling really sick with my flu. The sound of my breath through my nose became very intense. It sounded like thunder. I felt the need to expel a fluid containing my disease, my sins, my pain, all the rubbish in my body and soul. But unfortunately my mouth, my nose and throat were completely dried as if I smoked a ton of grass or Datura. I couldn't stand it, I was scared, I was in panic. I became paranoic and i was sure someone was going to kill me. I realized: 'this is a f***ing satanic sect!!! They are going to kill me on the altar!!!' I went out of the church but time stopped and I felt like I walked for centuries to reach the house 10 meters distant. I lost the capacity of understand human languages but I could see The LANGUAGE coming out of my mouth in a slimy brilliant liquid. I wanted that liquid to become true and come out of my body with all the shit I got in during my life. Someone came to help me but what they said sounded like some ancient unknown language that I could see coming out from their mouths. They gradually convinced me to re-enter the church that was the only safe place for me.

I followed them, took again place in the church and tried to dance. But I was sick. My mouth was too dry and I felt scared thinking they were going to kill me.

Suddenly T. came near me and said: 'let's have another glass'.

WHAT???? He must have been fool! I couldn't believe he was really saying it.

But (Uh... the miracle!!!) the hymn singed in that moment was talking about trusting the healing power of the Daime. I followed T. as a robot. I was very scared. He reassured me showing that he put only 3 drops of Daime in the glass. I grabbed the glass drank it and it was like continuously re-drink it in several fast flashbacks. I tried to go back to my place but had the impulse of vomiting and ran outside the church.

I didn't vomit, but thrown off my mouth incredible amounts of water-like liquid and from my nose really a lot of mucus (my mouth was absolutely dry one minute before).

T. gave to me a roll of paper to clean up my nose. Every blow from my nose and every time I spit that huge amount of saliva on the ground I felt badness, disease, sin and fear coming out and wellness, health, love and joy coming in. I was absorbing good vibrations from the Earth and giving back to the World of Illusion all the rubbish stored in my body and soul.
After 10 minutes of cleaning and crying I felt absolutely healthy and strong everything was clear and on focus my heart full of love joy and gratitude for every single living being in the universe.

Only 2 hours had passed between the beginning of the worship and that glorious moment.

I looked at the other people taking part in it. They were beautiful! I loved them! I wished to thank them with the largest hug ever seen before.
T. announced another glass to be served to everyone.

What a good idea! I felt no fear I wanted to celebrate that night as good as I could.

I got other 4 glasses that night, feeling almost nothing if not love, joy and peace.

The work ended at 7:00 a.m.

The day after I had no side effects ( less if you want to consider side effects the fact that I was feeling more strong healthy and wise than ever before in my life).

For two weeks I continued feeling strong, happy and very intelligent without drinking any alcohol, doing any dope, and smoking only 2 or 3 cigarettes a day (normally I used to smoke 15-25 in a day).


My experience was generated by the ritual practice of taking an entheogen in a religious traditional setting involving shamanistic healing techniques.

Remember: NO PAIN NO GAIN.

When you do ayahuasca you are judged by God, your inner God. Here is the real meaning of the word entheogen. And if you are not familiar with Him and you don?t take contact with him in the right way you will not obtain ?Answers? and you could even damage your mind (by badly ?scraping? your soul).

Peace, love, truth and justice for everyone.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 23384
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 30, 2003Views: 21,874
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