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Revisit Old Times, The Old Neighborhood
Salvia divinorum
by Rahasya
Citation:   Rahasya. "Revisit Old Times, The Old Neighborhood: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp23131)". Apr 5, 2007.

1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum


I sat in my study one afternoon when my wife had gone out; my son was upstairs watching TV. I loaded up my bong with two dried salvia leaves and topped that with 30mg of extract. I started by meditating and then toked up the bong hits one after another. Almost immediately I forgot what I was doing there -- the tingly pulling feeling pulled up on my arms and up my neck; with this feeling of being pulled went my whole environment curling up around the edges, making colored ripples. The curling ripples were almost going to form the tunnel effect.

A woman was speaking in a Southern accent, or maybe a Black American accent. She kept repeating something, a question about whose was better (there was a bunch of people offering choices, and the woman kept asking which was better). I had heard her voice like this at the beginning of the last trip, too. Each time my trip suddenly takes off, there's a feeling that a thought was left uncompleted, interrupted, and the trailing edge of that thought keeps repeating as though trying to complete itself. There were two women or girls and one of them was speaking, while the other one was also trying to complete her thoughts.

The trip often repeats a pattern, replicating it in series. Here it took on the form of houses. The houses on my street when I was a somewhat older child in the 1960s (a recent earlier trip had taken me back to the house of my infancy). There was a line of houses all down the block with kids in each one and windows looking out of each one. One of those houses was mine. It had a sense of kids who played together back in the 1930s, when my parents were kids. The family was about to leave on a vacation. Everybody into the (1960s) car. Or was it a (1930s) train? The feel became America in the early 20th century, so people were going to travel on a train.

Worried that my family would walk downstairs and discover me, I turned back to my desk and was able to hide the bong underneath and the herb stashes in the drawer. Toked up the last bit in the bowl. Turned back to the trip and instantly re-entered the curling-edges world. I kept worrying that I would be discovered, because my son was walking around upstairs and his muffled footfalls broke into the trip. That sort of spoiled it.

When tripping on Salvia I always become worried that my wife will interrupt. She has this need to call me every few minutes. Gotta remember to trip only when everyone else is sound asleep. It was very odd that I could turn to the trip and forget I'd taken Salvia, then turn back to my desk and clumsily sweep up the herb, then revert to the trip again. I had watched the Green Mile movie the night before, so that might account for the Southern accents and the 1930s ambience. Gotta be more careful about set and setting. Maybe with careful adjustment of set and setting, I could program a trip back to ancient Egypt, or India, or something interesting like that for a change.

I concur strongly with some other people's reports that the last objects you see before the trip go into making the visuals at the beginning. Same with thoughts. Both objects and thoughts get replicated in series. This can be annoying when you get stuck on one thing even though it makes no sense and leaves you wondering what it's going on about. The nagging feeling that there's some meaning left unexpressed and you want to get it out but can't think how-- I remember this from some LSD trips too; Pink Floyd sang about it: 'Thought I'd something more to say....'

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23131
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 5, 2007Views: 4,992
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Retrospective / Summary (11), General (1), Alone (16)

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