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10 Hour Stone
Cannabis - Hash
by Jonny B
Citation:   Jonny B. "10 Hour Stone: An Experience with Cannabis - Hash (exp23330)". Apr 10, 2007.

0.1 oz oral Cannabis - Hash (tar / resin)


It was a fairly cold February day in the city of York, England. Three male friends; B, L and R and I had the week off from school as it was the half-term break, and decided to consume a tenth of cannabis each. B and I had usually smoked it, and had ingested cannabis before; R had ingested cannabis before and L had little experience of the drug. We had all eaten a meal before hand. None of us were on any medication of any sort at the time.

We planned to consume the cannabis whilst we took a walk into the town centre, to get to a horse racecourse which has a small area of woodland situtated behind it. We obtained the cannabis and proceeded to walk.

Time(approx)12:00 - The cannabis resin seemed a bit different to the usual that I am used to, the normal stuff for me is dark brown in colour, where as this was of a pale yellow hue. Even so we all chewed our pieces to experience the unique taste of bitterness which I can only describe as a petrol like taste (the resin was probably mixed with petrol?).

Time 2:00 - A couple hours had passed where we were all thinking the cannabis wasn't going to do anything for us; when as we were walking down the street talking, I began to question how I felt. The trip was starting to come on, and it began to hit me in a deja-vu like form. It seemed I had a 3-second memory span when I spoke, everytime I spoke the words seemed to reverbatrate in my head and I would find my self saying to my friends 'Did I just say that?'. Those words would then do the same and so on, in a kind of pyscological paranoia cycle.

Time 2:30 - We had now reached the woods, by this time the paranoia levels had grown a little, and it felt as if everyone who passed by secretly knew that we'd all taken pot, but I was aware this was normal as I have ingested cannabis before. We sat down on a log to roll a joint. My friend R was now at the peak of his trip; which I would be at 3 hours later, and was walking around in circles biting his finger nails looking really freaked out. He said he hated it and wanted to feel normal again; he was also worried that the trip may never cease. We began to roll the joint; when a dog walker passed us, and his German shepard jumped up at the joint. My heart stopped, as I had this notion that the bloke was an undercover policeman with a drugs dog. He asked us rather unpleasantly if we were starting fires; which was a relief as I thought we'd been done for.

Time 3:00 - We proceeded to leave the woods, which I suggested were very like the woods in 'The Blair Witch Project' and for a second me, B and J believed we were actually there, as did R who began to panic that this could be true. We reassured him and reached the racecourse.

We walked on to the race course track and decided to have a race and run back to the main road. By now I was as about the most stoned as I have ever previously been; thoughts seemed to be flowing through my head at twice the usual rate, my heart rate had increased noticably, my body felt quite sedated and I was in a nostalgic dream-like state where certain things would conjour up a childhood memory that I probably don't even have. The concept of time began to feel somewhat disorientating, but the height of the sun in the sky aided the natural clocks we have in our heads.

We imagined that it was raceday, but today us four lads were the competitors instead of jockeys. The sun was shining upon us and the breeze animated the greener than usual grass beneath our feet.
The setting was magnificent A bright blue sky, with huge stands in the background which we imagined were full of cheering ecstatic fans, waving us on. The horizon appeared to flat as if we were in a giant box, and it was painted on the side of this box. If anyone has seen the 'Truman Show', the part where he is in the boat near the end and reaches the door in the wall which has the painted horizon on it; you'll know what I mean!

As we were running against the awesome breeze, euphoria set in. I acually felt like a champion running the lap of honour past my adoring fans, who were dressed in 1920's peroiod wear. This was probably my favourite time of the trip. Im not sure who won the race, but we all felt like winners.

Time 3:35

We had now left the main road on to a large area of grass land called 'Hob Moor' which leads us back to our village. It had rained for a minute and a rainbow appeared in the sky. I looked at it in awe and smiled like a little child would. My friend B noticed another rainbow next to it and we all did too. All of a sudden about 30 of them could be seen on the skyline, all crossing each other at their endings, all the same distance apart in their colourful glory. I had never experienced this on cannabis before and I felt awe-struck.

