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Keeping it Real ... My Nuts!
Citation:   Transambulance. "Keeping it Real ... My Nuts!: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp22800)". Oct 4, 2006.

2 seeds oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
I can attest to the effects of nutmeg, and I will certainly repeat the experience. Before I started this little adventure, here are the tips I was able to gather from online research.

1. Don't use powder, use whole, fresh, organic nutmeg
2. Don't underestimate its potency; most people take way too much
3. Expect 3-4 hours to pass between ingestion and effects
4. Clear your calander for at least 36 hours after ingestion
5. Figure out a way to get it down; the taste is awful
6. Watch out for dehydration and a killer hangover

Here's what I did:


I crushed two fresh nuts, purchased from a local organic co-op, in a steel pot with a hammer, wrapped each of the three resulting teaspoons of mash in a melted-mozzerella-cheese-slug, which I then swallowed whole. The taste of nutmeg is unpleasent, but the cheese-slugs acted like a large pill-casings. Pure lemon juice worked to wash out the worst of the flavor, but I had nutmeg-flavored burps for a while afterwards.

The Experience

1. Euphoria

The first giggles set in three hours after ingestion. I felt drowsy, and when I allowed myself to relax, everything seemed funny. Early on, the experience was very similar to mellow marijuana or marijuana and alchohol at the same time. Giggles and good feelings were easy to control, but enjoyable when left uncontrolled. I watched the Sunday night edition of Adult Swim, and was much less critical of it than I usually am (marijuana has this same effect on me).

2. Hallucinations

I had lots of 'good ideas' (ideas that are fun to think about and mentally explore) on Nutmeg. I get 'good ideas' from marijuana, but my thinking was different on Nutmeg. As the experience continued, I found myself experiencing mild hallucinations and extreme sexual arousal. I attribute my arousal to the nature of my hallucinations, but others have reported sexual arousal from nutmeg as well. Hallucinations were quite easy to control once I accepted that I was, in fact, hallucinating, so perhaps they were of an erotic nature because I was aroused by the nutmeg to begin with.

3. Sedation

Nutmeg made me sleepy and uncoordinated. This effect seemed tied to the euphoria, but wasn't as easy to control. I could not concentrate or perform complex motor functions, and 'focusing' just made it worse. Short-term memory was impaired, and it was difficult to get anything done. This is probably why nutmeg is not a party drug. This effect lasted the full 36 hours. You may want to keep at least this much time open if you want a good experience.

Side-Effects and Remedies

1. Bad Taste

To avoid the taste, I melted fresh mozzerella on a plate, poured the nutmeg mash into three teaspoon-sized lines, and then melted more more fresh mozzerella over the top of each line. After pinching the cheese fully shut around the spice, I scraped the three 'slugs' off the plate and swallowed them whole, one at a time. The taste was still unpleasent, but not nearly as unpleasent as the raw spice.

2. Dehydration

The worst side-effect in my experience was cotton-mouth. I was pissing like a racehorse and dehydrating rapidly once the effects set in, and the cotton-mouth was a good thirst-indicator. I stopped drinking water at some point, but I kept urinating; more water came out of me than I was putting in, so I forced myself to drink more. I'd suggest having a good amount of fresh, high-quality water to drink on hand, and drinking enough so your piss stays clear.

3. Gastro-intestinal disturbance

As I said before, I had nutmeg-flavored burps. I also had stomach pain and bad gas around eight hours after ingestion, but a slice of fresh ginger under my tongue had me feeling better almost instantly. I also had lots of stomach-gurgling throughout the experience and an almost non-existant appetite the next day.

4. The Crash

I had severe fatigue on the following day, similar to a hangover after a night of good fun. Food (despite my loss of appetite), bed-rest, a hit of marijuana, a bottle of beer at dinner-time, and vegetating in front of cartoons helped me through this. I think it was worth it, but I had been expecting it to be much worse, based on what I've read.


1. Respect the Nutmeg

Nutmeg isn't as cool as other drugs precisely because it is legal. It isn't any weaker. From a psychoactive-benefit and physical-cost standpoint, I found nutmeg to be comparable to a two-mushroom, two-joint, twelve-beer bender. From a financial-cost and legal-risk standpoint, the nutmeg cost me less than 30 cents and bore zero legal risk. Everyone weights such things differently, so do your own math. I think it was more than worthwhile, but I won't go as far as to say that nutmeg is a substitute for any other chemical experience. Nutmeg is its own experience; respect all parts of that experience and you shouldn't be disappointed.

2. Expect to make a weekend of it

Eating nutmeg is not something to be taken lightly. I was not expecting nearly as much mental fun as I experienced, but I had prepared myself for the hangover, and I'm glad for that. I wouldn't have been able to work or attend school the next day, but I could've gone out partying the next night without too many problems. I feel like nutmeg would be a lot of fun to take on a camping trip with friends, but I wouldn't want to do anything other than chill out the day after the experience.

3. Drink pure water, and lots of it

I was drinking apple juice and tap water. I normally don't mind my tap water, but the chemical taste bothered me when I had to keep drinking it constantly. The juice was a big mistake; I wound up with a stomach-ache from guzzling it all too quickly. I went through a lot of water, and visited the restroom about once every half-hour. Next time, I will make an herbal tea of fresh ginger with lemon and honey to go with the nutmeg. The effectiveness of spicy-fresh ginger to relieve nausea surprised me almost as much as the nutmeg did.

Final Analysis

Nutmeg is a powerful psychoactive drug. From what I've read, most of the negative online reports regarding nutmeg seem to come from people who took too much, expected too much, or who complain too much. I, for one, hate tracking down illegal drugs and overpaying dealers for them, so I'll be doing this again as soon as I feel up to it.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22800
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 4, 2006Views: 105,258
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