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I Think I'll Just Plant Them From Now On
Morning Glory
by Andy
Citation:   Andy. "I Think I'll Just Plant Them From Now On: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp22677)". Oct 2, 2007.

2.8 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)


I am 15 years old and I had been telling my friend, Geoff, about how it was possible to get high off of eating morning glory seeds. Geoff had tried other drugs before such as marijuana, but this was the first time Iíd ever tried drugs. So I mentioned to him that I had to drop a note off to my boss at the grocery store where I worked and he said, 'We could buy some morning glory seeds!' So we rode or bikes down to the grocery store, and after I handed the note to my boss we went over to the rack where garden seeds were sold. We bought eleven 1.8 gram packs of Morning Glory seeds, mostly Heavenly Blues but a few were Pearly Gates.

Directly after this we rode to his house on our bikes to get a bottle of water, an aluminum can with tiny holes in the bottom and sides, and a Tupperware container. We then brought these materials on our bikes over to a large park that is near both our houses. We sat on empty playground equipment and decided that for starters we should try splitting 3 packs. So we opened up 3 packages of Heavenly Blues and dumped them into the aluminum can with the holes. The seeds were obviously much bigger than the holes. Then we poured the tap water from the bottle into the can, so the can acted as a sort of sifter, and let the water drain out into the Tupperware container. We poured most of the water into the can and watched black specks from the seed coating end up in the Tupperware. We repeated the process several times and then rubbed the wet seeds with our fingers to help rub off the coating.

After this was completed, we began to eat the seeds and we tried very hard to make sure we chewed them as thoroughly as possible. They donít seem to taste all that bad but leave a rotten aftertaste lingered in my mouth. I believe that I ate more than Geoff so the ratio might have been about 55-45. We waited in the park for about 15 minutes (it was about 5:45 in the afternoon now) and nothing happened. We figured they probably didnít work so we went on our bikes back to Geoffís house. I let him keep the remaining eight packs and then I left to ride back home. Before I took off, I noticed my stomach was feeling a little funny but I thought it probably was because I was hungry and hadnít eaten since noon.

As soon as I got home, I went down to my computer to look up morning glory seeds again and that is when I noticed that it said on an empty stomach, it takes about an hour to kick in. I phoned Geoff and let him know what I just found out. He told me that his pupils had become extremely dilated and that he was afraid to go upstairs where his mom might notice. As he told me this, I checked my own pupils in the mirror. No change yet.

Earlier in the day I had invited another friend of mine, Brad, over to jam with me in my basement. We both play guitar. He is much better than I, even when Iím sober. He came by at around 6:30 that night and I told him what I had done earlier. He laughed when I mentioned that I needed to sit down because my stomach felt strange. But aside from my stomach I was in pretty good spirits. Brad tried to teach me the guitar chords to several relatively simple songs and I was unable to play anything he taught me but I could not keep the smile off my face. My mouth seemed to naturally curve that way. The longer we jammed the less competent I became, and soon, I was not even able to play some things on guitar that I had known how to play for years. My head started to feel extremely light and nothing he said seemed to be able to lock itself in my brain.

At about 8:00, Brad had to leave. I carried the head of his Carvin stack (part of an amplifier) to his car and even though it wasnít really large, it felt so damn heavy. A s I carried it, I staggered all over our front deck, trying to regain balance, and he could tell that I was a bit tipsy. So once the equipment was loaded I asked him if my pupils were huge. He looked at my eyes and his mouth dropped wide open, while he chuckled and nodded at the same time. He asked me before he left if it was something I would do again. I said, 'I donít know. Maybe.' I had no idea how wrong I was.

Now I had to eat and I really had no desire to do this at all. For one thing, I knew that this would give plenty of opportunities for my mom to look at me and possibly be able to tell I was high. So I poked around at some casserole and it tasted extremely different. Not better, not worse, just different. I reached for my glass of milk and it felt so heavy I almost had to set it back down. This whole time my concerned mother is looking at me like Iím an alien from another planet. She was wondering what Brad and I had been doing down there that would make my face look all 'red and blotchy.' I told her that Brad and I had been hitting ourselves in the head with out guitars to see what kind of sounds would come out. She said, 'Donít do that again.' When she kept talking to me, I asked her if she could please leave me alone because I had a 'sonic headache' from the volume of our guitars. When she left me alone, I attempted to eat my baked apple with a fork which Iím surprised she didnít notice.