Time 4:00

We were now at the end of my street, arranging when to meet for a trip to the cinema as L was meeting a girl for a sort of date. We arranged to meet at 6. This I couldn't wait for, I doubted I would enjoy being in the presence of my family in this state for too long.

I got inside my house and went straight up stairs to my room. By now I was wasted. Thoughts were rushing through my head double overtime and were pretty much all paranoid. 'What if my mum knows?', 'Why would I go straight upstairs without greeting her?'. I got upstairs and sat down at my computer. Time no longer existed, it was just a false measurement of nothingness... The clock, I couldn't wait till it stuck 6 ;whatever, the clock was the only comfort I had left. I had to shut my curtains as the sun seemed too intense and the bright green leaves on the large chestnut tree shadowing my house were just far too bright. Even this was a chore, it seemed to take ages just to walk a few steps. I rested my head on the desk in front of me. My left leg began to shake violently, I had no control over it. My heart was pounding away like I had never experienced before, it was a crazy beast feriously battling to get out of the ribcage. I feared I would have a heart attack, or maybe rupture an artery. I began to pray to stay alive, and would have given anything to be sober again. The side of my face seemed to be glued to the desk, I couldnt feel it anyway.

I deciphered my name from a distant, distorted sea of sound that had washed its way into my room from the kitchen downstairs.

My fears hit me. It was my mum.. tea time! My heart skipped a beat when I beheld the thought of communication; what a feat that would be, standing up and getting down the stairs was an achievement. I made my way into the kitchen, guided by the scent of freshly cooked pizza. I was terrified, like a young child banished to the headmasters' office. My heart was still pounding but I was glad my tremors had died down. I spoke a few words, as to cover up my 'secret', which probably only added to the suspicion. My mum was technically two feet away. Really I was in space and she was on earth. She didn't show any signs that she knew I was stoned. My older brother didn't help though; grinning at me and making gestures resembling smoking pot. In my head i was going crazy with him because I thought he was giving the game away, but physically I just looked at him and walked back up stairs with my pizza.

I must have chewed the same slice of pizza for about five mintues it was too dry and I couldn't swallow. I put my head back on the desk, began to tremble again and stayed there till 6 O'clock, listening to and 'Definitely Maybe' by 'Oasis'.

Time 6:00 - YES!!! Thank god. I walked out of my house mumbled an incoherent goodbye; to my brother's amusement, and sat on the wall outside of my house. I pondered how cannabis could be so strong. I shuddered at the thought of it being legalised - too many people would experience my fate. My heart was still beating viciously and I was shaking and sweating. As the Oasis song 'Gas Panic' goes 'sailing on a sea of sweat on a stormy night' the words couldnt have fit how I felt better. I was sailing on my sanity, a sea in the storm of intense paranoia and physical instabilty, battling to stay afloat.

Time 6:30 - My friends arrive; late but I didn't care, I was glad to see them. They said they were feeling a bit better. My friend R also said he had a hard time in his house; fighting out a war inside of his own head.

Time 7:00 - We get to the cinema the film is 'Enemy behind the gates'. I shoot through completly when the film starts as I though we were already half and hour into it; but they were the commercials before the film.
I noticed how crap the acting could be because I was stoned, and saw straight though the linear, hollow storyline. I think film critics should have a joint before work.

Time 10:30 - The film has finished and I'm feeling alot better, although physically and mentally worn out by the trip. I get home and go to bed.

Day 2 - Time 9:30 - I wake up very pleased to be normal again and just feel happy.

After this trip, during the next few months I would occasionally snap into feeling completly stoned for no reason, which could last between 2 seconds till 1 hour. My friend R reported this happened every single day and ruined his life.

Looking back I am glad I had the experience as I feel it has made me wiser and I have learned that cannabis is potentially as powerful as most other drugs. I am glad I have the memory of that day to keep forever, and I believe the good side of it out-weighs the bad side.

I won't be ingesting any more cannabis for a while though!

Cheers, Jonny B

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 23330
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 10, 2007Views: 12,483
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