Body High
Mescaline (in Chocolate) & Cannabis
by saranwrap
Citation:   saranwrap. "Body High: An Experience with Mescaline (in Chocolate) & Cannabis (exp23006)". May 12, 2005.

  smoked Cannabis  
  1 hit oral Mescaline (cookie / food)


Background Info: I've always considered myself to be fairly experienced with a variety of drugs, after numerous psychoactive trip sessions (guided) with a group of close friends some time ago, and I am only now getting back into it. My boyfriend currently, I'll call him M, had only had experience with marijuana and a few trips on DXM. I had purchased the mescaline from a friend of mine, C, who assured me it was good. After getting the chocolate covered mescaline, I had frozen it until the day we decided to trip.

6:30am: M and I get together and go to his house, where we decided we would be best off tripping. It was his first time with the substance, and we figured that a private trip would be best.

7 - 7:30am: T - After packing a bowl, we went outside to injest the mescaline. To avoid the awful taste of mescaline-chocolate, we divided it up into peices and just swallowed them with water (definitely recommend this method). Soon after, we went back inside to smoke a couple bowls while the mescaline set in.

T+1: Still sitting in the living room, both M and I seemed to feel that something was happening, but it wasn't anything significant. We were both pretty sure the sensation wasn't just from the bud, and that the mescaline was starting to take hold. Speaking just for me, I felt a sort of tightness in my chest and a slight nausea that didn't necessary make me sick, but more of an uneasiness right below my ribs. Either way, it wasn't anything significant enough to bother me, and in retrospect, I had that feeling throughout the trip. After we realized the mescaline was going to hit soon, we moved to M's bedroom, which we had blacked out earlier.

M: Unlike the author, I felt no negative side effects during this stage. The mescaline high was hard to distinguish from the marijuana. Was unsure of what I was feeling for probably another 20-30 minutes.

T+1 1/2 - 2 hours: M and I, after moving to the bedroom, had begun messing around. The mescaline didn't yet feel like it was doing much, but there was definitely a change in the sensation of just touch. I would describe it as a diffusion of sensation, really. Instead of something being localized (like the pain on the nerves of your finger you'd get from pricking your finger on something), the feeling would spread slowly, as if engulfing your entire body. Another new feeling was starting to emerge, at least for me.. it was a feeling of a complete loss of body. I knew i had one, somewhere, but I wasn't really aware of it. I felt everything being done to me (M and I were still messing around and later had sex), but I wouldn't have been able to say where the feelings were coming from exactly. In the same sense, I knew M was there, but I wasn't very aware of his body either. Sex itself was incredible. I would recommend sex on mescaline to any couple who want to reach a completely different level. Mescaline makes things flow incredibly, and it works that way with sex a hundredfold.

Either way, it was sometime during sex that the visual distortions began to become more apparent. M and I are a bit divided on what we saw, but for me it wasn't that I saw things that were not there, but things had a new energy to them. The first thing I remember noticing was the blanket we had used to block out the window, it kept wavering and flowing into the wall, everything flowed into everything else, patterns emerged and the entire room itself seemed to breathe.

Music was definitely a huge part of the trip. I remember hearing the song Uncalm by 311 and hating it. It was such an eerie sound and harmony that it effected the mood of the trip to an extent where I made M turn it off. He agreed with me later that the song
creeped him out as well.

At this point, the body high was becoming more and more apparent. M and I had been lying around for a while and it felt as if my body was melting into his, and we were both melting into the bed. M confirmed that he, too, was feeling this way. At this point, the melting into the bed began to scare me and we got dressed and moved back to the living room. (Getting dressed was an ordeal. I didn't quite understand that my body was real and mine, and the idea of putting clothing on over it made no sense to me)

M: laying down, especially during foreplay and sex was sometimes almost overwhelming. I seemed to get the most intense feelings durings this. My view was distorted, much like a fish-eye photo lens. Everything seemed to 'breathe'. In some small spots it looked like it had been blurred by a tv censor. But only small areas- maybe 6' across. The best way to describe the sex was like a constant flowing motion. Definitely amazing.

T + 2-3 hours: I finally convinced M to go out for a walk with me (it was a gorgeous spring day) so we set off, giggling like mad. The moment I stepped outside I was overwhelmed by everything. The colors, noise, and especially anything plant-like. I wanted to just immerse myself in the life all around me. We set off on our walk and about all I remember from then on is that I was lost instantly. Somehow, we made it back to M's house.

T + 3-4 hours: M decided to go take a shower and I waited in the living room, listening to music and watching the hallucinations all around me. M's living room had a million different things to watch (most of all, my favorites, plants). I watched the green plant on the coffee table breathe, and the dried, tendrily plants on a shelf writhed and reached out towards me. My favorite by far was watching the shadows of the fabric creases on the couch. They grew and shrank as if time was being fast-forwarded and I could see the shade of the creased as the sun rose and set maybe 50-60 times every minute. I loved every second of it. The music playing in the backgound from M's bedroom only intensified things.

T + 5 hours and on: Towards the end of the trip, M and I essentially wandered around his house trying different things and just playing with our trip. After staying fairly silent throughout the trip (talking was definitely difficult and didn't seem necessary), we finally began talking to each other again, just describing what we saw, felt, etc. It was obvious we were both coming down. We tried watching Fear and Loathing, but had to give up. The visual distortions made the movie almost scary, small changes in color seemed huge. The come down was pretty fast, the visual distortions first to go, the the body high, and finally that slightly uncomfortable feeling I had from the beginning. Once that was gone, the trip was definitely over.

M- Fear and Loathing was definitely a bad choice. The intentional distortion and lighting in the film combined with the mescaline created alot of creepy images. Toby Keith (played the young hitchhiker in the desert) kept turning into a zombie.

Next day and afterthoughts: Falling asleep wasn't difficult that night. M and I spent the rest of the day feeling aimless and uncomfortably stuck between sobriety and inhebriation. It was not pleasant. We kept smoking marijuana to try to kill that sober feeling, but it wasn't doing as much as either of us would have liked. The next day (which was actually today) was fairly tiring. Feelings of being drained, both physically and emotionally, were very obvious in both M and I. Complete loss of drive and ambition.

Mescaline seemed to have killed any need for eating or drinking as well. I think that has something to do with that disconnection from body. I remember telling myself that I needed to eat, but when actually trying to eat, it just seemed so unecessary and not pleasant.

This is definitely a drug I plan on doing more. The only thing I'd have to say is to plan to have a day after the trip where you can allow oneself to be completely lazy and rest from the trip.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23006
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 12, 2005Views: 52,118
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