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Swiss Army Knife
Citation:   Turtle. "Swiss Army Knife: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp2294)". Jul 2, 2000.

15 mg oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
Set and Setting: I had been looking forward to having a psychedelic experience for several weeks, as it had been a while. The last few trips I had had in the past year and a half or so were very much social and 'party' type trips and I was eager to have an experiece where I could spend time looking inward. I was also looking forward to having a good strong trip with my significant other. My life was in good order in all arenas and I felt excited and strong and ready to take whatever happened, whether intense or subtle. The physical space was a positive one for me, my significant other's comfortable and friendly group house. Based on what I had heard from others who have taken this drug, I thought 20 mg would be a good first time dose.

However, because I have in the past experienced intense speedy effects from a few other psychedelics, and was also a little concerned with my tendency to narrate outloud to others every detail of my trips instead of just relaxing and experiencing, I decided to start with 15 mg. I took the dose with an expectation that I would likely have to boost until I reached a good level.

18:30 (T+0:00) I ate the gelcap on a completely empty stomach. I was
expecting to feel the effects at around T+2:00-2:30. We went for walk to the store to get supplies.

19:00 (T+0:30) I felt the first nervous energy rush, the first increased sensitivity to sound. A group of noisy kids ran past me and I was surprised when a rush of intensified sound washed over me as they ran by. I went into the store, which looked bigger than last time, and I felt nervous about being in public. I was able to think clearly, but definitely something was happening a little sooner than I expected.

19:30 (T+1:00) Walking back from store, I had to sit down on foot bridge for a while, feeling weak and somewhat nauseated and dizzy. Slight visuals were starting, with things starting to look clear and focused, yet vibrating with energy. The space around me was becoming distorted. I could hear the sounds of individual birds singing in the forest with perfect acuity. At this point I was wondering if the early onset time signified that I was in for a treat. (it did).

20:00 (T+1:30) I noticed an inability to communicate my thoughts to others and I felt physically tired by talking. I felt no feeling of fear, but I did have the intense urge to go upstairs away from people and lie down and let the drug overtake me. Noticed the feeling of 'wherever I was, wasn't good enough' and the urge to move around to find a 'better' spot.

20:30 (T+2:00) At this point I was sucked into an extremely intense
psychedelic space from which I would not return for several hours later.
Visuals were extreme to the point of being a *mush* of multiple images, moving lightsources (like spotlights), trails, and undulating objects.
Kaleidoscopic patterns were on every surface, although surfaces weren't
really 'surfaces' anymore. Initially some of the patterns were similar to 2cb, but they were quickly replaced by something different. On 2cb, things look metallic, crystalline, and chromy to me, and three-dimensional space is easily defined; whereas on 2ct7 things were more mushy, more distorted, more slurring, and there was much more multilayering of images. The multilayering became so thick it was like an impenetrable fog of visuals. The visuals became so intense I felt unable to aesthectically appreciate them, because I couldn't separate them out to discern and enjoy the various kinds; they felt too overwhelming. I removed my glasses, to simplify things (I'm fairly blind without them) as I felt that the decreased sense of vision would help me feel less overwhelmed. I remarked that I felt like I was strapped to a rushing freight train because of the overwhelmingness of it all.

I was lying on a futon on the floor, but I was unable to get comfortable.
I was rolling from one position to the other, with no jaw clenching, but I
did have some foot twisting and muslce tension. Mostly the body load consisted of clenched nauseated stomach and the inability to just 'tune it out' as I usually am able to do on intense trips. The body load was a significant negative point for 2ct7.

