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A Completely Eurphoric Rush
Amphetamines - Adderall
by Cronic King
Citation:   Cronic King. "A Completely Eurphoric Rush: An Experience with Amphetamines - Adderall (exp22740)". Apr 5, 2007.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:50 20 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 3:45 20 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)


Yesterday, 2 of my friends met up with 4 girls at an indoor carnival/amusement park that just opened in an international exposition center near my hometown. I'll call it the IX Center.

Anyways, I couldn't wait to pop the adderal. I had carried 3 pills on me on my way into the ix center -- 2 20mg tablets and 1 20mg capsule. I wanted to be pretty secret about using Adderall because the girls that were hanging out with us were strongly anti-drug, although my dudes didn't really mind. We arrived at the ix center at about 2:30 PM and met the girls there. Shortly thereafter, at about 3:15 or so, I dropped my first Adderall tablet. I decided to chew it, since I have an extremely hard time swallowing pills (I can't even swallow a tylenol!) and washed it down at the water fountain.

It was about two months since my last Adderall experience, and I was pretty excited to start using again. About 30 minutes after I took the pill, I just started to feel awesome! It's so hard to describe without doing adderal, but I felt really happy and very attentive. Everything made complete sense to me, and I really wanted to talk to everybody there.

All around me there were lights from the carnie rides, and they were great! I was able to completely control myself and I didn't look or act high -- I just felt awesome! When the group I was with was walking, I would walk 'instinctively', not really paying much attention to the people I was with, but rather to the surroundings that abounded me. Although I was somewhat paying attention to my friends, I was more inclined to just watch the lights and the upside-down rides. For some reason, they just intrigued me. Their form and movement amazed me, and the fact that your life is in the hands of a decades old machine gave me an un-realistic rush.

Shortly after the effects of the Adderall started, we decided to go on the rollar coaster. Although my friends say the ride was pretty fast and wasn't slow, to say the least, I felt as though the ride was boring. The rush I was getting from the Adderall had prepared me to take on larger, more powerful rides that would provide stronger rushes and greater eurphoria.

After conquering the wimpy roller coaster, we moved onto the inverted rides. Although I did feel a little nausiated at first, it went away almost immediately as the rides would hang upsides down, and I would get a very intense view of the ceiling for nearly 15 seconds. It just felt like everything fit in. Everything made sense, and it just seemed so natural and peaceful to be upside down and looking at the ceiling, and seeing the normal floor up in the air above my head. What a thrill!

After going on some more rides, I popped another 20mg Adderall pill at about 5:05. I had thought that the Adderall was wearing off, so I made the mistake to take another pill. Let me inform you that previous to this saturday, the only way that I've ingested Adderall was nasally, and I was used to somewhat short, intense euphoria.

Nearly a half an hour later after eating the 2nd tablet the first pill's peak effects occured. I never really realized that the oral effects of eating Adderall would start to come on so late -- I had under estimated the Adderall and would pay later.

We all decided to chill and sit down for a little bit. While everyone was talking, I was just looking around throughout the building. I really thought that it was awesome that a couple thousand or so people could come into a large open, indoor amusement park and interact peacefully. It just seemed so perfect to me that people were really kind at heart, and just wanted to have fun and not start shit with others.

By this time, I had already told one of my dudes that I was doing adderal, and somehow it leaked out to the girlz we were chilling with. Surprisingly, they really didn't seem to mind. This could have either ruined, or promoted my rush, and since they didn't bitch at me for doing it, it promoted the rush and kept it at the fast pace it was going on. Also at this time, I looked at my watch and was amazed to see that it was 5:40. We had been at the amusement park for nearly 3 hours, although it barely seemed like one in my eyes.

I went on an awesome hangglider-like ride where you lay on your stomache and fly around up and down in the air in circles. This was most likely one of the best experiences in the ix center, since it felt like I was totally free from all the 'chains' on earth, and I could do whatever I wanted. I felt totally free and as though the world was mine to explore! After getting off the ride and feeling great, I continued my regular habit of talking to everyone about anything that entered my mind. I talked FAST!! I had to repeat whatever I said nearly 2 or more times just to be understood! Although it seemed like the girlz were getting annoyed with me, I'm pretty thankful that they just grinned and barred it and made it an excellant time for me.

Next, we decided to go on the huge, nearly 100 ft tall or so farris wheel in the center of the ix center. We had riden this ferris wheel before I was on the adderal, and I was glad when some people proposed the idea to go on it again. This was yet another awesome experience at the ix center! We went forward and backwards, and the huge gondolas we sat in felt awesome and comfortable, and I was able to toally relax while enjoying one of a really euphoric rush.

Everyone was feeling pretty tired. It was abotu 7 o'clock and I again underestimated the Adderall by assuming that it was fading. So I popped my last adderal, a 20mg capsule. I had a hard time swallowing it, and I eventually was starting to gag so I just chewed it spit out the plastic. Yes, it was very nasty and isn't anything I want to do again soon, but I felt as though I wanted to continue the best rush of my life.

Eventually, with the support of one of the people I was chillin with, I was able to convince my group to resume riding the inverted rides. The intense feeling from the Adderall was totally unique right now -- I had never felt anything like it! It just seemed so peaceful and although time seemed to fly by, the moment felt very normal, like time was passing normally. It's very hard to describe, but basically, whenever I was walking or moving, time appeard to pass normally. However, whenever I would look at my watch, I would realize that my estimates on the time were way off, and that it was much later and we were moving much longer than I had suspected. Then, I realized how fucked up I was and I got an awesome thrill out of it.

