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Left Me with a Great Impression
by T. Dawson
Citation:   T. Dawson. "Left Me with a Great Impression: An Experience with AMT (exp23349)". Mar 12, 2008.

55 mg oral AMT


I had always wondered what it would be like to take a hallucinogen/psychedelic. I had never had a friend that would do something so ballsy until i was re-aquainted with an old friend, lets call him 'Jammy.'

Jammy had some AMT that he was willing to let us try before the triptamine would become illegal, so we thought 'what the hell.' I've been deadly drunk before and have awakened at peoples' houses that I dont remember going to, but I was about to be astounded.

There was four of us and we took our pills at about 11 p.m. if I remember correctly. I had eaten some pizza a couple hours before then, and was worried about throwing up, but I remembered that I have a strong stomach and that I should stop worrying.

About an hour and a half went by before I began to feel anything. Everyone was placeboing, or seeing things because they wanted to and thought that they were seeing things. At this time, we, the four of us, agreed that the candles were reflecting more defragementations at our eyes than normal, or we were perceiving more because our eyes had dilated. Also, we could see lights shaking more than usual because of the extra sensitivity.

The first thing I felt was a feeling of intoxication, a light drunkness, which continued throughout the evening until we came down at 10 the next morning. As the stuff began to work, at about 1 am, I began to feel quite gooey, kind of like Pink during the end of 'Comfortably Numb' on 'The Wall' movie produced by Pink Floyd. My skin felt like putty. I knew this was not so, but it was cool because AMT is very clear headed. Everything had a smooth texture to it. And soon, I would receive a large mindfuck.

I had began to realize everyone was tripping because time was speeding up and slowing down quite a lot and my friends were making weird analogies about things. They also began to open up about their personal problems, which was cool. I tried to prove that God doesnt exist and that the univers both expands and contracts at the same time and that time doesnt exist because people are stupid and assume that you can travel through a measurement of Earth's rotation. I also remember becoming disassociated with everyone in the house. I couldnt communicate correctly because i over-analyzed everything that my friends were saying. We would always get interrupted by another discussion and then it would take three minutes to figure out what we were talking about it. It was quite sad and funny. I remember the word 'man' was used a lot.

I lost my perception of things having a weight, as I could not tell how much water was in my glass (AMT dehydrates me a lot, so I had to make sure I can drink tons of water) when i was holding it. I had to piss and it took about two minutes each time. I was also dancing and moving a lot for no reason at all. We had listened to Nine Inch Nails going in to the trip, which fucked eveeyone up, but our host put on some lighter tunes. We listened to a Beck cd about 3 or 4 times before our host told us that he had to change it or he was going to go crazy. Our moods changed with the music.

My visuals were quite neat. I saw my friends turn into other friends, Jesus, the opposite sexes that they were, and people I've never seen before. They also turned into the occasional demon, but it was alright because i knew that they were just my minds fucked up perception. The wall turned into a three dimensional visual of a bank at the local mall and my friends would dissolve away or melt if I stared at them for a long while.

Another neat thing about AMT is my minds ability to see an object as something it is not because it is in the corner of my eye. I saw the wrestler Sting's bloody head in a basket, but I soon looked to see that it was only a white shoe with some red color on it. I also saw Freddy Krueger leaning on an entertainment center, but it was only a large roll of something leaning up against the entertainment center.

Pictures were ambiguous in what they were supposed to be. I remember looking at a picture of a house and a tree by a brook and thinking it was a pirate ship, and then once a castle surrounded by a moat.

While coming down, we just sat around and talked about things like space and paranormal activity and life while we watched eachother melt.

To sum up my experience, it was good. I stayed up until about 7 pm the next day, though, and i didnt eat until the morning after that day (about 36 hours after i took the capsule). I kept dancing around to an imaginary beat. I tried to watch a Smashing Pumpkins DVD, but got bored because of the lack of attention span AMT gave me. It was fun, but it lasted a really long time and I wont be doing it again while it's illegal.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23349
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 12, 2008Views: 7,834
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AMT (7) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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