Sound was incredibly intensified. The several CPU fans and the dual window
fan were flanging in and out in overlaying whirring patterns. These unemotional, machine whirring sounds were somewhat threatening to me, and I
perceived the sounds as quite ominous. Ominous in the cold, unemotional way
that I felt they were bearing down on me with pressure. The fan sounds and
the flickering and changing light sources compounded each other and increased my feeling of being overwhelmed in a type of synaesthesia. I could also hear imaginary synthetic-sounding tones, much like the beeps you hear when you get your ears tested--except lower pitched
('beeep...boooop....boppppp....boooop...beeeep' etc). The tones were
constantly going in and out of the aural landscape I was experiencing. There were also nitrous-like 'wa-wa-wa' sound effects. Music itself though was somewhat enjoyable, and I could follow it like a stream of sense in the
chaos. The layers of flanging noise and tones were similar to the mush of
layered visuals, but for some reason the acutal music we were listening to
was like a string of normalness that I could mentally cling to with perfect
clarity. I didn't feel fear, I felt more of an unemotional type of irritation from being so overwhelmed. A friend who once described the visuals on 2ct7 as 'obnoxious' came to mind and I had to agree
with him. Pretty much all my senses, including my sense of touch, my
perception of where my skin was, and where my body parts were in relation to the rest of my body were severely distorted. I was unable to tell from one minute to the next if I was hot or cold or had to pee or anything. Not only was my sensory imput all over the map, but my mind had no ability to process and synthesize that sensory imput. At one point while I could still talk I said 'I just don't know what from what!'. Lifting a bottle of juice to my lips, I missed and hit my cheek. But I wasn't enjoying the craziness of the ride, I more felt a sense of suffocation from all the stimulation.

Another thing I discovered about 2ct7: I can't communicate on it with
others. Not a social drug. I lost my ability to describe what I was experiencing, I lost the ability to connect with others, the ability to be social. So in this way, I had no problem not talking the whole way through my trip. At the peak, I could hardly ask for something, and most of my sentences were incomplete. I could barely name objects that I wanted. Also, the drug dampened my emotions. I did not enjoy the visuals, I didn't really enjoy the moment I was in, and I felt fairly indifferent to anything that I would usually get excited about while tripping. I didn't have that sense of adventure I usually get. Instead it was this objective approach in my head such as 'I'm on a drug, I'm unable to think, I will be safe if I lie down, It will wear off in a while'. I never felt dellusional, such as 'I'm never coming down' or 'something is dreadfully wrong', etc. I felt completely rooted in the space and time that I really was in--in other words, someone on drugs in a house on a Sunday night. Despite all the highly intense sensory chaos going on, I didn't feel like I was 'in another place' as I have felt before on other strong psychedelic trips.

21:15 (T+2:45) The feeling of uncomfortability, body load, and muscle tension increased to such a level that it was seriously interfering with the experience of anything else in the trip. So I took 10 mg of valium orally to relax my muscles, sit still, and let the trip get to a more navigable level. However, even though I knew I would be o.k. just riding through this overwhelming and very long trip, on another level I also was hoping to call it quits and just go to sleep for the evening, to return to the drug another day at a lower dose. 2CT7 had much more to say to me that night, and of course sleep didn't happen. Once the valium came on, I felt absolutely no effects on my mental state. I did feel like my stomach and muscles were more able to relax and not feel so sick.