After that episode I went downstairs to call Geoff back and compare our results. Nothing major had happened yet so we didnít have a lot to talk about other than the fact that my legs were beginning to feel wobbly and that it was not hard to get dizzy. I also told him that my pupils were dilated as well.

At this time I had went up to my room where I turned off all the lights and watched my lava lamp. I popped in 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' by Iron Butterfly because I thought that would be a fun song to listen to while stoned. I was half-right. As I listened, the song told a story and I paid close attention to every instrument. My imagination in combination with my lava lamp, began to make up pictures to go along. But as the song wore on, the story started to frighten me. Loud guitar screeches felt like they were clawing at my mind and I started to tremble in my paranoia. I remember being extremely concerned my parents would find out. I began panicking worse and I attempted to Ďwait it outí but that is nearly impossible when every minute feels like ten.

The reason I noticed why this was happening is because my imagination was running on overdrive and I was thinking about so many crazy thoughts and theories in just a few seconds that time I was taking time for granted. As the song continued to mess with my head for 15 more minutes I could not stop thinking about what was going on inside me. I had felt like my heart was beating too fast and that at any time it could just burn out. I looked at myself in the mirror and the sight of my huge pupils and blotchy skin scared the crap out of me. I remember thinking I looked like a monster. I writhed around in my bed until the song ended, starring at the lava lamp as it seemed to make three-dimensional shadows on the wall. I became fascinated with the fact that the words running through my head seemed to be in the same rhythm of the bubbles in the lamp. When the song ended, I felt a little bit better. But silence was also scaring me.

Somewhere in that hell I came up with the conclusion that life is beautiful if you donít use drugs and I prayed to God to keep me alive. In my prayer I promised God that I would never try drugs again if I lived through this. I remember thinking that Iím not so much hallucinating as my imagination is going out of control. And I wanted control of my own thoughts. That much I wanted. I formed a theory in my head that the reason why my mind was going crazy was to keep my mind off the extreme paranoia and panic that I was feeling. I always have been a person that overanalyzes things and I was really paying for it now. Two songs were repeating itself over and over in my head: 'In the Jungle' by the Vines and, of course, 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.' My mind was also capable of altering the songs in my head every time it repeated itself. The last note of the guitar line in 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' had been altered to sound like a bursting bubble.

There was nothing I could do to clear my mind. I tried to see if I could sleep but thatís impossible when closing your eyes brings on a kaleidoscope effect. When I couldnít tolerate the flying colored shapes and the tremors anymore I began to consider my options. I could:

a. Wait it out. That didnít seem likely because I couldnít pass the time by sleeping and the time was barely moving.

b. Go downstairs and tell my parents. I hoped I wouldnít have to do that because that would definitely mean trouble for Geoff as well. Knowing my parents, they would have taken me to ER and they would have been furious with me because we were planning on going to California the next day.

c. Call somebody. Anybody.

It was about 10:30 when I decided to call my trusted Uncle Bruce. I talked to him well into the night and even though he was disappointed that I had tried drugs, he calmly spoke to me about miscellaneous things that would help calm my nerves. Every once in a while I would make a comment about the way the lava lamp looked or about my stomach, which wasnít even the worst of my problems. Quite often, I had to pee and he would hold while I went and looked at the hideous face in the mirror. I never once vomited but consider the fact that I canít recall vomiting once in the last five years. What was best was that he gave me an Alcohol and Drug Addiction number to call and he also assured me he would not tell my mom or dad. Around midnight, my mouth became very dry and it was extremely hard to get saliva. I knew that without saliva you cannot chew food so I briefly hung up with my uncle to call the ADA number. I talked to a very kind and helpful woman with a southern accent who assured me I would be ok. I called Uncle Bruce back afterward and I told him things were getting better. Because I was still paranoid, I talked to him until about 1:30. The effects were starting to wear off so I hung up and about an hour later I miraculously fell asleep.

The next day, I compared trips over the phone with Geoff. His had been extremely pleasant and he planned to use the seeds again. I did not understand how his could be so much better. Several days later he tried over 7 grams and wandered all over town around 11:30 at night. As he walked through the cemetery he claimed the trees were trying to grab him and then he eventually passed out and woke up underneath a tombstone.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22677
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 2, 2007Views: 18,270
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