We continued to ride more inverted rides, including one that flew and flipped up so high that it was literally 3 feet or so away from the ceiling. I realized this before I went on the ride, and again, the thrill of that overcame me, making this an awesome time.

Eventually, the girlz wanted to go to some small, enclosed area with flashing lights. It was called a 'club' but it was obviusly meant for 10-15 year olds. I guess they were just curiuos and went inside and quickly got cameoflagued into the crowd. Anyways, we lost the girlz in the 'club' and tried to find them, but to no avail. However, I was acutally enjoying the flashing colorful lights that surrounded me in the mostly black enclosed area that I was in. The lights amazed me, and I felt really good around them and very euphoric. Although we coulnd't find the girlz, I was fine enough just standing there chilling.

Anyways, it was about 8:40 when my friend called his mom to pick us 3 up and take us home. On the drive home, everything just seemed so different to me. Like, I knew where I was and I felt completely sober, as compared to being under the influence of alochol or weed, but it just felt like everything was more just 'there'. It's nearly impossible to explain without experiencing it, but it was pretty awesome. Although I did feel a little queezy in the car, I was able to control my stomache and not barf all over! The stomache pains subsided and we were nearly home.

While we were dropping off my other friend, we drove past an accident in his neighborhood, which appeared to be caused by drunk driving or reckless driving. I dont know why, but I just felt pretty sad when I saw that. I didnt' cry or anything like that, I just felt really bad. I thought of how someone, just like me, was enjoying himself/herself and doing their favorite substance, when they died. It just felt pretty sad, but I felt better once I arrive home 2 minutes later

When I got home at around 9:00 PM, my stomach felt very queezy and pretty sick. I hadn't eaten anything since 1:00 PM, and the Adderall appears to have taken away any appetite or hunger I had at the ix center. I proceeded to my basement to just lay down and go on the internet and talk with everyone. However, my mom had other plans. She wanted me help her clean the basement. This pretty much ended the euphoria I was feeling. I told her that I wasn't feeling that good from going on so many inverted rides and such, and I was able to do on-and-off work in cleaning the basement. This allowed me to just talk to my friends online and lay down, hopeing to feel better.

The Adderall was hitting hard, and it was hitting like a bitch now. I felt like complete shit and my stomach felt like it had lots of anxiety in it. I dont know why, but it just felt like I was sick. Even though I didn't throw up, I just plain didn't feel right. Throughout the early morning about 1:00 AM, I reailzed that my mom was on lots of coffee, since she was divulging lots of coffee, and even told me herself that she's going to be drinking lots of coffee to help counter her craving for alochol. So, if I was gonna feel like shit, I'd have to hide it from my mom.

I hid it pretty good, since the main 'sickness' feeling went away for the most part. Anyways, earlier into the morning at about 3:00 AM I decided to fix myself up some pizza, which I figured would help my stomache feel better. Before I ate the pizza tho (while I was looking at it) my stomache just started feeling fucked up again, but the moment I ate the pizza it was fine again. Weird....

Anyays, at about 5:30 AM I realized that I MUST go to sleep. I had been listening to music for nearly 8 hours or so while I was cleaning my basement, and my mom had just retired for the night earlier. As I lay down on my bed, I couldn't sleep. For some reason, the strong feelings that I'd feel get pumped throughout my body came back to me. It really bothered me, but there was nothing I could do.

I assume that the Adderall was in me all night, and still is in some extent in my system the next day since I never fully fell asleep. It was the most fucked up thing I had ever felt -- I was half asleep/half awake at the same time. Though I lay in my bed thinking about lots of things, my mind started creating images!

Even though I would have my eyes open and seemed perfectly attentive, I could have sworn to god I heard my 2 friends talking to me. When I turned to look to my left, which is where the wall would have been, my mind completely changed my visions and took me back to the ix center, where I had been earlier last night. It was very strange, since it was half dream/half real life. the images were of both things we did at the ix center, and things that my mind thought up we did, such as going on rides we never went on and doing other crazy things, which forgot. However, I was able to fight this stream of half consciousness and wake up occaisionally. Also, sometimes, my eyes would regain focus and I'd suddenly go from being inside of a living dream to staring straight at the wall! trust me, it was kinda freaky. Also, it seemed as tho my mind was generating images of the people I was with, and placing them next to me while I tried to sleep. I could see them out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned to look at them face-on, I would enter the living dream again!

I never really slept. From 5:30 AM - 10:00 AM I was in this dream-like state. I remembered thinking that people who use meth and stay up for long periods of time begin to hallucinate! I was about to get kinda freaked out before I regained my senses and realized that I was doing adderal, not meth.

Well, here I am right now. I woke up nearly 2 and a half hours ago and my stomache feels like shit right now. I'm thinking about drinking glasses and glasses of water to counter the terrible feeling, but I doubt that would help :-(

Good luck with any Adderall experiences you may have in the future, and remember -- even tho u think u know everything about this drug, NEVER UNDESTIMATE IT'S POWER

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22740
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 5, 2007Views: 18,353
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