22:30-00:30 (T+3:00 -- +5:00) Broken Brain: I couldn't think at all. I had to lie in a ball in bed with the lights out and my eyes shut so that I could feel like I could keep the chaos to a dull roar (it didn't really help). I felt like my brain could not make complete thoughts and was misconstruing sounds, images, thought-fragments, and internal made-up 'word-sounds'. Words spontaneously arised in my head that were somehow mentally paired up with light patterns, sensations of jaw clenching and teeth grinding, aural tones, and a feeling of wrongness and incongruity. It was as if the verbal part of my thinking was randomly firing unfamiliar 'words' a fast as the visuals and the aural hallucinations were coming, and that these 'word-sounds' were becoming associated (as in synethesia) with other mental events such as sensory perceptions and feelings of irritation. I could hear the first syllable of my last name, the word 'left' and a word that resembled 'fnoid' and other non-translatable words, as they somehow all went together, which also went with the distinct feeling that the left half of my consciousness was somehow white and the right half black, and which also went with the feeling of irritation that I got from perceiving that my top and bottom incisors were sliding past each other and catching on each others' edges. This whole wierd state that I was experiencing went on for quite a while and also became associated with the 2CT7 itself. My brain also could not synthesize sensory information, short term memory, and thought fragments, to *do* any thinking, come to any conclusions, or form any abstract ideas. I was not able to 'go somewhere' with my internal mind either, although I certainly tried. I would not call it any sort of ego-dissolution or oneness with the universe. I more felt like a broken lump of non-consiousness. Not being able to synthesize anything into some kind of conscious awareness was much like anesthesia. It wasn't like drifting in and out of consciousness like one does when going to sleep or waking up. It was much more like being wide awake, in your house, completely unable to mentally process anything around you or inside your mind. It was like simultaneously experiencing a combination of multiple brain disorders much like the ones described by Oliver Sachs. I was later to describe myself as a high-end swiss army knife opened up with all the parts sticking out at skewed angles, everything discombobulated, and nothing in the order it was intended to be. The few times that my partner helped me do something like get to the bathroom, or drink some juice, I was basically operating on the level of a baby, completely helpless.

00:30 - 03:00 (T+5:00 -- +8:30) Finally I was down enough to decide to leave the cave and go to the other room, which had lights on, where my significant other was, who had barely felt anything more than body load
and slight irritation all night at 20 mg. He was playing music, using the
computer, and I was able to stammer a little bit to him. But mostly I
could just lie on the futon and attempt to wade through the visuals. I could see a mandala on the wall change in incredibly intricate patterns, but yet I still felt this general sense of 'so what' as I was unable to
emotionally/aesthetically get into it. We looked through a book of Alex Grey paintings and I felt emotional detachment from the paintings,
feeling not all that drawn into the images, although normally I would be
intrigued by how he maps out such things like birth, death, motherhood, sex, etc. At this point though, I felt a general sense of relief about
being on the downhill side of the trip. The visuals were starting to be less daunting, and the pepto bismal was taking care of the stomach pains. But I was still experiencing a mush of sounds and visuals.

03:00-06:00 (T+8:30-T+11:30) My ability to communicate came back online. After a couple more hours of irc, I retired. The next day I had little to no hangover. In the coming week I had no emotional changes or otherwise.


The doseage varies incredibly for 2ct7! I was really taken by surprise by
how much this seemingly low-end dose obliterated my ability to think and
make decisions. Not at all something that I would want to take the first
time in public, due to what I thought was a High Risk for something bad to
happen. I definitely wouldn't have known how to negotiate the real world if
I was at a rave or something and someone was bothering me, etc. I would
recommend that you figure out what doseage is good for you in a really safe, limited space, before you try it camping or at a party, etc. It really amazes me that other people who weigh within 20 lb of me can write and type on 20 mg or go to a party on 60 mg, etc. My inability to think and communicate and make decisions was not an 'attitude' that I could have
changed or directed. At this dose I was incapacitated, and it reminded me of the various basic brain disorders that Oliver Sacks writes about. It made me feel really thankful for the way my brain works so hard every day to bring me consciousness and thought.

Also, this drug was very unemotional for me. Tripping that hard with that
much visuals, etc, was not nearly as valuable without the emotional
part of my brain contributing a sense of 'wonder' to it all. Next time it
might be useful to try a very low dose of MDMA with 5 mg of 2ct7 and see what happens. I don't want to compound the speedy effects, however. I definitely think that the lack of emotional stimulation contributed to my inability to 'go anywhere' with my thoughts, to have abstract ideas or concepts arise, to form any theories about the world, myself, etc. Many people say that this drug gives you the ability to objectively analyze things about yourself, but at least at this dose I felt indifference when I did try to objectively analyze anything. It's possible, however, that at a lower dose, this drug could become much more workable for me.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2294
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 2, 2000Views: 15,329
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2C-T-7 (54) : First Times (2), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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